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Case Study No. 0452: Mark and the Head Librarian

Red Wagon: Late Fees
Mark makes the highest commission in Librarian History. His boss is not impressed.

Sabrina Jones ... The Head Librarian Frank Frye ... Mark

Created by Frank Frye, Elliot Irish, and Jamie Daiglish
Cinematography by Freddie Qaqish
Guerrilla Day Project: 2009

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[scene opens inside a library, as a young (and attractive) female librarian walks up behind a male library worker fumbling with something on one of the book shelves ... startled, he fumbles and tries to hide the bag he was holding behind the books (he fails, as a puff of white powder flies out of the bag and several books fall on the floor)]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: I see you've started a collections agency ...
[he tries to laugh it off, but the librarian remains serious]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: How long have you been working at Alexandria Library, Mark?
MARK: [pause] Eiiighht months!
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Try ... four months.
MARK: Oh ...
[she shoves a red folder into his chest]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Here's a file, full of all the violations over the past six weeks.
MARK: This looks like really hard work. Have, uh, you been ... scrap booking?
[the librarian suddenly gets close and starts biting her pen, as if she's flattered and wants to start flirting with him]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Uh, yeah ... Actually, it took me awhile to get, sort of, the tabs down.
MARK: I noticed.
[she laughs, as Mark starts to lean in, but then she catches herself and gets serious]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: Oh ... I'm gonna give you a chance to walk out of here with dignity.
[he says nothing]
HEAD LIBRARIAN: It's either that, or I'm calling the neighborhood watch.
MARK: You wouldn't!
[she reaches past him and pulls out the bag of money from the shelf Mark had been fumbling with]
MARK: I was just ... raising money to feed the hungry!
HEAD LIBRARIAN: This is stealing from the public!
MARK: People don't respect things that they don't have to pay for ... And I figured if, y'know, they were gonna check out more books, then late fees was the way to go.
[she looks at him, then holds out her hand]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Give me your library card.
[he angrily takes the card out of his wallet and slaps it into her hand]
MARK: Y'know what? Nobody reads books!
[he storms off, as the credits roll]

Directed by Alan Smithee
Created by Frank Frye, Elliott Irish, Jamie Daiglish

Frank Frye - Mark
Sabrina Jones - Head Librarian

Cinematography by Freddie Qaqish
Edited by Frank Frye
Music by The Mental Dentist (Kevin MacLeod)

Guerilla Day Project

(c) Red Wagon 2010



Improv infused with guerrilla filmmaking, most of the time. But sometimes we even plan ahead. Think of a twenty four hour film festival without the prizes. Established in Austin, TX back in aught nine; The Guerrilla Day Project is an open collaborative film project.

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