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Case Study No. 0135: The Archivist (PierceFilm)

An aging archivist struggles with past memories in a desolate future library. NO CGI USED!
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[scene opens on a giant decrepit building (with the word "Library" inscribed on one of the walls) in a post-apocalyptic landscape, as two young scavengers finds an old blind man sitting and holding a photograph of a blue sky]
SCAVENGER 1: What's your first memory?
ARCHIVIST: I remember a world of bright colors. And, even before I lost my sight, those colors were disappearing.
[the two scavengers look on as the archivist continues his story]
ARCHIVIST: Oh, this was decades ago, I was not much more than a child ... I still catch glimpses of certain images.
[various shots of clouds are shown]
ARCHIVIST: Filled with the most vivid color.
[cut back to the two scavengers listening]
ARCHIVIST: Colors neither of you will ever see. I remember a clear, deep blue sky ... a blue the likes of which you cannot begin to imagine.
[one of the scavengers mouths "Wow" to himself]
ARCHIVIST: Bluer than the most bluest of eyes. Oh, it was a long time ago, I grant you that, but no one could dream of colors like that without having experienced them. Even the color in these books must have faded by now!
[the scavengers look at the piles of books surrounding the archivist]
ARCHIVIST: No one will know what it was like, before everything you see around you turned to this!
[cut to an exterior shot of the library, then back to the archivist]
ARCHIVIST: You'll have to be patient with me, my mind is not as quick as it used to be.
SCAVENGER 1: Well, we got nothing but time here, old man ...
ARCHIVIST: Maybe I could, maybe I could remember when ...
[the shots of clouds and a blue sky are shown again]
ARCHIVIST: Oh, I see those colors as sharply as if they were yesterday!
SCAVENGER 1: The world's been this way for at least a hundred years, old man. Even I know that! Now, as old as you are, I don't think you're that old. So how could you have possibly seen these things?
ARCHIVIST: But I, I remember ...
[the camera focuses on the photograph in his hand, as he drops it]
ARCHIVIST: I remember ... I remember seeing it.
[cut to the archivist as a young child, looking at footage of clouds on a computer screen]

Written and Directed by Berton Pierce
Produced by Kristin Hirt, Nick Mendoza, Berton Pierce

Richard Browner ... Old Man
Kyle Yaskin ... Scavenger #1
Brant Brogan ... Scavenger #2
Tina Shelley ... Lab Woman
Nicholas Cortez ... Child

PierceFilm (c)2003.

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