Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Case Study No. 0438: Stanley the Boyfriend

Readers- Boyfriend Loves His Library (Cheaters Spoof)
Featuring the:
East Lake Community Library
4125 East Lake Road
Palm Harbor FL 34685
Tel 727-773-2665

Gale Librareo Contest
Creator/Director: Paula Halpin, MLS
Video/Audio Editing: Shelly Thompson
Camera: Shelly Thompson/ Paula Halpin

Tasha Givens: Shelly Thompson
Stanley the Boyfriend: Chris Rozek
Stewie Grecko (Host): Erik Frechette

Special thanks to J (Chumley's Toy) for coming up with the name "Readers", Erik for stepping in at the last minute to help, Shelly & Chris for their fantastic creative additions to the script, and Marie Miller, Director of the East Lake Community Library for allowing us to film and cause chaos in the library.

Visit Chris and Shelly's band Chumley's Toy at: chumleystoyrocks
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["Readers" appears on screen, then cut to host Stewie Grecko speaking directly to the camera]
STEWIE: Welcome to "Readers" ... After witnessing suspicious behavior from her boyfriend of four years, Tasha calls on "Readers" for help!
[cut to client Tasha Givens speaking directly to the camera]
TASHA: I decided to call "Readers", because I wanna know what is going on! My boyfriend, he's been staying out all night, I don't know what's going on! I'm looking through his stuff, I mean ... I find this bookmark!
[she holds up an "iBorrow anytime I want! Do U?" bookmark]
TASHA: What the heck is this all about?
[cut to Tasha leafing through a stack of papers]
TASHA: Papers on love, Library of Congress ... What's going on? Who the heck is "Thompson and Gale"?
["Client Briefing 2:52 PM" appears on screen, as the scene changes to Stewie and Tasha speaking together]
STEWIE: Tasha, thank you for being here. Our investigators have found some information about your boyfriend. Would you like to have a look at it?
[he opens up his laptop, then cut to footage ("Readers undercover surveillance") of her boyfriend enjoying various activities at the library (using the computer, skipping through the stacks, watching a puppet show, etc.), then cut back to Stewie and Tasha]
STEWIE: How does it make you feel seeing that?
["Confrontation 3:16 PM" appears on screen, as Stewie and Tasha are sitting in his car]
STEWIE: Tasha, I've talked to the investigators. He's inside. Would you like to confront him?
[cut to Stewie and Tasha outside the library]
STEWIE: Are you sure you're ready?
STEWIE: Let's go!
[they walk inside, where they find her boyfriend reading a book]
TASHA: What're you doing here?!
TASHA: Wh-What're you, cheating on me with the library?
STANLEY: Look, I-I'm sorry ... The library provides me more things than you ever could! I can access thousands of articles through Gale's database, I get free wireless internet access, I get free computer classes, and there's book clubs to join. There's, there's book clubs to join! Look, it's amazing! I can't help myself! I can't help it, I love the library! I can't help it!
TASHA: I-I can't believe this is happening!
[she begins throwing his books off the table]
TASHA: I can't believe this!
STANLEY: Come on!
[she reaches over and begins choking him]
STEWIE: Guys, guys ...
STANLEY: I love the library!
["Stanley pursued his love for books and obtained his MLS degree. Tasha was arrested after the show." appears on screen]

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