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Case Study No. 0117: Agnes and Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Batgirl Pilot
This is the first ever episode to feature batgirl, and was never aired.
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[exterior shot of the Gotham City Library is shown]
NARRATOR: Gotham City, like any other large metropolis, abounds in girls of all shapes and sizes. Debutantes, nurses, stenographers ... and librarians.
[cut to Barbara Gordon, wearing her glasses and yellow dress suit, taking a book off of the shelf]
NARRATOR: Like this librarian in the Gotham City Library. As the closing hour nears, finishing a service for a very distinguished customer - millionaire Bruce Wayne.
[she walks to the front desk where Wayne is waiting]
BARBARA: Here we are, Mister Wayne. I'm sorry it took so long. This is the only book on the Blue Monarch Heliconius Butterfly that's still in print.
BRUCE: [taking the book] I certainly appreciate your trouble.
BARBARA: [takes off her glasses]
BRUCE: You're new here, aren't you?
BARBARA: Yes, I just started working here recently ... but it isn't as if we're complete strangers, Mr. Wayne.
BARBARA: I'm Commissioner Gordon's daughter.
BRUCE: Oh yes. He did say that he had a daughter away at college. I'm afraid he's kept you under wraps far too long.
BARBARA: Thank you! Um, isn't that your youthful ward Dick Grayson talking to the gentleman at the table?
BRUCE: Yes, yes it is. And the other gentleman is my millionaire friend Roger Montross.
BARBARA: The famous exploring lepidopterist?
BRUCE: Mm-hmm, I'm checking out this book to prove a point to him. Well, thank you very much. Goodnight.
BARBARA: Goodnight, Mr. Wayne.
[she puts her glasses back on and begins filing cards, when an older female librarian walks up to her]
AGNES: Oh, that Mr. Wayne. So handsome, so rich.
BARBARA: Yes Agnes, and he's a bachelor ...
[cut to Bruce pointing out something in the book to Roger, as four men - in obvious moth costumes - are spying on them from the next table]
BRUCE: Here it is right here ...
HENCHMAN: [whispering] If we're gonna kidnap the millionaire, Killer Moth, what about Bruce Wayne? He's standing right there.
KILLER MOTH: No, he's too good a friend of Batman's. Later, the other millionaire sitting at that table, Roger Montross.
DICK: Goodnight, Mr. Montross.
ROGER: Goodnight, Dick.
BRUCE: Goodnight, Roger.
ROGER: Bruce.
BRUCE: Better luck next time ...
[as the two leave, the convene amongst the stacks]
DICK: [whispering] Those four men.
BRUCE: Yes, I know, they're Killer Moth and his men.
DICK: With their beady eyes on Mr. Montross.
BRUCE: I think Batman and Robin are needed here on the double.
[they exit the library, through a door with a big "SILENCE" sign above it, as the clock shows that's it's 9 o'clock]
AGNES: Barbara, I'm going to lock the main door. Keep any stragglers out. Uh, when those gentlemen get ready to leave, you can unlock it and let them out. Goodnight, dear.
BARBARA: Goodnight, Agnes.
[as Agnes leaves, Barbara continues filing cards]
BARBARA: [answers the ringing phone] Gotham City Library, Ms. Gordon speaking.
COMMISSIONER GORDON: You stood me up at dinner again tonight.
BARBARA: Oh, I'm sorry. I should've called, but I've been so busy. I'm gonna have to work late tonight, too.
COMMISSIONER GORDON: Well, how about tomorrow night?
BARBARA: It's a definite date ... [kisses] Bye, handsome!
[as she hangs up, she picks up some books and starts reshelving them]
KILLER MOTH: [whispering] Okay, you handle Montross, while I lock up the girl.
[the henchmen karate chop Montross, while Killer Moth grabs Barbara from behind, covering her mouth and shoving her into the backroom]
NARRATOR: Strange, she seems very cool about being locked in. And who's locking whom?
[she presses a hidden button on the wall, revealing a secret room containing her Batgirl costume and equipment]
NARRATOR: And what is this? Her own secret panel, leading to her own secret closet?
[cut back to Killer Moth and his men]
KILLER MOTH: Let's go, this job is gonna be a breeze!
[the main door suddenly explodes, as Batman and Robin come running through]
HENCHMAN: The Dynamic Duo!
ROBIN: [to Batman] Lucky you thought to load the Bat Lock Breaker Ray!
[Batman and Robin begin fighting with the henchmen, but the Killer Moth uses his "moth spraygun" on them]
NARRATOR: Instant paralyzing cocoon!
[cut to Barbara taking off her dress and getting into her Batgirl costume]
NARRATOR: Holy transformation! One minute, plain Barbara Gordon, librarian and Commissioner Gordon's daughter. And the next minute, something new has been added. Batgirl! Modelled after her idol, Batman! Ready for this crucial moment, and off to make her first foray in her own beautiful beguiling way, through her secret exit.
[cut to Batman and Robin trapped in the cocoon]
BATMAN: You insidious insect ...
[cut to Batgirl outside the window]
NARRATOR: Our disguised and now titian-haired beauty makes a smashing entrance ...
[she jumps through the closed window, shattering the glass]
ROBIN: Holy apparition!
BATGIRL: No, boy wonder, I'm Batgirl! You are no longer alone, Caped Crusaders!
[Batgirl defeats the henchmen by hitting them with newspaper rods, throwing books at them, and shoving the giant globe in the middle of the room at them]
ROBIN: Who is she? Where'd she come from?
BATMAN: I have no idea, Robin ...
BATGIRL: [after kicking one of the henchmen in the face - with "ZLOPP!" sound effect - and having one of the bookshelves fall on top of him] Now, to get you out of those silk straitjackets ... [she takes a vanity case out of her utility belt]
ROBIN: Holy vanity case! What a time to powder her nose ...
BATGIRL: Correction, boy wonder. It's my electronic Batgirl Compact with a laser beam ... [she uses the laser to disintegrate the cocoon] which will destroy anything.
[the three continue fighting the recovered henchmen]
BATGIRL: [to Batman] What delightful dynamic destruction!
BATMAN: Which couldn't have been accomplished without you ... ["WHACK!"] ... Who are you, really?
BATGIRL: Oh come now, Batman. Have you ever revealed your true identity?
BATGIRL: Mine must be kept as secret as yours.
BATMAN: Of course ... ["WHAP!!"] ... Understood. Excuse me.
[as Batman goes to address Robin, Batgirl heads for the backroom and her escape]
BATMAN: Robin, call Commissioner Gordon. Tell him that we've foiled Killer Moth and his Mothmen, thanks to this lovely young--
[he turns and notices that Batgirl is gone]
ROBIN: She's gone!
BATMAN: Yes, she's gone. But I suspect we haven't seen the last of her, whoever she is beneath that mask of hers. A new member of our team, or a crime-fighting rival?
[cut to Batgirl riding her Bat Cycle]
NARRATOR: Or just plain Barbara Gordon, masquerading for a lark as she rides into the night on her special Batgirl Cycle! Who knows? Is the Dynamic Duo destined to become the Triumphant Trio? Only time will tell us more about this dazzling dare-doll ... Batgirl!



Librarian Barbara Gordon (and her alter ego Batgirl) was portrayed by Yvonne Craig in the third season of the "Batman" television series (1967–1968).

In order to sell ABC executives and/or 20th Century Fox Television (the production company) on the idea of adding a new character to the series, an eight-minute promotional short was created to introduce and showcase Batgirl (it was NOT a pilot for a proposed Batgirl spin-off). As the short opens, the narrator (voiced by William Dozier) introduces us to Barbara Gordon at the Gotham City Public Library:

"Gotham City, like any other metropolis, abounds in girls of all shapes and sizes. Debutantes, nurses, stenographers ... and librarians."

Barbara is helping millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne prove a point to Roger Montross, a fellow playboy. While chatting with Barbara, Bruce points out his ward, Dick Grayson, and then cheerfully says goodnight. When he and Dick leave, they take note of the four men sitting at another table (all dressed in blue, wearing metal antennae) and decide a visit from Batman and Robin might be in order.

Once Bruce and Dick leave, the library closes, leaving Barbara and Roger Montross alone with villain the Killer Moth and his henchmen. Within moments, the four have knocked out Roger Montros and locked poor Barbara in a closet. Little do they know that inside the room is her own secret closet.

Before the Killer Moth and his men can leave, Batman and Robin show up and take out three of the four thugs. The Killer Moth, the only one still standing, simply pulls out a gun-like object and points it at the Dynamic Duo! Instead of firing bullets, however, it creates a cocoon around the crime fighters, effectively eliminating their threat. Trapped, it looks like the end for Batman and Robin!

Meanwhile, Barbara has begun transforming into Batgirl: her suit, which she has on under her regular clothing, her cape, which is actually her skirt turned inside out, and her mask, which she takes off a coat rack and brings with her. Once outside, fully transformed, the now raven-haired Batgirl smashes in through a window into the library, exchanges a few words with Robin, and then defends herself against the thugs.

She then frees Batman and Robin with her electronic Batgirl compact with a laser beam (which can destroy anything). The three crime-fighters take on the thugs one last time. While Robin finishes things up, Batman takes a moment to ask Batgirl who she is. Batgirl's response? Her identity shall remain a secret, just as Batman and Robin are mysteries to her.

After the thugs are taken care of, Batman tells Robin to call up Commissioner Gordon and tell him they've dispatched with the Killer Moth and his Mothmen, with the help of Batgirl, who has vanished. Batman ponders aloud if they've seen the last of her. The short ends with Batgirl riding her "Batgirlcycle," complete with a bat-shaped mirror, towards her next adventure, which just so happened to be a role on Batman for its third season and final season.

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