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Case Study No. 0464: Maria (Harvest Moon 64)

Harvest Moon 64 - Ep.5 - Be My Wife Maria!
I LOVE YOU, probably..

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[Pete reads the sign in front of the library]
NARRATOR: "Flower Bud Library. Enjoy your reading. Obey the rules."
[Pete enters the library and speaks with Maria standing behind the front desk]
MARIA: Hello. Please feel free to read here.
[Pete checks one of the bookshelves]
NARRATOR: There are lots of books on cooking and knitting here.
[Pete checks another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: There are lots of books about different countries and customs here.
[Pete checks another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: There are lots of books about space and science here.
[Pete checks another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: There are lots of books about music and painting, etc. here.
[Pete checks another bookshelf]
NARRATOR: There are lots of illustrated books on animals and plants here.
[Pete walks up behind the desk and talks to Maria]
MARIA: H-h-hello. I'm the receptionist at the library. My name is Maria ... Nice to meet you.
[Pete exits the library and goes to the town square, where there is a ballot box to vote for the Goddess of the upcoming Flower Festival]
NARRATOR: Who will be the Goddess of the Flower Festival this year? Cast your votes! You make the decision!
[the player selects "Maria"]
NARRATOR: Thank you for voting!


[Pete enters the library and gives Maria a flower]
MARIA: Th-thank you very much.
[he talks to Maria again]
MARIA: H-h-hello. I'd be happy if you visited the library between jobs.
[Pete exits the library and heads to the town square to celebrate the Goddess of the Flower Festival, where he speaks with the mayor and his wife (Maria's parents)]
THOMAS: Hello, Pete. The Goddess and her entourage are coming soon.
MAYOR'S WIFE: This festival is dedicated to the Goddess of Spring. In the old days, we carried around a statue of the Goddess. But today, young girls in the village dress up in costume.
[all the young girls of the village arrive wearing dresses, while Maria (winner of the contest) appears with a wreath of flowers on her head (but no glasses)]
MARIA: I wonder how I look in this thing. It's embarrassing and I feel uneasy because I can't see people's faces very well ...
[the player selects "Looks good on you."]
MARIA: Thanks, even if you're just saying it to be nice.
THOMAS: Now it's time to choose your dance partner.
[Pete tries to pick Maria]
MARIA: The Goddess should dance with the King.
[Pete chooses another girl, then everyone begins dancing as the screen fades to black]
PETE: [in voice over] Today was a good day and I'm going to have a good sleep.



Maria is one of the eligible marriage candidates in "Harvest Moon 64" for the Nintendo 64. Maria can also be refered to as "Mary" - a rename for her character in newer versions of Harvest Moon.

She is a modest and thoughtful girl who serves as the local librarian. Her father is the Mayor. She is shy and introverted, and a bit of a bookworm. Regardless, she is always polite and sweet to all. Surprisingly, she is terrified of dogs. She loves to study insects, to the chagrin of the other girls in town.

Maria is fond of cabbage, and will even give you a recipe if you give her one. Since she rarely leaves her haven at the library, Maria is happy when people come to visit there. She is a talented organist, and can sometimes be found playing at the church. Harris, the postman, is in love with Maria, so if you decide to vie for her affection he will become your rival. Maria's birthday is the 11th of Winter, possibly making her 18 years old in the beginning of the game.

When she sprains her ankle, she'll be in the library. If you go get help, Harris, the player's rival for her affections, will help her.
You'll have a dream about the library, so the next day go to the library. Pick up the book and give it to her without talking.
If you have a pink heart with Maria, in the summer/fall she will take you to see fireflies. This includes a picture.



Favorite things: Reading, drawing, playing music, and studying bugs.

Birthday gift for you: A beautiful picture.

Hangouts: The library, the mountains, the church, and her home.

Personality: A bit shy and self doubting, she's an honest girl who's nice to a fault.

Special photo: In the Summer, if you hang around after the shipper leaves she may stop by and show you a beautiful sight of fireflies in the mountains.

Dream: "Thank you for showing me..." ...... An old fairy tale book......? "... When will you come next time?" "We'll visit again next summer. Right, [playername]?" "Really? Will you really come again?" ... The girl is about to cry...... "What? For me? Is that OK? Thank you. I'll take care of it" "Come on...... say goodbye to little...... ... The girl was waving for a long time... ... That was...


Thinking of you during the hot season. Maria

Now is the season to look at the beautiful fall colors. Why don't you go out for a walk in the mountains? Maria

It's cold every day now. Please take care of yourself. Maria

Best wishes for the New Year. Maria



Anna: Oh, [playername]. Maria is laid up with a cold. Why don't you go visit her for a while? Good her room is over there.

(the player is taken to Maria's room)

Maria: What? Visiting me? Thank you very much.

(looking around the room)

Maria:Those are my favorite books.

Lots of cute small things.

Maria:Oh... That's an unfinished children's story... I'm embarrassed. So please don't read it.


Maria: Thank you very much for today.


Maria: If you're not busy, let's go up the mountain. There's a wonderful sight there. Good. Let's go.

[In the mountains]

Maria: Shhhhhh .... quietly.....

[at the Goddess Spring]

Maria: Look. Isn't it beautiful? Fireflies need really clean water...... They can't live in in dirty water. I hope they stay living here forever... We must try to keep the water clean.

A little self doubt

Maria: It's no good not being able to clearly say what you want to say. I should change my ways, don't you think?

>Yes, change.

Maria: ...... I, I'm sorry. I've never spoken so forthright before.

>You're fine.

Maria: I guess I was hoping deep down that you'd say I didn't have to change. You need tremendous courage to change your personality. Thank you for listening to me talk all the time. I'll try my best to be more positive.

Sprained ankle

Maria: Ouch... I seem to have twisted my ankle.

>Carry her.

Maria: Oh, I... I, I'm OK. I......

>Get help.

Maria: T.. Thank you.

Harris: No, I'm OK.

Dream realization

Maria: Hello. Please feel free to read here.

... An old children's book......?

Maria: Oh, excuse me, but that's not from the library.... it's my book. Oh... was that you who gave me the book...?


Maria: ... I thought it might be you... but I couldn't ask... Thank you very much. I was very happy.


Maria: Well, see you later... Please come again.

>I don't know

Maria: ... I'm sorry. It's a childhood memory. I can't remember the face... though I can remember events around that time. It's been more than 10 years, so even if I were to see him now, I wouldn't notice. But it's my treasure.

Love Confession

Maria: W, wa, wait.... I... have something to tell you, [playername]... I had never said this before... but I'm a little braver now...... I, I...... I like you. This is the first time I've felt this way. So I really wanted to tell you. ... I'm sorry.

(starts to walk away and turns around)

Maria: I'm so happy to like you.

Dealing with the salesman

Mayor: ... In this way, I was completey deceived. I'm sorry, dear.

Anna: That's too bad. Why don't you tell me first?

Mayor: He seemed to be in a lot of trouble, so... I thought I could use my secret savings... Oh, gosh......

Anna: Honey, please don't be depressed.

Mayor: Aren't you angry with me, dear?

Anna: I don't get angry about such things. That you're good-natured is an old story.

Mayor: ... I'm sorry. I'll look for a part-time job.

Anna: Oh, dear <3 Well, Maria will be worried if she sees that long face of yours. Try to put on a happy face for her. (Leave the town area towards the crossroads) Sammy: Well, I don't have to work for a while now. Maria: Please wait...! Well.., even if father and mother forgive you, God won't. Sammy: What? God? I don't care if other people forgive me. I don't expect my happiness to be answered with prayers. I'll work myself to become happy. Maria: Are you realy happy... getting only money? Sammy: Stop it. Don't use your own yardstick to measure other people's happiness. Well-bred girls like you can't understand. Maria: ... Don't you feel a pain in your heart when you hurt other people? Sammy: ...No. Are you afraid of hurting other people? Maria: ... I don't like it. It can't be good that people hurt other people. Sammy: You don't want to feel uncomfortable yourself. You want to feel comfortable, so you're kind to others, right? Maria: ...No, that's not it... Sammy: All men are egoistic. Well, I must be going. Maria: Please wait...! Sammy: .... Something else? Maria: I can't express myself well. Maybe you are right. But, but, I...... Sammy: Gold pendant.... God's blessing? It'll be just turned into money, you know. Good bye, young lady. (Maria begins to leave and comes over to you) Maria: Am I wrong? Is he...... happy? >He's happy.

Maria: You think so? I feel a pain my heart watching him .......Excuse me.


Maria: Praying for him...... Is it self-satisfaction after all...? .......Excuse me.

>Don't know.

Maria: ......Excuse me.

(The next day, a letter arrives)

This is too heavy for me. Please return it to the girl with the glasses. (A gold pendant is included)

(Take it to Maria)

Maria: This... I gave to him... ...... I can believe his feelings, right? .... I want to believe.

The Life and Times of a Caterpillar

Popuri: Here you go, Maria. The green caterpillar I told you about yesterday.

Maria: Wow, can I really have it?

Popuri: Yep. It's a real pest to flowers, so I have to get rid of them. But... Maria is curious.

Maria: Oh, it turns into a beautiful butterfly. It's kind of cute now, too. But it's such a shame. It's natural that they eat leaves.

Popuri: Right, and it's also natural that spiders and birds eat green caterpillars. There's no help for it.

Maria: Oh, Popuri, you are so mean...

Karen Looks Like a Bug

Karen: Quick! Quick! Get it off!

Maria: Karen, I can't get it unless you stay still.

Karen: Hurry! You're so slow!

Maria: There you go, I got it off.

Karen: Ha, ha.

Maria: This little guy looks kind of like you, Karen.

Karen: Who are you calling a grasshopper!?

Maria: Oops, sorry!

(Karen leaves in a huff)

Maria: I meant to say that your hair... is like these cool looking antennas... It was supposed to be a compliment.

Cooking fish is delish

Maria: Wow, Elli. You're good at cooking fish...

Elli: Well, we're taking a life and eating it. The least I can do is to make a good meal of it.

Maria: Maybe I'll practice cooking fish too...

Elli: Yes, I'll teach you sometime. Here you go... it's ready.

Maria: Thank you.


Ann: Maria! What are you doing!

Maria: Well... It seemed he'd have problems if he couldn't sell this, so...

Ann: You got pressured again, huh? I keep on telling you to just say no!

Maria: I'm sorry.

Ann: What are we going to do with all of this?

(You approach and talk to either Ann or Maria)

Ann: Don't you want a watermelon? 300G each!


Ann: Thank you! Here, Maria. 600G.

Maria: What?

Ann: This part is for me. I'll have it for dessert tonight. See you!

>Don't Buy

Ann: Oh, gosh!

Maria: Ann...

Maria and Harris

(Harris is making his rounds)

Maria: Excuse me... This one... please.

Harris: Yes. Certainly. Ms Maria... This doesn't have an address.

Maria: Ummmm. This is for you.

(Harris gets flustered as Maria leaves)

Maria, Harris, and the Salesman

Sammy: If you drink this "Lively Tea" everyday, you will become very healthy! And it has cosmetic effects, too. Why don't you try it. 5000G for one month!

Maria: No, I..., I...

Sammy: It's also good for dieting! And I'll add in this high-grade soap! Come on now.

Maria: ...B, but, I can't buy such expensive things.

Sammy: No, no. If you think about the cost per day, it's not expensive. You can be beautiful for just a little money.

Maria: B, b, but...

Harris: Hey! What are you doing here!?

Sammy: What? I'm just a salesman.

Harris: I heard a rumor about a salesman selling strange things. It's you, isn't it?!

Sammy: No, no. I'm just trying to help this lady become beautiful.

Harris: What?! Maria is already beautiful! She doesn't need that junk! Get out of here!

(Sammy walks off)

Sammy: Poooh. I thought she was an easy dupe...

Maria: Th... th... thank you very much... I have a hard time saying no... I should change, but... ...

Harris: No, Ms. Maria, you don't have to change! Well, I, I'll be going back to work.

Harris and Maria's marriage

Harris: Hey [playername], I'm going to get married with Maria today. Please come to the ceremony at the church!

Worrisome mother to be

Maria: ... I guess you just can't help feeling scared sometimes.

>What about?

Maria: I'm worried about having a safe birth, and whether I'll be a good mother.

>Don't worry

Maria: But.........

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