Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Case Study No. 0122: Sexy Librarian on the Prowl

Bar-fari: Sexy Librarian On The Prowl -
In this episode of Bar-Fari, we head to a bar in Venice Beach with hidden cameras to capture the actions of a sexy librarian as she decides whether or not to kiss a guy she meets in the bar. A original series. This is 100% real!
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NARRATOR: The footage you are about to see was captured in the jungle by hidden cameras. And by "jungle," we mean a bar in Venice Beach ...
[night-vision footage of a campfire is shown]
NARRATOR: A roaring fire represents romance in many cultures.
[cut to night-vision footage of a young blonde woman wearing thick glasses]
NARRATOR: And this rare species of "Sexy Librarian" tries to capitalize on this milieu.
[cut to the woman sitting next to a man at the bar]
NARRATOR: She awkwardly puts her arm around this male species of Mongoloid, in an attempt to lure him into mating ...
[they are both chewing gum]
NARRATOR: Her breath no longer smells like a garbage dump, and she's ready for the Mongoloid's mount.
[they both take their gum out and place it on the table]
NARRATOR: He appears ready as well.
[cut to a close-up of the man's face]
NARRATOR: But now, he realizes he has a wife and kids at home. He weighs his options.
[the camera pans over to focus on the woman's face]
NARRATOR: Little does he know, the "Sexy Librarian" ... is a man.
[cut to a shot of the two still sitting together]
NARRATOR: He's totally cool with that.

Produced by Venice the Menace

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