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Case Study No. 2055: Unnamed Male Librarian (The Zomboids)

The Zomboids present "The Librarian"
Created for the Brattle Theatre's Trailer Smackdown 2014 in Cambridge, MA. Contestants were given the title and had to create a 2-minute-or-less faux trailer. Our entry was inspired by the early-1970s horror anthologies of Britain's Amicus Productions.

-Jason Boyar as The Librarian
-Eric Lander, Madeline Scheller, Jenna Schraut, Madeline Sweeney, and William Tran as The Victims
-Gabrielle Farulla-Bastian as the Cannibal
-John O'Dowd as The Scientist
-Vivi Valmont and Derek Moran as the Lesbian Witch Cult

Written, Produced, Designed, Shot, Directed, and Edited by Nicholas Levesque. Special thanks to the Hanson Public Library, Hanson, MA.

Featuring "Toccata and Funk in D Minor" by Walter Murphy
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["Coming soon to this theatre" appears on screen, then scene opens with a group of people walking into the public library]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Greetings, movie goers! When was the last time you were truly frightened?

New International Pictures presents
A film by The Zomboids
"The Librarian"
(c) 1973 New International Pictures All Rights Reserved

[cut to an interior shot of the library, as the people wander nervously through the stacks]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Every book in my library is unlike any other. Each tells the story of an illustrious life ... and even more incredible death!
["Five shocking tales of the macabre" appears on screen, then cut to a man clutching a book as two female zombies (dressed as flappers from the Nineteen Twenties) slowly lurch towards him]
MAN 1: Ahhh!
[cut to one of the zombies sticking a hatpin through the man's eyeball]
[cut to a man driving in his car at night]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] Though most people can wake up from their nightmares, mine are kept in ink and paper, ready to be checked out and re-lived ... forever!
[a puppet with a green skull suddenly pops up in the seat next to the man, as he screams in fright]
MAN 2: Ahhh!
[cut to a shot from the man's POV, as the camera shows the end of a dirt road and then spins around (simulating the car going over the edge)]
[cut to a woman chewing on a severed human leg, as "Cannibalism" appears on screen]
[cut to a man (dressed sort of like Doc Brown from "Back to the Future") struggling with a severed green hand that is "choking" him, as "Mad science!" appears on screen]
MAN 3: Ahhh!
[cut to a "dungeon" where two woman cackle maniacally and lick their lips while forcing a third woman to drink from a goblet of "blood", as "Lesbian witch cults!" appears on screen]
[cut to a "woman" (i.e. a man dressed as Marilyn Monroe) tied to a tree with a book, while three men in Halloween masks approach her with knives]
LIBRARIAN: [in voice over] They're the stuff that screams are made of!
[the woman screams, then cut to her POV as the three assailants slowly approach with weapons raised]
[cut back to the people in the library, as the young male librarian (top heat, exaggerated eye shadow, brown sweater, black undershirt, tie, gold necklace covered in jewels) appears before them carrying a pile of books]
LIBRARIAN: Who's next?
[cut to a shot of the librarian from the side]
LIBRARIAN: Perhaps ...
[he turns towards the camera]

"The Librarian"

Jason Boyar
Gabrielle Farulla-Bastian
Eric Lander
Derek Moran
John O'Dowd
Madeline Scheller
Jenna Schraut
Madeline Sweeney
William Tran
and featuring Vivi Vamont

Written - Produced - Directed - Shot
Nicholas Levesque

Miss Valmont's Gowns by
Party City

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