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Case Study No. 0425: Miss Anna Trist

The Librarian Song
Song from the Joe Uveges-When Freedom Calls concert on November 2, 2007 in Colorado Springs
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[scene opens with a man onstage strumming a guitar]
JOE UVEGES: There's a friend of mine from Sacred Heart, actually is a librarian. Uh, is Patti here, by any chance? Patti Donovan?
[no one in the audience responds]
JOE UVEGES: Uh ... I get to do lots and lots of private parties now, which is really kinda how I make my living. I mean, tonight is kinda pocket change really, for a guy like me ...
[the audience laughs]
JOE UVEGES: This song though, it came ... I wrote this song for the Colorado Librarians' Association, I went up last year and did a concert for them. It was two hundred and fifty librarians. They're really, they're a partying lot.
[the audience laughs]
JOE UVEGES: No ... Actually, they were more fun as the night wore on.
[the audience laughs]
JOE UVEGES: So, I got four pages of stuff from Patti Donovan, and it was great. I mean, she's really quite a bright lady. But y'know, most of the stuff is like technical stuff, and I didn't even understand half of it, to be quite honest with you. But right in the middle, right in the middle of this stuff that she sent me, one'a the things she said was that librarians try to, um, basically what they try to do, and a good educator does this, is they try to show people how to do something, then they do it with them, and then you're able to do it for yourself. So, that jumped right out to me ...
[he starts up the guitar and begins singing]

Her name was Miss Anna Trist
She was a educational material specialist
She loved to show me where to go
When there were things I needed to know
First she'd say, "Joe be clear
"About just what you're searching for here!"
So I'd narrow my scope
And together off we would go
And first she'd show it to me
Then she'd do it with me
Then she'd smile so happily
When I could do it for myself!
She's the interactive kind
When there are things I need to find
Oh, my librarian, she is so fine

[he stops as the audience laughs]
JOE UVEGES: That was not the response of the librarians ...
[the audience laughs]
JOE UVEGES: There were two hundred and forty eight librarians much like this ...
[he gives a blank stare with his jaw hanging open]
JOE UVEGES: And two peed their pants.
[the audience laughs, then he continues singing]

She's one part techno whiz
Politically, she fights censorship
In a world of wikis and blogs
She keeps a running dialogue
She's a detail-oriented wonder
She can fix stuff when it's all asunder
I'm a checkout-er and I'm a returner
She made me a life-long learner
'Cause she showed it to me
Then she did it with me
Then she smiled so happily
When I could do it for myself!
She's the interactive kind
When there are things I need to find
Oh, my librarian, she is so fine
Well, librarians come in all shapes and sizes
Full of facts and figures, and a few surprises
But the one thing they all know how to say is
"Y'know boys, there is an easier way!"
And then they show it to us
And they do it with us
And they smile so happily
When we can do it for ourselves!
They're the interactive kind
When there are things we need to find
Whoa, librarians, they are so fine!
O my librarian, she is so fine!
So fine!
See a librarian for a good time!

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