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Case Study No. 0455: "Sexy librarian" (Sensis Condoms)

Sexy Librarian
This sexy librarian and her boyfriend show off their 'Best Quikstrip'. Whats your best strip? Visit sensiscondoms.com to learn about the most meaningful innovation in condoms in 50 years!
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[scene opens with the "librarian" (a young girl wearing a short skirt, blouse, glasses, and a bun in her blonde hair) sneaking around the stacks of her library, while her boyfriend is filming with a handheld camera]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Okay, are you ready?
SEXY LIBRARIAN: [whispering] Yeah.
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh, I love those shoes!
[they both laugh]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] This is perfect!
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Yeah, yeah ... Go ahead.
SEXY LIBRARIAN: Just double check.
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] No, no. Yeah, they're all--
SEXY LIBRARIAN: Just check the door one more time! Just one more time!
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] I promise, I looked.
[she stops at one shelf and puts her hands on it]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Okay, yeah. Right here. Right here.
SEXY LIBRARIAN: This is good, right?
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Yeah.
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh, and take out the condom!
SEXY LIBRARIAN: Oh, yeah! Um ...
[she takes the condom out of her blouse and looks at the camera]
SEXY LIBRARIAN: [seductively] Sensis.
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh yeah, that's perfect!
SEXY LIBRARIAN: [giggles] That's good, right?
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Okay.
SEXY LIBRARIAN: We got this. I know we do.
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Dance for me a little bit.
[she shakes her behind as the boyfriend points the camera up her skirt]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh, that's perfect.
SEXY LIBRARIAN: Books ... Good, right?
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Yeah, that's perfect ... Keep dancing, keep dancing.
[she unbuttons her blouse to reveal her undershirt]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh yeah, sexy librarian!
SEXY LIBRARIAN: [laughs] Yes I am. You have no idea!
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Keep dancing, keep dancing.
[she starts to climb the stepladder, but the boyfriend points to the books on the lower shelf]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Come over here to these books ... No, dance with the books.
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Yeah, that's perfect! Yeah yeah yeah.
[she runs her hands over the books, then takes off her skirt]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh, that's perfect!
[she throws her skirt at the camera]
SEXY LIBRARIAN: Yeah! What about ...
[she undoes the bun and let's her hair down]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh yeah.
SEXY LIBRARIAN: That's good, right?
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh, that's perfect.
[she climbs the stepladder and reaches for a book on the top shelf, so that her behind can be prominently displayed to the camera]
SEXY LIBRARIAN: You just need a book up here ...
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Dance with those books!
[she starts dancing on top of the ladder]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh, that's good. More more more more.
SEXY LIBRARIAN: This isn't the easiest thing, y'know ...
[she climbs down]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Do some kicks. Turn, sit down and do some kicks.
[she sits down on the ladder and crosses her legs]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] And do some Rockette kicks!
[she begins kicking in the air]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh, that's good.
[she looks seductively into the camera]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Oh, you're doing great!
SEXY LIBRARIAN: [giggles] Yeah, yeah! This is about all we got left ...
[she takes off her undershirt to reveal her bra]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Yeah!
[she takes off her glasses and gives another seductive pose for the camera]
SEXY LIBRARIAN: Sometimes getting it on quick is a good thing.
[the sound of a door opening can be heard off camera]
BOYFRIEND: [from off camera] Wait, shh shh ... There's somebody coming!
[cut to the Sensis Condoms logo with the words "Sensis Condoms Quikstrip $5000 Challenge" appearing on screen]
ANNOUNCER: Sensis Condoms ... Faster glove. Better love. For a free condom sample, visit sensiscondoms dot com.


From sensiscondoms.com:

Contest Overview: The Sensis Quikstrip $5,000 Challenge invites eligible participants to submit striptease videos through the methods provided on the contest submission page at sensiscondoms.com. Video submissions should convey the spirit of the Sensis Condom's Quikstrip functionality and consumer benefits. All submissions will be evaluated for appropriateness and then made available for viewing to the public on sensiscondoms.com and in any broadcasting opportunity or used for any marketing purpose the company deems appropriate.
One Grand Prize winner will receive $5,000 cash and a "one year's supply" of Sensis Condoms with Quikstrips. The one-year's supply includes a bulk package of 365 individually Thin or Dot Ribbed foiled condoms.
Upon submission, all entries become the exclusive property of Grove Medical LLC. ("Sponsor"), no entries will be acknowledged or returned.

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