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Case Study No. 0109: The Most Interesting Librarian in the World

The Most Interesting Librarian in the World
The Most Interesting Man in the World has finally met his match! This video was created by a group or Library and Information Science grad students at the iSchool of Syracuse University. It just proves how awesome being a librarian really is.
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[scene opens on a police officer as he pulls up alongside the librarian's car]
NARRATOR: The traffic cops pull her over on a regular basis ...
[cut to the officer using animated hand gestures as he points down the street, while the young female librarian listens intently before giving the thumbs up]
NARRATOR: To ask her for directions.
[cut to a male patron looking feverishly through the stacks, before calling the librarian on his cell phone]
NARRATOR: It is said she was once unable to find the right reference book for a patron ...
[cut to the librarian at her desk writing an entire book by hand, then giving it to the patron]
NARRATOR: So she wrote it.
[cut to a closeup of the Wikipedia page for "The Most Interesting Librarian in the World" (actually an edit of the site's "Velociraptor" entry) which reads "The Most Interesting Librarian in the World is a reference expert, and an experienced navigator of the world wide web. Her incredible ability to find any information may seem magical and is often mistaken as a sign of divinity. Her following has been growing steadily since she graduated from Syracuse University with her MSLIS degree. The weight of her accumulated knowledge has actually shifted the magnetic pole of the earth and has impacted the migratory patterns of birds."]
NARRATOR: Wikipedia blocked edits to her page ...
[cut to stock footage of people using computers]
NARRATOR: To relieve strain on their servers.
[cut to stock footage of a female librarian sitting at her desk talking on the telephone]
NARRATOR: Her name is on every reference desk's Speed Dial ...
[cut to an image of a concept map with the librarian's face plastered in the middle]
NARRATOR: And every CredoSearch Concept Map.
[cut to the same male patron talking to the librarian at the main desk, while pointing to a female patron sitting across the room]
NARRATOR: She created a Pathfinder ...
[the librarian pulls out a piece of paper with a picture of a heart on it, then the scene changes to the two patrons holding hands while reading books]
NARRATOR: To a woman's heart.
[cut to the librarian tending to a wounded camper out in the woods]
NARRATOR: She can start a campfire ...
[cut to a stock photo of the Amazon Kindle]
NARRATOR: With a Kindle.
[cut to a person handing the librarian a number of envelopes]
NARRATOR: She needs an entire digital database to store the love letters written to her ...
[cut to a closeup of the letters sitting on her desk, including mail from Otto the Orange, Barack Obama, Santa Claus, and a message in a bottle]
NARRATOR: It is browsable by nation of origin. And gender.
[cut to a clip from the movie "Iron Man", interspersed with a photo of the librarian wearing a Yoshi costume]
NARRATOR: She experiences life in Augmented Reality.
[cut to a clip featuring rapper 50 Cent, interspersed with a photo of the librarian dancing on a table]
NARRATOR: It is a little-known fact that 50 Cent's song, "In Da Club" ... was inspired by her Book Club.
[cut to various still photos that focus on the back of the librarian's head, whilst she's performing various feats (like piloting an airplane and visiting the Great Wall of China)]
NARRATOR: Her bun has been declared a national historic landmark.
[cut to the librarian sitting in a chair and petting a cat]
NARRATOR: Her house pet and WorldCat are one and the same ...
[cut to a still photo of the front page of the New York Times, with the headline "How Interesting Is She?"]
NARRATOR: She is ... The Most Interesting Librarian In the World!
[cut to the librarian speaking directly to the camera]
LIBRARIAN: I don't always use Google, but when I do, I prefer Advanced Search. Stay informed, my friends.

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So I gave my students a choice to either do a path finder on trends in evaluating scholarly impact, or make a video loosely answering the question "You need a masters degree for that?" Seems that a large percentage of the class get that question when they tell a spouse / parent / co-worker / friend they are going to library school.

R. David Lankes is an associate professor at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies.

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