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Case Study No. 0138: Unnamed Male Librarian (The Beyond)

"the beyond" spider scene
hungry tarantulas destroy a guy's face in lucio fulci's 1981 italian horror flick "the beyond".
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[Martin is in the city library, searching for blueprints and speaking to the male librarian]
LIBRARIAN: You surprise me, Mister Avary. You haven't heard about our town employees' latest labor victory? Took a three-week strike to win.
MARTIN: Yeah, it was something about lunch.
LIBRARIAN: An earlier break. I'm sure you'll be okay on your own, I'll be out till ... I dunno, one or a quarter of.
MARTIN: Mm-hmm.
LIBRARIAN: You feel completely at home now, y'hear?
MARTIN: [laughs] Have a happy lunch.
[the librarian exits]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Thank you ... I'm gonna lock the door, that way you won't be disturbed.
[he climbs one of the ladders to get to the top shelf]
MARTIN: [to himself] First from one to two, now from twelve to one. Three weeks of picketing ... A great labor victory.
[he sighs]
MARTIN: Now then, "M-thirteen thousand-twelve."
[he pulls out an old book from the shelf]
MARTIN: Mm-hmm. Mendeville. Seven Doors Hotel.
[he opens the book]
MARTIN: Hotel. Seven Doors.
[he looks at the blueprint]
MARTIN: What the ... ?
[lightning suddenly strikes (from indoors!) and knocks him off the ladder, as spiders suddenly appear and being to devour him]
MARTIN: [screams in pain]
[as Martin dies, the camera pans over to the book, where the blueprint for the hotel slowly disappears until all that's left is a blank page]



"The Beyond" (1981)

The realtor of the Seven Doors Hotel, Martin Avary, (Michele Mirabella) wants to help spruce up the place - so he goes to the library and finds the blueprints of the cellar. Just when he sees something amiss with the prints, a rogue bolt of lighting flashes and knocks him off of his ladder to the floor. Evil plastic tarantulas spliced with live arachnids, crawl from underneath the bookshelf and make their way to the seemingly paralyzed Avary. They crawl up his body, rest on his face and begin biting away at his lips, tongue, nose and eyes. We are treated to this display of latexy gore for 4 minutes! Poor Mr. Avary...

TRIVIA: Director Lucio Fulci plays the librarian who goes out to lunch, right before the Architect is attacked by the spiders.

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