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Case Study No. 0453: Staff of the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library

Demolition Man (SNES) Stage 6-The Library
Oh Joy, ANOTHER 3d stage and this one has even more of that sweet over spawning enemies and re-spawning goodness :)
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[scene opens in the year 2032, with the SAPD (San Angeles Police Department) receiving information about illegal activity occurring at the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library]
COMPUTER: Criminals are destroying our beloved library. Apprehend them.
[cut to John Spartan entering the library]
SPARTAN: Send a maniac to catch one!
[as the library's security system goes haywire, Spartan begins firing away at the various criminals, while also saving all of the endangered librarians (touching a librarian causes the building's computer system to repeat "Be well!" everytime one of them is successfully "collected")]
[after defeating all of the criminals, Spartan returns to SAPD headquarters]
COMPUTER: Mellow greetings ... Phoenix and his gang have fled to the Wasteland. Follow them with zip lines.



"Demolition Man" is a pair action video games based on the film of the same name. Acclaim Entertainment published the 16-bit version, which features run and gun gameplay, for the Super NES, Sega Genesis and Sega CD. Virgin Interactive released a completely different game for the 3DO that combined several distinct gameplay styles. In both games, the player controls John Spartan, the main character from the film, as he attempts to find and defeat his arch-nemesis, Simon Phoenix.

Two different views are used within the SNES, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Sega CD games. Some stages are platform game type in side view, and include jumping and climbing, while other stages take an overhead top-down shooter view; in all stages the player character can fire in eight directions. Stages are filled with many enemies, mostly gunmen. Enemy characters and the player character can take a number of hits before dying. Power ups can be found around the stages that increase the characters health or ammunition. The game gives the player limited continues and very few lives. The first stage is set in 1996 and all stages after in 2032, following a simplified plot of the movie. In the two overhead view stages the player must find and rescue hostages in order to unlock further into the level.

Weapons include the basic police-issue handgun, the basic rifle, rapid-fire machine gun, hand grenades, among others. Losing a life can occur through being shot to death, being crushed to death, being thrown off the train, accidentally getting frozen by Simon Phoenix's cryogenic gun, and falling into a pit of lava. Even though he is the final boss of the game, the player has to fight Simon Phoenix in short-lived "teaser" battles before defeating him for good at the cryo-prison.

Comparisons between video game and the movie

This emasculation of the movie eliminates all of the comedic elements and turns the game into a straight action game with minor witty comments that appeared on the SNES and the Sega Genesis versions of the game. Examples of these minor witty comments included statements like "you look great today" and "avoid fatty foods." Hardcore fans of the movie would eventually find out that the "talking computer" can only utter MDK repeatedly in the game. Even with this limitation in mind, the game can keep track of the player's score and how many people he has killed. Due to the game's Kids-to-Adults rating, there is no adult language as seen in the movie. When players see the machines that gave out fines for "violating the verbal morality stature" in the movie, they are considered to be mere decorations in the video game.

All references to Taco Bell have been eliminated because the Taco Bell restaurant is part of a side story involving Raymond Cocteau, Lenina Huxley, and John Spartan; it has nothing to do with the main quest of apprehending Simon Phoenix. The gunmen in the game are assumed to belong to Edgar Friendly; the movie mentions about a resistance army in the sewers rebelling against Raymond Cocteau's control of San Angeles. Simon Phoenix does not gather an army of his own until late in the movie and Edgar Friendly is the only one who has the charisma to recruit a mass number of gunmen from the start of the 2032 (future) segment of the film. There is also another stage that was never in the movie; the maglev train level. In this level, John Spartan must navigate through a futuristic train. He must try to avoid either getting killed by the thugs or the devices controlled by the train's central processing unit. The object of that level was to stop the train before it went uncontrollably fast. The futuristic parking lot level introduced a robotic villain that was never seen in the film; a renegade car crusher that attacked the player with automobiles.



Lenina Huxley: I have, in fact, perused some newsreels in the Schwarzenegger Library, and the time that you took that car ...
John Spartan: Hold it. The Schwarzenegger Library?
Lenina Huxley: Yes. The Schwarzenegger Presidential Library. Wasn't he an actor when you ...?
John Spartan: Stop! He was President?
Lenina Huxley: Yes! Even though he was not born in this country, his popularity at the time caused the 61st Amendment which states ...
John Spartan: I don't wanna know. President ...

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