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Case Study No. 0131: Unnamed Female Librarians (Managing the Problem Library Patron)

A-01 Loitering
This video offers instruction on how to rid a library of pesky loiterers.
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Managing the Problem Library Patron: Disruptive Behavior
Problem 1: Loitering

[scene opens with a disheleved looking man sitting on the floor in the library, as a young female librarian walks over to try and converse with him]
LIBRARIAN 1: Excuse me, sir, is there anything I can help you with?
[the man remains motionless, staring off into the distance]
LIBRARIAN 1: [crouches down] Sir, are ... are you alright?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 1: Do you have a reason to be in the library today, sir?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 1: You stay here. I'll be right back.
[she gets up and leaves, then comes back with another female librarian (possibly her supervisor)]
LIBRARIAN 2: Excuse me, sir, is there something I can help you with?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 1: Do you have any, um, identification on you?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 2: Do you have a purpose in the library today?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 2: Do you need medical assistance?
[the man says nothing]
LIBRARIAN 2: Sir, if you don't have any purpose in the library, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
[the man finally gets up and walks off, muttering under his breath]
MAN: Yeah, right ... Whatever.
[the older librarian turns to the other librarian]
LIBRARIAN 2: Don't forget to file the incident report form, okay?

1. Ask if you can help.
2. If necessary, obtain support.
3. Ask for ID, and purpose for being in library.
4. If not using library, ask that they leave.



"Managing the Problem Library Patron"
Executive director, Daniel P. Keller.
Goshen, Ky. : Campus Crime Prevention Programs, 1993.
Summary: Instructional video gives guidelines and demonstrates a number of ways and means of how a library staff member can deal with a small number of library patrons who display disruptive, aberrant, or even criminal behavior.
1 videocassette (35 min.)

Disruptive behavior. problem 1. Loitering --
problem 2. Sleeping in library --
problem 3. Talking/socializing --
problem 4. Verbal altercation between patrons --
problem 5. Physical altercation between patrons --
problem 6. Irate/abusive patron --
Aberrant behavior. problem 1. Emotionally disturbed person --
problem 2. Lonely/helpless person --
problem 3. Under influence of alcohol and/or drugs --
Criminal behavior. problem 1. Theft --
problem 2. Theft of library materials --
problem 3. Vandalism --
problem 4. Report of theft --
problem 5. Sex offenses --
problem 6. Trepassing.

A production of Campus Crime Prevention Programs ; produced through the facilities of Multi-Video Productions.

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