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Case Study No. 0418: "A Vinganca da Bibliotecaria"

A Vinganca da Bibliotecaria
Jamais perturbe o silencio de uma biblioteca, ou despertara a furia da bibliotecaria decrepita. Filmofagia de signos do imaginario terrorifico universal. Escrito e dirigido por Santiago Dellape.
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[scene opens on a black screen (briefly interrupted by a shot of a woman's terrified face with an eagle sound effect) before the camera pans across the bookshelves in a library]
["Lumio Filmes apresenta" appears on screen, then cut back to the stacks of the library, as an elderly female librarian is gently shelving a book]
["Um filme de Santiago Dellape" appears on screen, then cut to a closeup of the bookcart's squeaky wheels slowly being pushed across the floor by the librarian]
[cut to a young woman sitting at a table, with her head down (apparently asleep)]
[cut to the librarian taking an old book off the cart and placing it on the shelf, letting her fingers linger on the spine as a low growling sound can be heard]
["A Vinganca da Bibliotecaria" appears on screen, then cut to a music box as the camera slowly pans across the woman's naked body (a book covering her genitals and her arms draped across her breasts) lying on a table in the library, before the camera suddenly zooms in on the horrible flesh wound - complete with maggots - on the woman's face (including the requisite "needle skipping off the record" sound effect as the music box stops playing)]
[cut to the same woman (now alive and wearing a green dress, but still lying on a table in the library) bolting up and screaming ... She calms down, but then immediately leans over the side of the table and vomits up some type of red mass]
[cut to a closeup of an open book next to the music box, as the camera pans across the old card catalog ... The sounds of a female voice whispering can be heard, when a bolt of lightning illuminates the darkened room to show a Grim Reaper standing in the shadows]
[the camera continues panning around the room until it stops at the woman standing and looking around nervously]
[cut to another angle (so that the viewer can see the woman between the books from the opposite bookshelf) as she begins walking down the hall, when the faint sound of a baby can be heard]
[cut to a closeup of a half-closed door at the end of the hallway, as the sounds of demonic whispers can be heard ... A window in the middle of the door shows a shadowy figure quickly pass and shut the door, as the light in the room beyond the door turns off and the woman's breathing becomes more and more labored (while the music gets more and more intense)]
[cut to a closeup of the doorknob, as the woman turns it and pushes the door open ... the screen fades to black, then cut to a closeup of a doll's head, which suddenly jumps up (as if looking at the camera) while the sounds of insane laughter play]
[cut to a shot of the woman standing in the stacks, as the figure of a man slowly fades away behind her, then the camera slowly pans to the left to reveal that a grey-skinned man is standing right next to her (staring menacingly into the camera, while the woman just stands there)]
[cut to another shot of the elderly librarian, as the camera's POV begins moving rapidly towards her, then cut to the woman waking up (again on the table in the library) and screaming]
[cut to a young boy (wearing a suit and tie) standing in the middle of the room, as the woman rushes over to him and hugs him]
[cut to a closeup of the woman's back, as the camera slowly pans up to reveal that the boy's face has been replaced with the elderly librarian's]
[the woman lets go, but the boy has returned to normal ... until a quick cut to the Grim Reaper, then back to the boy laughing as he holds something off camera (he slowly raises his arm to reveal it is the severed head of the woman (with the wound and maggots)]
[cut back to the woman (now back in her regular clothes and sleeping with her head down) who suddenly wakes up screaming, but soon calms down and begins rubbing her neck]
LIBRARIAN: [from of camera] Silencio ...
[cut to the elderly librarian (holding the Grim Reaper's scythe) standing behind the woman - who apparently doesn't know she's there - when she puts a finger to her lips]
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] Shhh ...
[she smiles, then raises the scythe above her head]
[cut to the woman's POV, as the camera wobbles before falling to the floor (it focuses on the fallen chair and her leg, before the screen turns red and the sound of the boy's laughter can be heard)]

Catarina Accioly - Rebeca
Maria Jose Brun - Bibliotecaria
Galileu HC Fontes - Pequeno Norman
Dijair Diniz - Mr. Guy
Fernando Villar - Espectro
Mallu Moraes - (Silencio)

Cult Video
Biblioteca Central Dos Estudantes
Faculdade de Comunicacao da UNB
Traje Comico


Lumio Filmes (c) 2005



A Vinganca da Bibliotecaria (2005)
5 min - Short | Horror

Director: Santiago Dellape
Writer: Santiago Dellape
Stars: Catarina Accioly

The Revenge of the Librarian! Never disturb the silence of a library, or you will awaken the fury of the decrepit librarian. A film with terrifying signs of the imaginary universal.

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