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Case Study No. 0106: Miss Herrera and Violet Stanhope

AWM - 106 - The Haunting of Riverdale pt.2
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Something is haunting Riverdale, and it seems to be related to the public library. After a bit of research, it is discovered that the ghost belongs to the former librarian, who was very devoted during life to the good of the library. It seems that she is still there because she has some unfinished business...and Jughead holds the key that will let her move on.
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[inside Riverdale High School, Archie Andrews is walking down the hallway by himself]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [to himself] The deadline for the next column is Friday, and I can't even find an mildly odd mystery, much less a weird one.
[he suddenly notices that the principal is leading Reggie - who suddenly has white hair - down the hallway]
MR. WEATHERBEE: There there, Reggie. You can rest in the nurse's office until your parents come to pick you up.
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [running up to them] Mister Weatherbee! What's wrong with Reggie?
MR. WEATHERBEE: Poor Reggie's in a state of shock, Archie. The school nurse says that after a couple of days of rest, Reggie should be back to his normal self.
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [grabs Reggie's shoulders] Reggie, it's me, your friend Archie! Speak to me!
REGGIE MANTLE: [in a trance-like state] Shhh. We have to be quiet. All those years we made fun of her behind her back, now she's come back for revenge.
REGGIE MANTLE: Quiet Violet. She's coming. You'd better watch out ... [hands him a piece of paper] Keep this safe for me.
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [reads the paper] Uh, good thinking Reggie. Wouldn't want your overdue library book notice to get in the wrong hands.
MR. WEATHERBEE: He must have experienced some sort of horrendous scare last night. I just found him wandering through the gym.
MR. WEATHERBEE: The radio news says there's been eleven other cases like this in Riverdale since last night. A real mystery.
ARCHIE ANDREWS: A really weird mystery! Don't worry Reggie, I'll get to the bottom of this!
[Archie runs off]
MR. WEATHERBEE: What a strange young man.
REGGIE MANTLE: Quiet Violet will get him too, if he doesn't watch out ...


[Archie and Jughead are walking down the street]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: I'm going to interview those other eleven cases.
JUGHEAD JONES: And what do I do?
ARCHIE ANDREWS: We don't know what is causing this. Go to the library and see if you can dig up anything similar in the Riverdale history archives.
JUGHEAD JONES: [gulps] L-Library? Uh, um ... [he runs off] I just remember, I hafta help my Mom with some chores! Bye, see ya tomorrow!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [yelling after him] But Jughead--
JUGHEAD JONES: Oh, and best of luck on the weird mystery!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [to himself] Thanks a lot! What's with him? Well, I guess the library is my first stop ...
[cut to inside the Riverdale Public Library, as Archie walks up to the female librarian at the front desk]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Hello, Miss Herrera. Is my usual table available?
MISS HERRERA: More weird mystery research, Archie?
[Archie ends up looking through several piles of books, but finds nothing useful]
MISS HERRERA: [as she sees Archie heading for the exit] Did any of those books help?
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Nope, nothing that matches what I'm investigating. Whatever the answer is to this weird mystery, it isn't here at the library.
[behind his back, the books levitate and reshelve themselves]


[Archie returns to the library, after finding out that the other shock victims were - like Reggie - clutching overdue library notices]
MISS HERRERA: Hello, Archie. What can I do for you?
ARCHIE ANDREWS: This may seem like a strange question ... but has anything out of the ordinary happened here lately?
[she looks around to make sure no one else is listening, then gets up and waves him over to behind the bookstacks]
MISS HEREERA: [grabbing Archie's arm once he comes closer] Not out here where everyone can hear us ...
[they move further into the stacks and start whispering]
MISS HERRERA: I don't want to alarm the library patrons, but I've noticed a lot of unusual occurrences since I took over as head librarian.
MISS HERRERA: Sometimes I get the feeling that there's some strange presence behind me, but when I turn around, no one is there.
MISS HERRERA: There have also been sudden drops in temperature, and a cold breeze through the library when there isn't an open window! And, and even stranger things ... the books shelve themselves! Patrons will ask for a book, and it will appear on the desk! Even a batch of overdue book notices disappeared yesterday!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: I bet there were twelve of those notices, right?
MISS HERRERA: Yes, there were! How do you know that?
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Something scared Reggie, Pop Tate, and ten other Riverdale citizens into advanced stages of shock last night. The only thing that all twelve victims had in common? They each had overdue library books!
MISS HERRERA: It's almost as if something is trying to help out the library, but doesn't realize how spooky all this seems!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Interesting, this sounds like a classic poltergeist manifestation! Mind if I look around?
MISS HERRERA: If it will help get rid of this problem before it scares people away, you can investigate all you want!


[Archie is looking through the stacks for the poltergeist, when he comes across the ghost of an elderly woman floating in the air]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: What do I do now?
[when the ghost's back is turned, he slowly approaches it]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [nervously] Uh, excuse me? Pardon me?
[getting no reaction, he raises his voice]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: I said, excuse me?
VIOLET STANHOPE: [angrily] Quiet!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [backs away] I think I just overplayed my hand!
[the ghost chases Archie around the library, but he eventually trips and loses sight of her]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [enters the main reading room and addresses the confused patrons] Uh, did anyone see where that ghost went?
[the ghost appears]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Oops, never mind ...
VIOLET STANHOPE: Quiet! No shouting in the library! I'm not going to warn you again!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Sorry, I didn't realize folks on the other side were so picky about library etiquette ...
[backing away, Archie trips over a chair and falls]
VIOLET STANHOPE: Troublemaker! I warned you!
[the ghost causes a pile of books to float towards Archie and start "biting" him]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Ow! I've heard of throwing the book at someone, but this is going too far!
[the books eventually lift Archie off the ground, then drop him back down to the floor]
VIOLET STANHOPE: I hope you've learned your lesson! Behave yourself in the library!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Yes, ma'am. I make it a policy never to argue with angry ectoplasm ...
VIOLET STANHOPE: Very well! Put these books on the cart when you're through with them!
[the ghost disappears into a portrait hanging behind the front desk]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [reading the inscription on the portrait] "In memoriam, Violet Stanhope" ... Of course, the old head librarian! Hmm ...
[he notices that all of the frightened patrons are running out the front door]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: I guess it's too late to keep this from scaring people away from the library ... Wait a minute, Violet Stanhope. Quiet Violet!


[Archy and Betty are sitting in his garage and looking through books on ghosts]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: There must be something in all these library books on hauntings for getting rid of ghosts ...
BETTY COOPER: I just can't believe that Miss Stanhope's ghost really means to scare all these people.
JUGHEAD JONES: [walks into the garage] What's up?
BETTY COOPER: Archie traced all those mysterious incidents back to the library.
ARCHIE ANDREWS: The old head librarian's ghost is haunting Riverdale, so we're trying to find a way to stop her before she scares anyone else.
JUGHEAD JONES: [grabs the book out of his hands] Leave this one alone, Archie! Don't go up against Quiet Violet!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Calm down, Jughead! What's gotten into you?
JUGHEAD JONES: [shaking] Just promise me you won't go back to that ... that library!
BETTY COOPER: What do you have against the library, Jughead?
JUGHEAD JONES: I never told anyone this story before. I was only six years old ...
[Jughead has a flashback to when he was a young boy at the library]
JUGHEAD JONES: [in voice-over] It was my first and last visit to the library. It was fun at first. There were so many exciting things to see. Then she came by, and started to ruin it!
[young Jughead is spinning a globe, when a still-living Miss Stanhope comes towards him with an angry look on her face]
VIOLET STANHOPE: [evil laugh] That's not a toy, little boy!
JUGHEAD JONES: [in voice-over] There was this really interesting book, but Quiet Violet wouldn't let me enjoy it!
[Miss Stanhope grabs the book out of little Jughead's hands]
VIOLET STANHOPE: [angrily] That book isn't for little boys! Go to the childrens' section where you belong!
JUGHEAD JONES: [in voice-over] Even that couldn't spoil it for me ... Later, there was an even better book in the childrens' section. This book was so funny, I couldn't stop myself from laughing. But Quiet Violet couldn't let me enjoy the book!
[young Jughead is reading and laughing loudly, but Miss Stanhope grabs him]
VIOLET STANHOPE: Quiet! No laughing in the library!
JUGHEAD JONES: [in voice-over] I felt about as low as a little boy could. I decided to leave the library before I started crying. But she wasn't done with me yet!
[holding back tears, young Jughead runs towards the exit, still holding the book]
VIOLET STANHOPE: [yelling after him] Wait! Come back here, little boy! Stop!
[the flashback ends]
JUGHEAD JONES: Ugh, and I never went back to the library after that!
BETTY COOPER: Violet Stanhope wasn't a bit like that, Jughead! She may have looked a little frightening, but she cared about children. She helped me get my first library card.
JUGHEAD JONES: All I know is that if she was that frightening in life, she must be twice as horrible as a ghost!
BETTY COOPER: I can't even understand why she would haunt the library in the first place.
JUGHEAD JONES: Here's something. It says here that many ghosts haunt a place because they have unfinished business left over from their lives.
BETTY COOPER: So, if we figure out what Miss Stanhope's unfinished business is, we can help her finish it and she'll stop haunting the library!


[Archie and Betty enter the library, which is empty except for Miss Herrera]
MISS HERRERA: [sadly] Hello, Archie. Hello, Betty.
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Where is everyone?
BETTY COOPER: I've never seen the library so empty!
MISS HERRERA: Haven't you heard? The library is haunted!
BETTY COOPER: People aren't coming to the library because they're frightened?
MISS HERRERA: A library without people reading is like ... like, well, like a bookshelf without books. I can't believe that Violet means to scare people away, this library was her life!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: We think we might have a chance of ending this haunting, but we need to find out more about Miss Stanhope.
BETTY COOPER: Is there anyone still around who knew her well?
MISS HERRERA: [she gets up and retrieves a book from the stacks] Violet did write and self-publish this memoir of her years as a librarian here. Will that help?
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [takes the book] This might just be what we need!
[cut to Archie and Betty after they've read the book]
BETTY COOPER: Amazing! Who knew?
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Incredible! This has to be Quiet Violet's unfinished business ...
BETTY AND ARCHIE: But how are we going to get Jughead back into the library?


[Betty and Archie return to the library at night, convincing Jughead to join them by promising him free lunches at Pop Tate's for a month]
MISS HERRERA: [unlocks the front door] Are you sure this is going to work?
ARCHIE ANDREWS: It's the best chance we have of de-haunting the library.
JUGHEAD JONES: Why don't we just brick up the library, and never go inside again?
BETTY COOPER: Not an option, Jughead!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Let's go in ...
[they enter, but Jughead tries to sneak away before the others grab him from behind]
JUGHEAD JONES: But I forgot to pay the meter!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [drags him back inside] You don't own a car, Jughead!
BETTY COOPER: So what do we do now?
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Wait ... if I have this figured out right, it shouldn't be long.
JUGHEAD JONES: And if you don't have this figured out right?
ARCHIE ANDREWS: We're ghost toast ...
[the portrait of Miss Stanhope starts glowing]
[her ghost suddenly appears]
VIOLET STANHOPE: Library hours are over! Go home, trespassers! Vandals! Go home!
ARCHIE ANDREWS: Miss Stanhope, we're not trespassers or vandals! We've come to help you!
[he points at Jughead]
ARCHIE ANDREWS: This is the little boy you've been wanting to see for so long!
VIOLET STANHOPE: The little boy?
JUGHEAD JONES: Archie, you finked me out to a ghost!
BETTY COOPER: It's not what you think!
[the ghost stops glowing, and appears as she did when she was alive]
VIOLET STANHOPE: My, look at him, all grown up!
JUGHEAD JONES: Huh? [hides behind Betty]
BETTY COOPER: That's open to debate ...
JUGHEAD JONES: It's a trick! She's just acting nice, so that she can get a chance to grab me!
VIOLET STANHOPE: You poor dear, I don't know why you found me so frightening.
JUGHEAD JONES: Well, you were mean! You wouldn't let me play with the globe!
VIOLET STANHOPE: I wasn't being mean ...
[the scene flashes back to young Jughead playing with the globe]
VIOLET STANHOPE: [in voice-over] The globe almost fell over on you, I was only warning you to be careful.
[Miss Stanhope comes over and steadies the globe before it falls over on top of Jughead]
JUGHEAD JONES: [in voice-over] Well, what about that book you snatched from me?
VIOLET STANHOPE: That book was waiting to be repaired, all the pages were coming loose. That's why I took it from you and gave you that other book from the childrens' section.
[Miss Stanhope takes the book from young Jughead and leads him by the hand to the childrens' section]
JUGHEAD JONES: [in voice-over] You gave me that book? I don't remember that.
VIOLET STANHOPE: [in voice-over] Well, you seemed awfully scared of me. Maybe you blocked it out.
JUGHEAD JONES: [in voice-over] But you did make me stop laughing, that was really mean!
VIOLET STANHOPE: [in voice-over] Do you remember how loud you were? You were making quite a ruckus ...
[young Jughead is laughing loudly and banging his fist on the table, as other patrons start angrily looking in his direction]
VIOLET STANHOPE: [in voice-over] A little happy noise in the library is okay, but you were really laughing up a storm there! And there were people in the library who were studying, and needed quiet.
JUGHEAD JONES: [in voice-over] I guess you're right about that.
[Miss Stanhope politely motions for young Jughead to keep quiet, but he still winds up on the verge of tears]
VIOLET STANHOPE: [in voice-over] But I should've realized how intimidated you were. I felt horrible when I saw that look on your face.
[young Jughead runs out of the library, still holding the book]
JUGHEAD JONES: [in voice-over] Well, I still don't understand why you chased me when I left the library. That was scary!
VIOLET STANHOPE: [in voice-over] You were leaving with that library book.
[the flashback ends]
VIOLET STANHOPE: I needed to give you a library card so you could check it out. But you were out the door too fast ... I never stopped waiting for your next visit to the library. I wanted so much to show you how enjoyable our library was, but you never came back.
JUGHEAD JONES: I thought you wanted to get me. I guess I was wrong about you. But you looked so mean!
VIOLET STANHOPE: People, like books, should never be judged by their covers. I never meant to frighten anyone.
ARCHIE ANDREWS: But you have been frightening people. You really scared those people when you tried to give them their overdue notices. And now no one comes to the library anymore, because it's haunted.
VIOLET STANHOPE: That's terrible! I was only trying to help, I didn't realize that I was scaring people.
BETTY COOPER: Time to leave the library and move on, Miss Stanhope. Miss Herrera will take care of the library for you now.
VIOLET STANHOPE: You're right, of course. I leave under one condition. That this young man promises to finally get his library card and visit the library often.
VIOLET STANHOPE: Goodbye, then ... [she turns to leave] What's your name, young man?
JUGHEAD JONES: Jughead. Jughead Jones.
VIOLET STANHOPE: Enjoy reading these books, Jughead Jones.
[she walks out the door and disappears]
JUGHEAD JONES: [wipes away a tear] Is it possible to miss someone you never got a chance to know?
BETTY COOPER: [hands him Miss Stanhope's book] You can know her from her book.
ARCHIE ANDREWS: [in voice-over] So everything is as it should be. The ghost of Violet Stanhope no longer haunts the library, but her good influence on Riverdale will never go away. And Jughead has rediscovered the library after years of avoiding it. Cookbooks, adventure stories, local history. He's reading all types of books. But his personal favorite is a book by a librarian named Violet Stanhope. It's pretty good, you oughta check it out the next time you visit the library, in a little town called Riverdale.



Archie's Weird Mysteries: The Haunting of Riverdale (Season 1, Episode 6)

Synopsis: Riverdale citizens are scared into a state of shock, being found clutching overdue library book notices. Archie discovers that the horrifying ghost of the old head librarian haunts the Riverdale library, continuing to perform her library duties from beyond the grave. High on her list is Jughead, who has a book that's been overdue for more than 10 years! Will he pay the ultimate fine for his tardiness?

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