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Case Study No. 0137: Christine Kars/Super Librarian

NJ launches Super Librarian Comic Book
One of over 200 celebrations throughout the state, Library Director Dorothy M. Key. Director and Mayor J. Christian Bollwage celebrated the launch of the Super Librarian comic book at the Elizabeth Public Library. The event drew nearly 100 young adults and their parents who had the opportunity to meet two popular graphic novelists, Kevin Pyle, Blindspot and Lauren Weinstein, Girl Story, as well as the newest super heroes- Super Librarian and X-Libris. Everyone received free comic books.

The New Jersey State Library and INFOLINK, to help serve as gateway to libraries for at-risk readers and highlight the services libraries offer young adults, produced the Super Librarian comic. The comic's backstory was written by NJ teen, Sharon Scaife, and the script by two NJ librarians, David Lisa and Manny Rosca Miracle. The comic is published in English and Spanish and is posted online at The NJ State Library partnered with INFOLINK
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Name: Christine Kars
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Would never let me tell
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Raven Black
Occupation: Head Librarian of Sandview City and unknown to even her closest friends, The Super Librarian
Known Relatives: Sandra Kars [mother deceased], Mark Kars [father deceased], Gregory Tines [adoptive father]
Other Relations: Sergeant Jeffrey Roberts [fiance]
Martial Status: engaged
Base of Operations: Sandview City, NJ

Origin: Christine Kars is the daughter of the late Mark Kars, head librarian of the Sandview Public Library, and his deceased wife Sandra Kars. Sandra died at childbirth so Christine's father, Mark, raised her. He passed on his love of books to her and as a child she often could be found buried in one of her favorite novels. Mark later died in a suspicious fire that burnt his beloved library to the ground.

Christine, who deeply loved her father and his library, was 17 at the time and just finishing up her third year at Sandview High. She went to live with her guardian and eventual adoptive father, Gregory Tines: big-time businessman and long time friend of her father.

Christine went to college at Stratus University for a Masters Degree in Library Science. Her ardent reading and healthy hunger for knowledge helped her to easily graduate top of her class and in record time. Even though she could have chosen from a multitude of careers and positions, only one would ever appeal to her.

She followed in her father's footsteps with the help of her adoptive father who had funded the rebuilding of the town's library after the fire. Christine started from the bottom and worked her way up to the top and by age 22, she had reached her dream position of head librarian.

Then, hidden in one of her father's old books, Christine found a document that confirmed her suspicions that the fire that had killed her father had been no accident. It had been set by Sandview's very own Police Chief Manfield to destroy microfilms that connected him to a decade old conspiracy and to kill her father before he could go to the police with information he had found in those microfilms.

With all her heart, she wishes she could land Manfield into jail but this is impossible without proof. And proof she does not have. Yet.

Now Christine travels the world for evidence to avenge her father's death and to make sure truth is never hidden. Knowledge is her sword and justice her shield. She is the sworn protector of the written word and thus, the world.

Cloaked in purple and gold she is ...

The Super Librarian!
Extreme Knowledge – from all her reading
And high-tech gadgets- that her adoptive father provides her from his company Tines Laboratories.

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