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Case Study No. 0439: Unnamed Male Librarian (Golden Girls)

Golden Girls (S6) - "Stand By Your Man" pt.1/3
Season 6 Episode 139: Blanche meets a man at the library and only after they make a date does she realizes he's in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Rose wants to keep one of the puppies from Dreyfuss' litter despite Blanche and Dorothy's feelings.
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[Blanche enters the room, obviously angry about something]
BLANCHE: Well, I do not believe it. Saturday and I don't have a date! Do you fathom what this means?
DOROTHY: That the jail break is off?
[Blanche shoots her an annoyed look]
DOROTHY: Oh, come on Blanche. Do what I do when I don't have a date, I curl up with a good book and I'm satisfied.
SOPHIA: It's my fault, I read to her as a child.
DOROTHY: As a matter of fact, I'm going to the library in a few minutes, you wanna come?
BLANCHE: The library? That's a great idea, I just love libraries!
DOROTHY: You do?
BLANCHE: Oh, I've loved books since I was a child ... Although, I certainly did grow up around some ignorant people. Do you know what horrible thing the folks in my neck of the woods did once when I was a young'un?
DOROTHY: Besides using phrases like "neck of the woods" and "young'un"?
BLANCHE: They burned books ... The townspeople made a big pile of 'em out in front of the library, and they threw a torch on top! Only Big Daddy was outraged. He fought his way through that crowd, clawed his way to the top of that pile, grabbed that lit torch, and turned to that crowd and said "What are you people doing? This is lunacy! You start a fire from the bottom!"
[cut to the inside of the Miami Public Library, as Blanche and Dorothy enter]
BLANCHE: So many books ...
DOROTHY: That's why they call it a library. It's from the Latin "librarius," which means "so many books!" I'm sure you'll find something you want ...
[she looks over and sees a man sitting at one of the tables]
BLANCHE: I do believe you're right.
[Dorothy doesn't notice, and heads for the front desk to speak with the male librarian (played by Tom Nibley)]
DOROTHY: Uh, excuse me. My friend here would like to apply for a library card.
LIBRARIAN: What friend?
[she turns and notices that Blanche has gone off to talk to the man at the table]
DOROTHY: Oh, the one who's checking out everything but the books ...
[cut to Blanche sitting down at the table]
BLANCHE: Hi, whatcha readin'?
[she picks up one of the books in front of him]
BLANCHE: Oh, you must be a passionate man! "Females to Fondle" ...
TED: Well, it's Volume Seven of the encyclopedia.
BLANCHE: [laughs coyly]
[cut back to the front desk, as Dorothy hands the librarian Sophia's library card]
DOROTHY: My mother talked me into getting her the new Stephen King.
LIBRARIAN: Well, we do have the one that came out last Tuesday.
DOROTHY: Well, as long as it's not about some little creature who finds new and inventive ways of terrorizing a household ... It's for my mother, I don't want to give her any ideas.


[Dorothy is arguing with the librarian, who's telling her that Sophia's library card has expired]
DOROTHY: I don't understand, there must be some mistake. I'm sure my mother's card is current.
[he hands her back the card]
LIBRARIAN: See for yourself. It expired five years ago.
[she takes her own library card out of her purse]
DOROTHY: I don't know how that could've happened, but I'll put the book on my card. And I want you to know that my card is always current, I come to the library at least three times a week, and my books are always returned promptly during regular library hours, rain or shine, [raises her voice] who are you to judge me?!
[the librarian looks at her over his glasses before taking the card]



Golden Girls (Season 6, Episode 11) - "Stand By Your Man"

As we join the girls in this installment, we see Rose letting Dreyfuss and his babies out the front door after having them over. Once they're gone she talks about how wonderful dogs are to have around. Blanche enters the living room, upset because she doesn't have a date. Dorothy says she is going to the library and asks if Blanche would like to come with her. Blanche accepts and the two go to the library together. Once there, Dorothy goes to find books while Blanche is more interesting in talking to a man, Ted, that is there. The two of them make a date and when he goes to leave Blanche realizes he is in a wheelchair.

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