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Case Study No. 0125: Mrs. Carvin

Bully - Mission #55 Rats in the Library
Bully - Mission #55 Rats in the Library

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[scene opens outside of the Bullworth Academy Library, as a group of nerdy students are loudly whining]
MELVIN: This is a disgrace!
ALGIE: It's appalling ... I don't want plague! Or a pet rat!
[one of them points at Jimmy, who is walking into the scene]
EARNEST: This is all your fault Jimmy!
JIMMY: Huh? What? No it isn't! What're you guys talking about?
ALGIE: The library is full of rats! And I've got my pre-pre-pre med tests next week, amigo! You're such a lame-o ...
MELVIN: Some king you turned out to be ...
ALGIE: Oh, how I long for the old days. Sure, we were laughed at and mercilessly bullied by everyone, but at least you could study without fear of rodents coming near us!
[a single rat runs out of the front door of the library, causing all the nerds to scream and hide behind Jimmy]
JIMMY: Get off!
[he pushes Algie away, then notices a stain on the front of his pants]
JIMMY: Ugh, did you piss yourself again Algie?
ALGIE: [covers his crotch with his hands] No! I swear! I spilled soda on myself ...
JIMMY: Soda ... Right. What a bunch of sissies! Well, I'm not afraid of a few rats.
[he shakes his head, then starts walking towards the library]
JIMMY: [to himself] Jeez, pathetic.
[cut to Jimmy inside the library, as "Clear the library of rats" appears on screen]
MRS. CARVIN: [from off camera] I want you to kill every single one of them, Jimmy. All of them!
[Jimmy begins exploring the library, watching the rats scurrying back and forth across the floor]
MRS. CARVIN: [from off camera] Please Jimmy, step up the extermination.
[Jimmy takes out his slingshot and begins taking out the rats]
MRS. CARVIN: [from off camera] Those critters are even worse than the students!
[Jimmy kills a few more rats]
MRS. CARVIN: [from off camera] There! I see one! Aaaha!
[Jimmy runs past the front desk, which Mrs. Carvin is standing on]
MRS. CARVIN: They're probably leaving their filth everywhere ... Disgusting!
[Jimmy kills a few more rats]
MRS. CARVIN: I saw one nibbling on a book! Kill it!
[Jimmy kills a few more rats]
MRS. CARVIN: Those filthy rats have no respect for my beautiful library!
[Jimmy has killed all 20 rats, as the scene changes to a closeup of Mrs. Carvin]
MRS. CARVIN: Check the delivery crates to see if any of them are still lurking in there!
[Jimmy walks up to some open boxes on the floor]
JIMMY: These crates?
MRS. CARVIN: Yes, those crates. The rats appeared once those books were delivered.
JIMMY: Everything seems to be fine, Miss. I think I got 'em all.
MRS. CARVIN: Thank you, Jimmy ... If you have any late fees, I think we can just forget about them.
JIMMY: I did that a long time ago ... Uh, I mean, thank you Miss.
["You Passed! Reward: $30.00, Nerd Respect: +15" appears on screen]
JIMMY: I think we can call that a wrap ...



Game: "Bully" (PS2)
Mission: Rats in the Library

Start this mission in front of the school Library. The nerds are frantic outside of the Library; the Library is full of rats! Enter the library and find it, yep, full of rodents.

Dispose of the rats any manner you wish: firecrackers, slingshots, bottle rockets. Slingshot has unlimited ammo so it's probably the easiest route but if you see the rats gathering in groups (they do so around the corner of the Library), toss a firecracker close. There are 20 in all and this is a timed event. Watch for the rats to stop in certain areas and fire the slingshot in aim mode close by to eliminate the rodent. Complete the mission for +15 percent to nerd respect and $30 bucks.



Mrs. Carvin is the school's librarian. She was voiced by Patricia Kilgarriff.

Mrs. Carvin is a woman in her late middle ages. Although not ugly like Mrs. Peabody, she takes no care to make herself attractive. She has black hair that she wears in a bun on top of her head and wears old, shapeless dresses in bland colors. Her face is pinched and she does not wear makeup.

Mrs. Carvin is a tightly wound, prim and proper librarian. School gossip holds that she deliberately refused to date during high school and she has a fear of rats. Ms. Carvin can be found in the school's library and can sometimes be found walking around the school's campus.

During the mission Rats in the Library, Mrs. Carvin can be seen standing on her chair, scared. She begs Jimmy to kill the rats. After he does, she offers to excuse him of all his overdue book fines.

She appears in the Girls' Dorm if Jimmy causes enough trouble.



The Library is one of the peripheral buildings at Bullworth Academy. It is located to the east of the main building, and it is monitored by Mrs. Carvin.

It is the main hangout on campus for the Nerds, and some of the nerds like Cornelius find it a safe haven from the Bullies.

There are 2 yardsticks near the Library which can be used as Melee Weapons. At the right end of the library there is the entrance to the Observatory, as well as a secret short cut to Harrington House.

The inside of the library has two floors. In one corner is the globe that produces random facts about the world when spun. There is also a G&G card next to it. On the second floor is a rubberband. Students like the non clique students and Preppies can be seen inside the library. The Bullies can also be seen inside, despite what Cornelius states. The jocks could be seen in the library in Welcome to Bullworth but apart from that they rarely appear.

There are several flower pots scattered around the inside, and they can be picked up and thrown for lots of damage. The Prefects can be found inside patrolling, usually after 7 p.m.

The Library also has a interior/exterior mistake. On the outside, there is windows on the side walls, but inside there are no windows. Like at the corner with the globe, there is a window outside, but inside there is no window.

The Globe

The Globe can be found in the southeast corner of the Library. When you spin it by pressing triangle, it dispenses odd trivia from around the world, including:

* Canada: Dildo is a town in Newfoundland, Canada.
* Canada: Swearing in French has been outlawed in Montréal.
* China: Rescuing a drowning person is not allowed as it would be interfering with their fate.
* France: In 1778, fashionable women of Paris never went out in blustery weather without a lightning rod attached to their hats.
* Germany: During WWII, the Germans lost 126 generals. 84 of these were executed by Hitler.
* Italy: To "testify" was based on men in the Roman court swearing to a statement made by swearing on their testicles.
* Italy: In 1892, Italy raised the minimum age for marriage for girls to 12.
* Sweden: Twenty percent of all road accidents in Sweden involve a moose.
* UK: In Chester, you are allowed to shoot a Welsh person with a bow and arrow provided it is done inside the city walls and after midnight.
* UK: Every month the Thames water treatment plants remove over a ton of pubic hair, whereupon it is taken away to a landfill sight and buried.
* UK: Scotland is estimated to have been Europe's biggest persecutor of witches, putting to death over 4,000 alleged witches in the 17th and 18th centuries.
* USA: In Alabama, it is forbidden for a man to beat his wife more than once a month.
* USA: The IRS employee manual includes provisions for collecting taxes in the aftermath of a nuclear war.
* Zanzibar: The shortest war there has ever been was between Britain and Zanzibar during 1896. It lasted 38 minutes.

The Library makes its first appearance in a cutscene in Save Algie. It is also the starting point of the mission Character Sheets

During chapter 3, Jimmy meets Earnest inside the Library where he is asked to find and bring back Cornelius. Starting of Chapter 4, Jimmy comes to ask Algie for the Nerds' help at the Library - Petey is seen here too and he tells Jimmy how to bring the Nerds back in line. Later on, Jimmy meets the Nerds inside the Library during Funhouse Fun, where Algie tells him the plan to mess up with the Jocks at the Carnival. Earnest also meets Jimmy outside of the Library during Paparazzi telling him to take pictures of Mandy, and Jimmy later returns here to give Earnest the pictures. During the mission Rats in the Library, Jimmy must get rid the Library of 20 rats that have been released by Townies.

The library is also vandalised by Ted, Damon and Bo during the mission Complete Mayhem.

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