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Case Study No. 0099: Unnamed Female Librarian (Popples)

Popples panic at the library
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[Bonnie is tearing up her bedroom looking for her math book, but the Popples would rather play]
BONNIE: Hold it! It's a book ...
PUZZLE: A book? I've got lots of books ... [begins pulling books out of his magic pouch] How about "Popple-stiltskin"? Or "Little Red Popple Hood"? [giggles]
BONNIE: It's a math book. Math! You know, like 1-2-...
PUZZLE: "Three Little Popples"!
BONNIE: [sighs]
PUZZLE: Well, what about the library?
BONNIE: The library, of course! They'll have a copy there!
PC: Oh boy! We're going to the library! [crazy laugh]
BONNIE: Absolutely not! No Popples!


[Bonnie enters the library, unaware that the Popples have been following her the whole time]
BONNIE: I just have to look my book up in the card catalog ... [begins flipping through cards]
POPPLES: [snickering in the shadows]
[she looks over her shoulder to see the librarian's legs underneath the desk, then turns back to the drawer in order to flip through the cards again, only to find her finger touching Potato-Chip's tongue]
BONNIE: [steps back in shock]
POTATO-CHIP: Hello! [closes drawer]
BONNIE: What're you doing here?
[she begins looking through all of the drawers for the Popple, louding slamming them and spilling cards everywhere ... this gets the attention of the librarian, who - even though her character is drawn as young and blonde - speaks with the voice of a much older woman]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [walking up behind her] Ahem, young lady ...
BONNIE: [without looking] Not now!
[she turns and realizes it's the librarian]
BONNIE: [gasps] I'm sorry, I can explain this. Uh ... I'll clean it up!
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Well, I certainly hope so!
POPPLES: [they appear when the librarian leaves] Hi Bonnie! [mocking laughter]
BONNIE: [loudly] What're you doing here?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [off-screen] Shhh!
BONNIE: [quietly] See? I'm already in trouble because of you guys! And now I have to clean up this mess!
PC: No you don't ... This is called 52 Card Cleanup! [he picks up the cards on the floor and magically tosses them back into the drawers]
[PC snaps his fingers, and all of the drawers automatically close]
PARTY: Oh PC, you're such a card!
[all the Popples laugh uncontrollably]
BONNIE: Shh, I have to hurry! The library is closing in ten minutes ...
PC: Don't worry, Bonnie! If that book is in this library, we'll find it!
BONNIE: I don't think that's such a good idea ...


[PC climbs on the shoulders of the other Popples to reach a book on the top shelf]
PC: [opening the book] Sorry guys, wrong book.
[he loses his balance trying to put the book back]
POPPLES: Woahhh!
[PC grabs the shelf to try and regain his balance, but ends up knocking it over, toppling all of the bookshelves in the room like a row of dominoes]
POTATO-CHIP: [looking at the resulting mess] Oops ...
POPPLES: [they all start giggling]
BONNIE: [walks in] I knew it! I knew something like this would happen!
POPPLES: Awww ...
PUZZLE: I know what we can use to clean this mess up!
PC: What?
[Puzzle pulls a lever out of his pouch]
PC: I don't think this'll work ...
PUZZLE: Trust me! Ready ... jump!
[the Popples jump on the lever, which magically pushes the toppled bookshelves upright again]
PC: I told you it would work ...
BONNIE: You did it!
PC: Wait a second ... [finds a single book still on the floor and picks it up] Is this your math book?
BONNIE: [she takes it] That's it! You found it!
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [walks into the room] That's funny ... I could've sworn these shelves were on the floor a few minutes ago. Maybe I need a rest.
BONNIE: Very strange ...
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: The library's closing now. Do you have a book to check out?
POPPLES: [hide behind Bonnie]
BONNIE: You bet!



Popple Panic At The Library
Season 1, Episode 1
Originally Released in 1986.
Originally Released in Syndication.
Running Time: 30 minutes.

Picking up where the live-action pilot special left off, Bonnie and Billy's misadventures with the Popples continue. In this episode, Bonnie misplaces her math book with which she needs to study for her math test, so the Popples go with her to the library to borrow a copy. The Popples soon wreak havoc with their fun and eventually decide to help Bonnie find her book, but not without accidentally knocking down the shelves like dominoes. Puzzle's machine raises back the shelves. Soon, Bonnie finds her book and borrows it home to study while the Popples free up their time to play.

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