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Case Study No. 0466: Mrs. Smith (St. Joseph Notre Dame High School Library)

The Library Rap
Little rap song we made for the Gale Librareo Contest our sophomore year (we didn't win).

The crew takes you on a tour of their school's kickass library.

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[scene opens with two teenagers dancing on the sidewalk]
STUDENT 1: Stuck here at school, and I'm thinkin' "What to do?"
[another teenager walks into the scene]
STUDENT 3: Yo, what's up, bud?
STUDENT 2: How's it goin', foo'?
STUDENT 3: We're looking for a place to be quiet and alone, where we can do all our schoolwork before we get home!
STUDENT 1: I know the place, there's no need to cry ... It's the L to the I to the B-R-A-R-Y!
[they start walking towards the library door]
STUDENT 1: We'll go into the office and we'll make a sharp right! I'm telling you man, this place is hecka tight!
STUDENT 3: Hold up guys, I fear rejection!
STUDENT 1: This place is number one for nerd and geek protection!
[they walk into the school library]
STUDENT 1: You thought it wasn't much, but look at all we got!
STUDENT 2: Yo man, you're right! It's more than I thought!
[a young female librarian carrying a laptop walks up behind them]
STUDENT 3: This is Misses Smith, our awesome librarian ... She's smart, nice, funny, and a fair disciplinarian!
LIBRARIAN: Hey guys ... I see you're in the 'brary!
LIBRARIAN: Don't you know? It's short for library!
[they put their heads down and clear their throats (as if embarrassed), when Misses Smith walks them over to the bookshelves]
LIBRARIAN: Anybody can get in if they're quiet and don't got food. This is the chillest crib for silence, peace and solitude! So keep your voices down, boys ...
[she points at one of them]
LIBRARIAN: Hey, is that gum?
STUDENT 1: Wow, guess it is! No idea where that's from ...
[he takes the gum out and puts it on one of the shelves]
STUDENT 3: Whoa, man! Look at all of these books ...
STUDENT 2: It's crazy ... Let me take a second look.
[Misses Smith takes two books off the shelf]
LIBRARIAN: "Life of Pi," "Lord of the Rings" ...
[one of the students takes two books off the shelf]
STUDENT 1: "Catcher in the Rye," "Why the Caged Bird Sings!"
[another student takes one book off the shelf]
STUDENT 3: We read everything! Classics like Jane Eyre!
[the first student takes another book off the shelf]
STUDENT 1: There's more stuff too, like ... the bio of Cher?
[they all look at the book in confusion, but one student coyly takes it out of his hands]
STUDENT 2: Uh, dude, well y'see, that's mine ...
STUDENT 3: Daschel, you like Cher?
STUDENT 2: Let's go online!
[he quickly heads for the computers to change the subject]
STUDENT 2: If you don't like books, it's cool, the 'brary's wired! Hot websites of which you'll never get tired!
LIBRARIAN: You're getting your learn on while surfing the net, just log on for all the fun you can get!
STUDENT 3: Think there's nowhere to go? On the contrary ... The freshest place to be is in the library!



I chose this video because it shows a creative, fun side of a high school library where students are engaged. It reminds me that the library (and librarian) need to have a sense of humor.

I found this video via youtube.

Copyright information:
Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School Library
1011 Chestnut Street,
Alameda, CA 94501
jdlugosh [at]
A group of high school students rap about the library as an afterschool hangout.

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