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Case Study No. 0108: Unnamed Female Librarian (Fort Boyard)

Fort Boyard: The Legend walkthrough #6
Trying to enter the public library. One of my favourite puzzles, since its solution completely took me by surprise.

We don't need Jean Duby, so we can just plain tell him to get lost.
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[the player enters the La Rochelle municipal library, and approaches the middle-aged female librarian sitting at the front desk]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [translated] And where are you going?
PLAYER: [translated] I'm looking for a book on Fort Boyard.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [translated] Do you have your library card, sir?
PLAYER: [translated] No, but I'd like to sign up ...
[she opens her desk drawer and pulls out a large pamphlet]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [translated] Ah, here is a questionnaire you must fill in ... As you can see, you will need three copies of all your diplomas, your school diploma, your graduation thesis, your most recent innoculation papers, a bank statement, your ID, your national identification number, and a letter of recommendation from all of your teachers from 6th grade on.
[the player says nothing, as the librarian looks down her glasses at him]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [translated] This is a serious library, sir.
[the player tries to bribe the librarian by handing her a book from his inventory]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [translated] Monsieur must be joking, we alread have 500 copies of this!
[as the librarian hands back the book and returns to filing away index cards, the player tries again by handing her a guidebook]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [translated] Oh good heavens, good heavens!
[suddenly all smiles, she hugs the guidebook to her chest]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: A guide of the Tour de la Lanterne in Japanese! But ... this is so unexpected, sir! Thank you! As far as I knew, there was only one copy in the world, in the Library of Congress in Washington, and you just give it to us! I wouldn't know how to thank you ...
[she grabs a rubber stamp from her desk]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: How silly of me! A permanent membership card, you can come any day! Yes yes, you can come whenever you want! Thank you!
[she stamps the "Bibliotheque Membre Permanent" card and hands it to him, allowing the player to enter the main reading room]



Fort Boyard: La Legende is a live action adventure game, based in and around La Rochelle and on Fort Boyard. It was only released in the original French version (as a sort of tie-in to the television game show "Fort Boyard") and the later Dutch dubbed versions.

The lack of an English version made this game highly obscure: it doesn't have a Mobygames entry. The hero of this game has no name. Let's call him Franck since that's the actor's name. Franck is going to look for a treasure that was hidden by Napoleon at Fort Boyard. For this he needs to look around for clues, and get people to help, in and around La Rochelle.

The game is quite short: one can finish it in two hours. One attempt to stretch it is by putting in a lot of points where you've lost the game: for instance, if you are rude to Liliane Denis in the bar, you can't get her help, so you can't finish the game.

Other typical things about this game: Franck's primary character trait involves running: he jogs at even the most inappropriate places. And then there are these sunglasses: there is only one scene where he lifts them. You know it's serious when Franck raises his sunglasses.

The other characters are also flat. This is not surprising since there is hardly any interaction possible with them.
The prime star of the game is the location: Tour De La Lanterne, the community library, the aquarium and of course The Elusive Fort Boyard.

Original French cast:
Hero: Franck Perrogon
Liliane Denis: Laetitia Marx
Jacqueline Duroselle: Emmanuelle Vauquet
Librarian: Helene Coulon

Released in 1996 by Expand Images, Microids, France Television and R&P ElectronicMedia.

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