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Case Study No. 0420: Libraryman

Burnt Popcorn and Weed - Ep.5 (Libraryman)
He's like magneto of the library
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Burnt Popcorn and Weed
Finally a show about chillin' in libraries

[scene opens with a man sitting in the library, his face covered by a red bandana]
NARRATOR: When evil strikes libraries, one man is there to save them ... Libraryman!
[cut to Libraryman taking a copy of "Contemporary Authors Vol. 103" and placing it on the desk, then "magically" causing it to float across the room and hit a male patron in the face]
[cut to another male patron looking at the bookshelf]
PATRON: I can't find the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Volume 8, edited by Stanley Sadie ...
[Libraryman jumps into the scene]
LIBRARYMAN: Oh, I know that one! I'll help you out!
["Kapow!!" appears on screen, then cut to the patron holding a book as Libraryman points at him]
PATRON: Holy balls!
[cut to Libraryman (without his bandana) talking directly to the camera]
LIBRARYMAN: Simon, what're you looking at?
[the camera zooms in on two female patrons sitting behind him, doing an elaborate handshake]

Burnt Popcorn and Weed
Episode 5

Music by Brian

Brian, Simon, Andrew, and the handshake girls

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