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Case Study No. 0114: Warren McDaniels and Larry Bicket

Mindkiller (1987) - the Conclusion
The conclusion to an amazing feat of film.

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[the brain of Warren McDaniels has taken control of Sandy (by attaching itself to her chest and wrapping its brain stem around her neck), as Brad attempts to sneak up behind her with a knife]
SANDY: [slowly walking toward Larry Bicket, when she turns and sees Brad holding the knife above her] What're you doing Brad? Please don't hurt me ... I love you.
[Brad is hypnotized by "Warren" and cannot move]
SANDY: [in a demonic voice] You're mine now, Brad!
[that snaps Brad out of it, as he uses the knife to stab the brain, causing it to let go of Sandy and fall to the floor ... however, it suddenly grows eyes and legs and begins crawling towards Larry]
LARRY: [picks up an electronic machine meant to kill Warren, but he trips and falls backwards]
[Warren's brain - which has now grown a mouth and fangs - continues to slowly make its way towards Larry from across the room]
LARRY: [sits up and plugs the machine into the nearby wall outlet] Warren ... don't. Don't come any closer. Look what you've become!
[the brain growls and bears its fangs, as Larry fumbles with the headgear wired to the machine as he tries to put it on]
LARRY: If there's anything left of you in there, Warren, it's your inadequacies that created you!
[the brain's eyes seem to widen in anger, as it continues its approach]
LARRY: It's true! You never won a game of Trivial Pursuit in your life! You are of an inferior mind!
[he tries to turn on the machine, but the brain shoots a bolt of purple electricity from its mouth, heating the headgear and forcing Larry to throw it off in pain (he ends up throwing off his glasses as well)]
LARRY: [pointing at the brain, speaking nervously but defiantly] You can't win! Only a superior mind has the strength ...
[as the brain reaches Larry's legs, he grabs the headgear and starts pressing buttons on the machine]
LARRY: [to himself] I'm in control, I am strong ... I am an anchor.
[Sandy comes to and, seeing the brain reach for Larry's face, she dives forward and presses a button on the machine, causing a small explosion]
LARRY: [rolls out of the way and points his finger at "Warren", shooting out a bolt of purple electricity that causes the brain to disintegrate]




Krueger, Michael (Director). Mindkiller. United States: Prism Entertainment Corp., 1987.

Starring: Joe McDonald (Warren McDaniels, Librarian); Christopher Wade (Larry Bicket (sp?), Librarian); George Flynn (Mr. Townsend, Library Director)

It's bad enough that Warren and Larry are always rejected by ladies at a nightclub, they are also librarians working in the subbasement archives, underscoring their status as losers. Warren takes it particularly hard. Even with two shelves of overdue self-help library books in his apartment, he still can't attract women. Nothing works until he finds in the archives a manuscript article that teaches the control of objects and behaviors with one's mind. Soon he masters the power and is eager to use it on the library's sexy new consultant, Sandy. She doesn't like him but can't resist. (Larry meanwhile also reads the manuscript but uses his new power to solve a Rubik's cube, and to help his friend.) Warren turns into a monster behaviorally and physically as he manipulates everyone to do his bidding. [Spoiler alert! As if you'd watch this low budget horror hokum …] His friends try to prevent his self-destruction but in the end, as vicious monsters erupt from his grotesquely mutated brain, they have to kill him themselves. Two different facets of the male librarian stereotype are displayed – Warren the loser and Larry the geek. Ultimately, only the geek librarian succeeds, and even becomes a chick magnet.

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