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Case Study No. 0143: James Grieg, the Ghost of Plagiarism

Et Plagieringseventyr
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Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen presenterer
Et Plagieringseventyr
(A Plagiarism Carol)

[scene opens with a male professor talking to his male student]
PROFESSOR: [translated] This paper has to be turned in on the 29th.
KAJ: [translated] Okay, I'll start right away.
[a group of students suddenly appear and, as the scene is super-imposed over a giant picture of a calendar, they carry him off and start partying ... Kaj wakes up next to a pretty female student]
KAJ: [translated] I really have to write that paper ...
[the female student leans in close, as the camera focuses in on her cleavage]
FEMALE STUDENT: [translated] But it's not due for a long time ...
[Kaj smiles and moves in to kiss her, but he suddenly falls down (again super-imposed over the image of a giant calendar) and lands - fully clothed - at a desk in the library]
KAJ: Phew ...
[he looks down at a paper entitled "Logikk Og Kunstig Intelligens" ("Logic and Artificial Intelligence"), so he types the phrase into Google Norge and - after looking around to make sure no ones sees him - copies and pastes the results from the website "" into his computer ... This action causes the lights to flicker and the ghostly figure of an old man to appear before him]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Oooo, this reeks of plagiarism.
KAJ: [looks on in shock]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] I am the ghost of plagiarism, James ...
[James Grieg the Ghost of Plagiarism turns and looks directly into the camera]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Based on Charles Dickens, 1843.
[the ghost turns his attention back to Kaj]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] And I am here to tell you what will happen if you plagiarize.
[he takes his hand, as they disappear and are transported to a point in time where Kaj is handing in his paper]
FUTURE KAJ: [translated] Hi, I want to turn in this paper.
[the doors suddenly fly open behind him, as armed police officers surround him]
POLICE OFFICER: [translated] Down! Down! Down!
[the future version of Kaj is forced to the ground]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] First and foremost, it is humiliating to be caught cheating.
[cut to Future Kaj being led away in handcuffs, as a female passerby spits on the ground in front of him]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] In addition, you can fail the course and risk getting expelled from the university.
[cut to a professor setting Future Kaj's diploma on fire with a lighter, then having him thrown off campus by security]
KAJ: [translated] Okay, I get the point ... but not everyone is caught.
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Heh heh, don't be so sure. The University has a secret weapon.
[cut to Kaj and the ghost floating through a secret underground facility containing a giant robot]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] UiB has an electronic Ephorus program that checks all papers. You're pretty lucky if you get away with cheating.
[the robot is activated, and (switching to the machine's POV) one of the scientists holds up a paper as "Ephorus Plagrism Detector On" and "Scanning: Godkjent" ("Approved") appear on screen]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] So you have to ask yourself one question ...
[the camera zooms in on the ghost's face, as he speaks in English]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya ... punk?
[the robot suddenly turns and focuses on the ghost (again, from the robot's POV) as "Plagiat Oppdaget" flashes in red on the screen]
EPHORUS: [translated] Plagiarism detected! Dirty Harry, 1974!
[the Ephorus robot begins firing its laser beams (with "Terminate" flashing on the screen) as the scientists - and Kaj - run away]
[cut to a giant meeting room - with a computer monitor reading "DefCon 1" in the background - where Kaj and James have been transported]
MAN: We've got a code red in Sector 47, it's getting out of control!
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] And have you ever thought of how far you can go if you write a good paper without cheating?
[they turn and stare at the man speaking, who is looking at the generals sitting at the table]
MAN: How do we stop this thing?
GENERAL: There is only one man who can save us now ... We need the world's leading expert on artificial intelligence!
[a "24"-style montage of shots is shown (including a scene of the Ephorus robot running amuk in a major city), then cut to the future version of Kaj (wearing a suit and tie) taking off his sunglasses and addressing the generals in English]
FUTURE KAJ: I suggest we create a GUI interface in Visual BASIC ...
MAN: Ya hear that? Do it! Do it now!
[cut to a closeup of the robot as its head explodes, then back to the meeting room as everyone stands up and applauds Kaj]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] What you achieve by doing it right is a unique knowledge and competence in your field.
[cut to Future Kaj being surrounded by reporters and photographers]
FUTURE KAJ: GUI interface and Visual BASIC ...
[cut to news footage of Future Kaj standing next to Barack Obama, with the words "Honoring World Saviour Kaj Saether, Washington DC, May 28th 2015" appearing on screen]
KAJ: [translated] Yes, this looks great! But I don't know how to do it right.
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] There is a fantastic place ...
[the ghost turns and looks directly into the camera]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Where you can find the information that you need.
[cut to James (now a living librarian) joined by several dancers and singers inside the library, as they perform a musical number]
CHORUS: [translated] If you quote ...
[Darth Vader is shown walking through the library, with "Star Wars 1977" appearing on screen]
CHORUS: [translated] Use ideas ...
[James is shown dancing in a red leather jacket, with "Michael Jackson's Thriller 1983" appearing on screen]
CHORUS: [translated] Or expand on the work of others ...
[a man holds up a sign reading "PeerGynt 2"]
CHORUS: [translated] You must refer, in the text ...
[a heavy metal band is shown, as the lead singer bites the head off a bat, with "Ozzy Osbourne 1982" appearing on screen]
CHORUS: [translated] To where you got your idea!
[James points to a group of people holding signs that spell out "To Be Or Not To Be, Shakepeare"]
CHORUS: [translated] This is a quote ...
[some of the signs are flipped so that "Shakespeare" is now blank]
CHORUS: [translated] This is plagiarism ...
[James points to a poster on one of the bookshelves, which reads "Er Dod Hevder, Phyllis Chesler"]
CHORUS: [translated] This is correct ...
[the part of the poster which reads "Phyllis Chesler" is ripped away, as a man leaning against the bookshelf grabs one of the female singer's breasts]
CHORUS: [translated] This is suspect!
[cut to a group of cheerleaders performing in the middle of the library]
CHEERLEADERS: [translated] Go citation! Go go citation!
[they cheer, as James leads a marching band through the library]
CHORUS: [translated] Finally you make a list, where you write down all the sources you have used.
[several quick shots of the performers are cycled through]
CHORUS: [translated] If something is still unclear ...
[the librarians all begin marching towards the camera]
CHORUS: [translated] Take a look at our guidelines, they are on the Internet, log on to our web page and see!
[balloons are released, as "" appears on screen, then James (back in his incorporeal form) floats into view]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Are you ready to write now?
[cut to Kaj back in the library, typing away on his computer, while James hovers above him]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] Yes, now you have your reference techniques in order.
KAJ: [translated] And print!
[he hits the print button]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [translated] You must be tired now. I can turn in your paper for you.
[he takes the paper and floats towards the professor's office, but he stops and crosses out Kaj's name on the title page before writing "James" in pen underneath it]
GHOST OF PLAGIARISM: [turns to the camera] Heh heh heh ...



Presentation of other people's results, thoughts, ideas or formulations as if they were one's own is plagiarism. This is a form of intellectual theft according to the Norwegian Copyright Act. Avoid plagiarism by doing correct referencing. Plagiarism is considered cheating and may, according to Sections 54 and 42 of the Norwegian University and University College Act, result in the student being failed or expelled from university. Plagiarism charges may hinder academic progress, which may result in lack of funding or impossibility to renew residence permits.

Higher education institutions are concerned about plagiarism and many use special software to detect it.

"Search & Write" ("Sok og Skriv") is an online course developed by the University of Bergen Library, which aims to help students with thesis writing.



The University Library and Department of Information Science and Media Studies has made the short information movie "A Plagiarism Carol".

Summary: The famous ghost of Bergen Library, James Grieg (played by assistant library director Ole Gunnar Evensen), shows a new student (Thomas Saevig) what happens if you plagiarize other people's intellectual property without referencing them ... Something to think about during exams.

"I think the film works very well," says Ole Gunnar Evensen. "It is better to inform with a twinkle in your eye than with a middle finger."



submitted by: Arne D. S. Haldorsen (haldorsen)
Shot on a Canon 7D

This is a project we did for the university library of the University of Bergen. Jade Aksnes and Stian Hafstad are the main brains behind this video, while I was hired in as the photographer.

Shot on Canon EOS 7D, with Canon 50mm, 35mm and 28-80mm lenses and a Tokina 11-16mm lens.

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