Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Case Study No. 0449: Twilight Sparkle (Wannabe Librarian)

PMV - Twilight's Reading a Book
My very first PMV, featuring Julian Smith's "I'm Reading a Book" and a whole lot of Twilight Sparkle. Don't you ever interrupt her while she's reading a book!

The song belongs to Julian, the footage belongs to Hasbro, and all your base are belong to us.
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From wikia.com:

While it currently serves as Twilight Sparkle's home in Ponyville, the little town does have a library. It is unknown if the ponies still use it as it was originally intended before Twilight's residence. As of the books available, they have been used more than once by Twilight herself to search for information. The library is housed in a large, hollowed-out tree, has at least three stories (based on window placement), two decks (one at the top with a visible telescope), and a magical lightning rod which protects it against storms. There is also a large beehive hanging from a branch, a candlestick logo on the front door, and a sign that pictures an open book located out in front. Besides Twilight herself, there has never been seen any other custodian or owner of the library.


From wikia.com:

Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn pony and the lead character of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Her hometown is Canterlot, where she used to study under Princess Celestia. She holds the element of magic.

After being sent by Celestia to see to the arrangements of the Summer Sun celebration, Twilight is averse to making friends in Ponyville. Priding herself on being Princess Celestia's dearest pupil, she devoted all of her time to studying and none to making friends until Nightmare Moon appears. Twilight thought she could handle Nightmare Moon alone until her friends tell her that she's not going to face Nightmare Moon alone. After seeing the lengths the others would go for her, she began to open up and realizes that she couldn't defeat Nightmare Moon alone without her friends she would never confront Nightmare Moon nor survive the Everfree Forest.

While Twilight possesses a wealth of book-knowledge, she has a relative dearth of social skills, and can appear simultaneously worldly and naive because of this, as demonstrated by her first slumber party, during which she employed an instructional book on slumber parties. When a tree toppled through her bedroom window, she was at a loss for ideas because this detail was not in her book. On the other hand, she took part in her first long-distance running event after having only read about the sport, and used the results of her studies to come in fifth place out of a large field of competitors.

Twilight is the most educated of all her friends by far, and tends to take a practical approach to solving problems. She is straightforward and honest, but is prone to sarcasm when her friends are being unreasonable. Though she is highly intelligent and has incredible magical powers, she remains very humble and modest, not wanting to outshine her friends or make a big deal out of her talents. Despite her initial aversion to the concept of friendship, she treasures her friends more than anything, and always does her best to be a good friend in return.

She is also very tidy and organized. She is seen on many occasions cleaning up her house, sorting her library, and helping with the cleaning and preperations of different events in Ponyville.

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