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Case Study No. 0120: Tsugawa Shuji and Tamada Kazuo-san

DC Batch #14 - The Library Murder Case - Part 1 of 3
This batch is composed of episode #050. The case that will take place happens just shortly after Shinichi turned back to Conan. I am just sharing this for continuity's shake.

Links to all the parts
Part 1 - http://youtube.com/ watch?v= b5UPw5P89o8
Part 2 - http://youtube.com/ watch?v= MzXNoPAo2N8
Part 3 - http://youtube.com/ watch?v= w4iLqk9T84A

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[inside the Beika Library, Conan is looking through the bookshelves]
CONAN: [to himself] Geez, this place is filled with the most useless books! So I'm supposed to read one of these insipid things and write a report on it? More than that, what's up with this haphazard row of books?
[he puts the books back on the shelf]
CONAN: [to himself] I guess it's only natural. This is the childrens' corner, so little kids are taking books and putting them back all the time.
[he notices a box of books hidden underneath a table]
CONAN: [to himself] Hmmm? Books from overseas ... [examines one of the books] Huh? The book has been put into the case backwards and shrink wrapped.
[a man comes up from behind and takes the book from him ... the screen text identifies him as Tsugawa Shuji (age 57), head of Beika Library]
TSUGAWA: [smiling] Now, now. These books aren't for little children.
CONAN: Oh, I'm sorry.


[members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department have entered the library and are questioning Tsugawa]
INSPECTOR JUZO: You run this library, correct?
TSUGAWA: Yes. My name is Tsugawa.
INSPECTOR JUZO: We came here to investigate an employee of yours, Tamada Kazuo-San.
TSUGAWA: Oh. He has been taking time off from work since yesterday.
CONAN: [comes running up] Hey, Inspector! Did something happen?
TSUGAWA: Did something happen to him?
INSPECTOR JUZO: Actually, Tamada-san has been missing since the night before last.
TSUGAWA: What? T-That can't be!
INSPECTOR JUZO: I heard that he was working late with you on the night in question.
TSUGAWA: Uh ... yes. However, I went home before Tamada, so I can't be sure what happened after that.
[Conan notices the police officers searching boxes in the backroom]
CONAN: Hey, why are you inspecting the library's storerooms? He might've been kidnapped by someone on his way home.
INSPECTOR JUZO: We're doing it just in case. Tamada-san was very methodical, and always called his wife from the library before he went home. But he didn't do this the night before last. In other words, he was either taken by someone while he was still here ... or he's still in this library. And if he's still here, there's a high possibility that he's already been killed.
POLICE OFFICER: [walks into scene] Inspector, we've checked all of the areas people don't visit. There was no trace of him.
INSPECTOR JUZO: Hmmm. So it looks like he's not in this library after all. Alright, we're done here! [to Tsugawa] Please excuse the interruption.
TSUGAWA: Uh ... I-It was nothing.


[Conan and his friends have hidden in the library until closing time, and are now searching the building for clues]
AYUMI: What're we gonna do now, Conan-kun?
CONAN: We're gonna find that body.
MITSUHIKO: Huh? But the police said they didn't find it.
CONAN: Something smells fishy about this library.
GENTA: [sniffs the air] It smells?
[they hear the elevator]
CONAN: The elevator! Someone's coming up! Hide!
[they find cover, as Tsugawa emerges from the elevator]
CONAN: [to himself] That's ... the head of the library, Tsugawa-san!
[he enters a room carrying a box]
CONAN: [to himself] What's he doing here at this hour?
[they carefully follow him and wait outside the glass door to the room, as Tsugawa places books underneath a table]
CONAN: [to himself] That was the bookcase with the strange books from overseas.
TSUGAWA: [picks up a book with the English title "Down in the Zero"] Tamada was a fool! I wouldn't have had to kill him if he didn't look inside these!
[the children look shocked]
TSUGAWA: [putting a box on the table] Police will always be police. They left without finding anything. They had no clue that Tamada is "sleeping" in this library! [evil laugh]
CONAN: [to himself] I knew it! Tamada-san's body is in this library after all! He was killed by Tsugawa-kancho! But where in the world is the body?
[Tsugawa takes out one of the books and rips off the shrink wrap]
CONAN: [to himself] Those are the strange foreign books that were put into the cases backwards and then shrink wrapped!
GENTA: [whispering] It's so dark, I can't see anything!
[he leans in, causing the children in front of him to push forward against the door and cracking it open]
TSUGAWA: [hearing the noise] Who's there?!
[the children rush off before he can see them]
TSUGAWA: [opening the door and yelling into the hallway] Is someone there?
[they hide in the bathroom, but Tsugawa enters and starts checking the stalls]
TSUGAWA: [opening the door] Aha!
[the children are able to hide behind the door, and Tsugawa leaves]
CONAN: [to himself] It looks like we better not move from this spot for awhile!


[Tsugawa eventually leaves, and the children go into the room with the foreign books to investigate]
CONAN: First, let's check out those strange foreign books in that box.
[he opens the box and checks the book sleeves]
CONAN: Huh? It's empty!
MITSUHIKO: He probably put them in his bag and took them home.
CONAN: That's not possible. Look at how many cases there are!
[he tips over the box and spills all of the empty sleeves onto the floor]
CONAN: All of these wouldn't have fit in his bag. The ones he couldn't fit into his bag ... he hid somewhere in this room. It would appear that we need to find those books before we find that body.
AYUMI: Alright, guys! This looks like a job for the Detective Boys!
CONAN: Uh ... yeah. Let's start with this bookcase. We'll split into two groups and check out the books on both sides.
ALL: Yeah!
[cut to Tsugawa leaving the library and chuckling to himself, when he notices the lights in the room go on behind him]
CONAN: S-Stupid! Don't turn on the light!
AYUMI: [holding the light switch] But it was dark ...
CONAN: What would happen if he saw it?
GENTA: Don't worry! He's probably long gone!
[cut back outside to Tsugawa as the light turns out]
CONAN: [looking out the window] If that's true, it's okay, but ... [he looks out the window, but Tsugawa is now gone] It looks like he actually went home.
[cut to the kids taking books off the shelves and looking through them]
MITSUHIKO: [to Conan] Did you find any strange books?
CONAN: Nope, none at all.
MITSUHIKO: It looks like they're not in this bookcase. We took out almost all the books.
[Conan looks at his side of the bookshelf, and notices that he can still see books on the other side]
CONAN: Huh? You guys over there haven't taken out a single book!
[he moves to the other side of the bookcase]
CONAN: Hey, Genta!
[he finds Ayumi and Genta sitting down out of breath, with piles of books around them]
AYUMI: Oh, Conan-kun.
GENTA: What the heck were you guys doing? We've taken out all the ones on this side!
[confused, Conan looks and sees what appears to be the backs of the books on his side]
CONAN: Huh? That's strange! We did, too!
[he reaches through and pulls out a book]
CONAN: W-What's with these books?! There's no binding!
AYUMI: What? He's right!
GENTA: [pulls out more books] Hey, all the books here are like that!
CONAN: I see! It's not that these books were put into their cases backwards ... they didn't have a binding to begin with!
MITSUHIKO: Huh? What does that mean?
CONAN: In other words, Kancho made three rows of books by putting these in the middle. By doing that, even if someone took out a book, they would only see the pages from the middle row of books. The would think that it was just the book on the other side and not realize there was a middle row. This is the childrens' corner. Since it's only kids taking out the books, all the more reason to put them here. The reason that the books were lined up messy was because when a book is put back, it pushes the middle book and causes the book on the other side to stick out.
AYUMI: But why would he do that?
CONAN: The fact that these strange books are made overseas and brought into this country means that inside there are handguns ...
[he snaps open the book, revealing a bag of white powder in a hidden compartment]
CONAN: Or drugs!
GENTA: [opening another book] This one has some, too!
AYUMI: [opening another book] Here, too!
MITSUHIKO: In other words, he's been smuggling drugs, right?
CONAN: Yeah. He hid the drugs here, and he has been selling them little by little. Tamada-san probably found these books by accident, and was killed so he couldn't tell anyone. He was killed by Tsugawa-kancho!


[after discovering that Tamada's body was hidden on the top of the elevator car, Tsugawa exits the elevator and confronts them, hiding a lead pipe behind his back]
TSUGAWA: [sweetly] What are you little children doing here so late? Alright, come here. Let's all go home together. Come on.
CONAN: [whispering to the others] Everyone do exactly as I say ...
TSUGAWA: What are you all talking about? We're all going home together.
CONAN: Heh, don't underestimate us kids, Kancho-San!
[Conan walks forward as if giving a speech, giving the others a chance to sneak into the elevator while Tsugawa is distracted]
CONAN: The game is over! The trick with the bookcase and the hidden drugs ... you killed Tamada-san because he saw them!
TSUGAWA: Who ... who are you?!
CONAN: I'm Edogawa Conan, a detective!
TSUGAWA: D-Detective?
[he turns when he hears the elevator going down with the others inside, then Conan runs toward him]
TSUGAWA: You're not getting away!
[he swings the pipe, but Conan slides between his legs and right into the elevator just before the doors close]
MITSUHIKO: And he slides into home safe!
AYUMI: We did it!
TSUGAWA: Dang it! I'm not letting you little punks escape!
[he runs down the stairs and makes it to the elevator before it opens]
TSUGAWA: I made it ... Alright, prepare to die! You little--
[he opens the door, but it is empty]
TSUGAWA: Huh? T-They're not here! Did they get off on another floor?
[he activates the emergency stop switch]
TSUGAWA: No matter. If I stop the elevators, then they're like rats in a trap. [evil chuckle] Just you wait, you little rats. I'll kill you off one rat at a time!
[cut to Tsugawa searching through the library]
TSUGAWA: [shouting] Hey! Where are you, little kids? I'm sorry about before! I won't hurt you, so come on out!
[he stops at a room where all of the chairs have been overturned and spread out on the floor]
TSUGAWA: Hm? Are they here? Heh, you call this a barricade?
[he steps over the chairs, and walks towards the bookshelves at the back of the room]
TSUGAWA: [looking at one of the bookshelves] Hm? It's tilted. I see, so they put books underneath.
[cut to the children hiding behind the bookshelf]
[they push the bookshelf and it falls forward, completely missing Tsugawa]
ALL: Oh no!
[they run towards the back of the room]
TSUGAWA: [evil chuckle] That's the best you little kids can do, isn't it? Don't worry. None of you will be lonely. That's because I'm gonna do away with all of you at the same time!
[he lifts the pipe above his head to strike them, when suddenly another bookshelf falls on top of him from behind]
ALL: We did it! It worked great!
[the camera pans back to reveal that the kids had arranged the bookshelves dominoes-style, so that the first bookshelf they pushed caused a chain reaction that eventually reached Tsugawa]
CONAN: [in voice-over] After that, we called the police to come arrest Tsugawa-kancho. At the same time, Tamada-san's body was recovered and the drugs were seized by the police. With this, the curtain came to a close on Edogawa Conan's final case!


From tv.com:

"Detective Conan" (Season 2, Episode 8) - "Library Murder Case"

After Conan was sick in bed for three days, Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko come and visit him reminding him that he has a book report that was suppose to be handed in during the time of his illness. Stopping his plans in trying to turn back to his former self, he goes with them to the library. Though when an employee (Tamada Kazuo) turns up missing, the gang decides to help find him. They stay after hours and soon discover that something's wrong.

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