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Case Study No. 0424: Staff of the Ann Arbor Public Library

Hayden Christensen at the Ann Arbor Public Library
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[young David Rice has jumped into the frozen lake to retrive Millie's snowglobe, and it seems inevitable that he will drown, except that he suddenly "jumps" from the bottom of the lake to the floor of the Ann Arbor Public Library]
[cut to a closeup of David on the floor coughing and gasping for breath, as he is soaking wet and covered with books that have fallen from the two bookshelves on either side of him]
[cut to a wide-angle shot of David in the stacks, as librarians and patrons gather and stare at this strange young man who appeared out of nowhere ... along with several gallons of water which have soaked the rug and the adjacent shelves alike]
[cut to another closeup of David as he looks around in confusion, then opens one of the books on the floor, seeing the "Ann Arbor Public Library" due date slip]
[as the librarians and patrons continue to stare, he awkwardly gets up and walks out of the library]
DAVID: [in voice over] And that's how it happened the first time.
[the female librarian at the front desk stares at him, as the camera zooms in and shows that he's still carrying the snowglobe in his right hand]
DAVID: [in voice over] One second I'm a goner, the next thing I know I'm at the Ann Arbor Public Library ...
[cut to David getting off the bus and heading back home]
DAVID: [in voice over] Home, sweet home. Mom left when I was five. As for Dad, well ... let's just say he wasn't much of one.
[cut to David opening the front door, as his father William is sitting in the living room watching television]
WILLIAM: You're late. Supper's cold ... Where you been, anyway?
[David just tries to walk to his room without saying anything, so his father gets up out of the chair]
WILLIAM: Damn, you know when I ask a question, I expect an answer, okay?
[he notices that David is still soaking wet]
WILLIAM: Hey hey hey ... What happened to you?
DAVID: Kids at school ...
[he runs upstairs, as William yells after him]
WILLIAM: Hey, David! Get back down here, get a mop, and clean this crap up right now!
[David runs into his room and locks the door behind him]
WILLIAM: [from off camera] David! Don't make me come up there!
[cut to William as he gets upstairs and starts pounding on the door]
WILLIAM: David? Make the right choice! David! David, open the door!
[he kicks the door open, but David has teleported again, as William looks around in confusion before leaving]
[cut to David, who finds himself in the exact same spot in the library as before, only now it is after hours]
DAVID: [whispers] Did I just teleport?
[he looks around in the darkness and sees a poster on the wall which reads "Escape to Your Library", then sighs]
DAVID: Great ... I can teleport to the library.
[camera zooms out to show that this section of the library stacks has been roped off, with several handwritten signs warning about water damage to the books]
[cut back to David, as he sees that the library has been locked up for the night ... he bangs the metal bars in frustration, then suddenly teleports back into his bedroom]



Director: Doug Liman
Running time: 88 minutes

THE film starts with a voiceover, in which teenager David Rice (Max Thieriot) is explaining his special gift. "Once I was a normal person," he says, "a chump, just like you." The action flashes back to the moment in David's adolescence when he first began to throw off the shackles of chumphood. He is being taunted by a bully, who throws the Eiffel Tower snowglobe he has bought for his prospective girlfriend on to a frozen lake.

Undeterred by the danger of the situation, the weed David ventures on to the ice, before suddenly disappearing from view. Ordinarily, he would drown. Instead, his panic propels him to safety. "One second I'm a goner," he reports, "next thing I know I'm at the Ann Arbor public library."

David is a Jumper. He can teleport himself around the world at will, escaping from difficult situations and travelling to the Wonders of the World while still being home for his tea. His first journey is to travel away from his alcoholic abusive dad, to New York, where he hones his jumping skills in Central Park. At first, his control is erratic and he collides with trees.

Soon enough, he is shamelessly exploiting his talent. He robs banks, and keeps a yuppie apartment with an ornamental motorbike and a pillar box in the lounge. He drops into London, arriving on the clockface of Big Ben. He goes surfing in Fiji. He has a sandwich on top of a Sphinx. If his choices seem slightly clich├ęd – and oddly similar to the vacation enjoyed by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in The Bucket List – it's because he can only jump to places he has seen a picture of. Hence, he tends to turn up at picture-postcard locations.

Eight years go by, and David is now played by Hayden Christensen. He is being pursued by Roland (Samuel L Jackson, with scary white hair) who is a Paladin.

Viewers with memories of Glen Michael's Cartoon Cavalcade will be excused a smile at this point, but Roland is not a brass lamp with an attitude problem. He is a scary policeman of the jumping world. When he catches a Jumper – a process which involves a kind of Taser/twiddling stick and high voltage cables – he stabs them to death, "because only God should have the power to be in all places at all times".

That's pretty much as deep as it gets. In place of nuance, Liman (the director of Swingers, whose stewardship of The Bourne Identity propelled him into action movies) opts for special effects, a chase, and a buddy routine with a more experienced Jumper, whose misfortune it is to be called Griffin (Jamie Bell).

There is a girl, Millie (Rachel Bilson), who gets to be girlish in Rome while the boys joyride round Tokyo in a stolen Mercedes, or accidentally teleport into a Chechen battlefield.

Griffin, at least, has some imagination. David seems trapped in an adolescent fantasy which struggles to approach the complexity of a comic book.



JUMPER (2008)

Wet books smell gross, so I don't envy the poor librarian who will have to clean up the flood that David Rice (Hayden Christensen) brings into the library stacks. Although he could be forgiven because it's kind of hard to be thoughtful when a) you're drowning in a frozen lake, and b) you don't even yet realize that you can teleport.



Ann Arbor is the home town of the Rice family and Millie.

Ann Arbor is first seen when David is in a class at Huron High School staring at Millie. David walks out onto Gallup Park Pond where he falls through and which he teleports to the Ann Arbor Library. David's house is a medium sized home located in Ann Arbor. It is assumed that David has lived here his whole life. After the Roland confrontation at David's apartment, David grabs large amounts of cash and teleports to his old bedroom in Ann Arbor.

The next day David tries to confront his dad in Ann Arbor, but decides not to. He later then goes to Millie's old house to find she works at a bar located at the local College.

The next Ann Arbor scene is when David finds Millie and shows her his power. After that, Ann Arbor is shown when Roland has Millie captured. David manages to teleport a quarter of the building into an unknown river then teleports the building again into the Ann Arbor library, this is the last scene with Ann Arbor.

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