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Case Study No. 2000: Wickerbottom

Don't Starve (The Librarian)
Starts with a free tech level. Self-publishes books, can't sleep.
(The Librarian-Wickerbottom)
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[scene opens with an elderly female librarian (hair in a bun, glasses, checkered blouse, plaid skirt, clogs) passed out on the ground, when a man appears from out of the ground next to her]
MAXWELL: Say pal, you don't look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes!
[he disappears back into the ground, as the librarian stands up]
[the player checks the "Books" tab in his inventory and stops on "Birds of the World" ("Covers 1000 species: habits, habitats and calls"), then clicks "Build" to unlock it]
[the player checks the "Books" tab in his inventory and stops on "Applied Horticulture" ("On the care and feeding of plants"), then clicks "Build" to unlock it]
[the player checks the "Books" tab in his inventory and stops on "Sleepytime Stories" ("Soothing tales to send you off to dreamland. Use a science machine to build a prototype!"), then clicks "Build" to unlock it]
[the player checks the "Books" tab in his inventory and stops on "The End is Nigh!" ("The world will end in fire and tribulation! Ia! Ia!"), then clicks "Build" to unlock it]
[the player checks the "Books" tab in his inventory and stops on "On Tentacles" ("Let's learn about our subterranean friends!"), then clicks "Build" to unlock it]
[the player selects "Birds of the World", as the librarian pulls out a book and starts reading, then several birds fly on screen and land on the ground around her]
[the player selects "Applied Horticulture", as the librarian pulls out a book and starts reading]
[the player selects "The End is Nigh!", as the librarian pulls out a book and starts reading, then lightning hits the ground and sets all the birds on fire (they eventually disappear and turn into either piles of ash or cooked morsels)]
[the player selects "On Tentacles", as the librarian pulls out a book and starts reading, then giant tentacles spring out of the ground and scare away the few surviving birds]
[the player clicks on one of the cooked morsels, then selects "Eat"]
[the player checks the "Dress" tab in his inventory and stops on "Top Hat" ("The classiest hat of all"), then clicks it to put it on the librarian's head]
[the player checks the "Survival" tab in his inventory and stops on "Tent" ("Restores sanity, but costs time and hunger"), then clicks "Build Tent" to place it in the environment with the librarian]
[cut to nighttime, as there is a campfire built in front of the tent, then the player clicks "Examine Tent"]
WICKERBOTTOM: Sleeping in there would give me a stiff neck.
[the player checks the "Survival" tab in his inventory and stops on "Fur Roll" ("Sleep through the night in comfort!"), then clicks "Build Tent" to place it in the environment with the librarian]
[the player clicks "Examine Fur Roll"]
WICKERBOTTOM: I'm not sleeping on the ground.
[the player clicks "Add Fuel", as the librarian adds some firewood to the campfire]



Don't Starve is a 2013 action-adventure video game with survival and roguelike elements, developed and published by the indie company Klei Entertainment. The game was initially released via Valve's Steam software for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux on April 23, 2013. A PlayStation 4 port became available the following year and further versions for iOS and mobile phones are under consideration. Downloadable content titled Reign of Giants was released on April 30, 2014, and a multiplayer expansion called Don't Starve Together was announced in May, and is currently in open beta testing.

The game follows a scientist named Wilson who finds himself in a dark, dreary world and must survive as long as possible. Toward this end, the player must keep Wilson healthy, fed, and mentally stable as he avoids a variety of surreal and supernatural enemies that will try to kill and devour him. The game's "Adventure" mode adds depth to the sparse plot and pits Wilson against the game's antagonist, Maxwell.

Don't Starve was Klei's first foray into the survival genre. Conceived during the height of a game industry trend of dropping players into a world with few instructions and a goal of survival, the game was influenced by Minecraft, which spearheaded this trend, as well as by filmmaker Tim Burton. The game received positive reviews from critics; commended for its original art style, music, and variety of ways for the player to die, although its high level of difficulty and implementation of permanent death were less warmly received. Within the calendar year 2013, it sold over one million copies.

Don't Starve is an action-adventure game with a randomly generated open world and elements of survival and roguelike gameplay. Combat is handled by pointing and clicking with the mouse, while other activities are controlled by the keyboard, or using the inbuilt gamepad support to play using a controller, giving it a console-like gameplay feel. The goal is to survive as long as possible, with a count of the number of days the player has survived shown onscreen. The game keeps few records of player progress besides the total number of experience points and the playable characters unlocked. Wilson is the main playable character, but the first character, Willow, can be unlocked with 160 experience points—the player earns 20 each in-game day and receives them after dying—while Woodie, the last, requires the game's limit of 1,600. As is common among roguelikes, death is permanent, barring the use of several rare and difficult to acquire items, like the Meat Effigy, Touch Stone, and Life Giving Amulet. The game relies on a day/night cycle that causes meaningful fluctuations in gameplay style. During the day, the player spends most of their time exploring the world; gathering food, firewood, and other items; discovering "recipes" to combine available items; and avoiding enemies. With nightfall comes dangerous monsters as well as an invisible menace (Charlie) which attacks you when you cannot see. A player must either have a nearby light source or must have some sort of night vision to prevent the night monster from attacking. Crafting, which uses recipes, allows the player to create weapons like axes and shelters. All characters, with the exception of Wigfrid from the Reign of Giants downloadable content, who can only eat meat, are able to gather and farm plants as well as hunt animals for sustenance. Food can spoil, however, so the player cannot keep it for too long. Eating spoiled food results in loss of health, sanity, and an increase in hunger. Each in-game day takes 8 minutes of real time.

Death can occur in a variety of ways. The player has three gauges displayed on the game's heads-up display, which respectively track hunger, health, and sanity. Hunger worsens by default, being replenished with food. Sanity decreases during the dusk and night, or as a result of certain unpleasant actions, such as robbing graves or being in complete darkness; it can be replenished through mentally stimulating activities, such as sleeping, picking flowers, and wearing "dapper" clothing. When hunger gets too low, it begins to chip away at health, which will eventually result in the player's death. A large variety of creatures can attack the player, including giant one-eyed birds, tree monsters, tentacles whose owners are not shown, and even small, weak frogs that will nonetheless try to accost the player and steal from them. Additionally, at low enough sanity, figments of the character's imagination become corporeal and able to attack the player. Some creatures, such as pig-like creatures often found in tribes, begin as neutral to the player, but the player's actions may lead them to be allies or hostile foes.

The game's bulk occurs in Sandbox Mode, but there is a second mode, Adventure, which the player can access by finding a landmark called "Maxwell's Door." Adventure serves as the game's campaign, and consists of five levels that pit the player against Maxwell, the antagonist of Don't Starve. The player loses all items and recipes upon entering, and can only pick four to keep upon completion of each chapter. Death or completion of all five chapters results in being returned intact to Sandbox Mode.

Wilson, a gentleman scientist, is the protagonist of Don't Starve. While Wilson has no special abilities beyond growth of "a magnificent beard", other playable characters do; a few examples follow. Willow, a firestarter, is immune to fire damage and will light objects on fire when she has a low sanity level. A girl named Wendy receives visits from her deceased twin sister Abigail when summoned. A strongman named Wolfgang has higher health and offensive capabilities and starves faster. WX78 is an android who nonetheless needs to eat, sleep, and stay mentally stimulated, but does not become ill from spoiled food.

The game's antagonist is named Maxwell. Maxwell is described as a puppet master who is "dapper" and "frail" in stature. He is part-demon and transforms incrementally as his anger at the player increases over the five chapters of Adventure. He is the final unlockable character, obtained after completion of the story rather than with experience points.

As the game itself opens with Maxwell snidely informing the player of their gaunt appearance and includes little further story, the game's setup is told through its trailer. On a dark and stormy night, Wilson appears to be getting nowhere in a chemistry experiment until he is startled by his radio speaking to him. It reveals that it has noticed his trouble and has "secret knowledge" for him. When he eagerly agrees, a flurry of equations and diagrams encircle him and fill his head with this information. Using white rats, a typewriter, and his own blood, among other tools and materials, Wilson creates a giant machine. The radio commends his work and tells him to pull the machine's switch. He hesitates, but at the radio's insistence, he does it; the machine rattles violently and a pair of ghostly arms whisk him into a different world while an apparition of Maxwell cackles.

As the player wakes up each morning during the Adventure mode, Maxwell appears over them and comments. At first he seems impressed at the player's hardiness; he then becomes irritated and urges the player to turn back. He offers the player a truce but then becomes completely enraged.

At the end of Adventure, the player reaches an island called Maxwell's Island with a hall belonging to Maxwell on it. The player finds Maxwell trapped in a throne encircled by short stone pillars. The player is at first unable to free him, but finds a keyhole, as well as a key nearby. The player sets Maxwell free, but he turns into a skeleton and disintegrates as soon as he stands up. The ghostly arms from the trailer then grab the player and ensnare them in the throne. An epilogue implies that the player will take on a villainous role similar to Maxwell's using newfound powers given by the throne, but will nonetheless be trapped forever.



Wickerbottom is the fifth available Character, unlocked at 1280 Experience. She is an old librarian and an author (and apparently a publisher too), and she is really smart, being able to identify many different types of fauna and flora by their scientific names.

Wickerbottom starts the game with 2 Papyrus in her inventory and due to her vast knowledge she is able to craft Science Items with a lower tier Crafting Station than other characters. Being a publisher, she is able to craft Books that give different effects when read. She also has 250 maximum Sanity. Wickerbottom also suffers from Insomnia and should only eat fresh Food due to her old age.

Nickname: The Librarian
Motto: "Shhhh! No talking!"
Perk: Knows many things | Self publishes books | Can't sleep, hates food spoilage
Health: 150
Hunger: 150
Sanity: 250

Special Power
Wickerbottom's Special Power is a crafting tab called "Books". This gives her the ability to craft 5 different magical Books with Papyrus and other different ingredients that she can read for beneficial effects at the cost of a lot of Sanity.

The Books that she can craft are :

* Birds of the World - When read, this Book will summon 20-30 Birds in a circle around Wickerbottom.
* Applied Horticulture - When read, most Plants and Farms around Wickerbottom will advance to the next stage of their growth.
* Sleepytime Stories - When read, this book acts the same as a Pan Flute putting all nearby Mobs to sleep.
* On Tentacles - When read, this book will summon 3 Tentacles at random locations nearby Wickerbottom.
* The End is Nigh - When read, this book will summon 16 Lightning strikes at random locations near Wickerbottom.

The Books can be read a maximum of 5 times each and drain 33 or 50 Sanity with each reading session. This is somewhat offset by Wickerbottom's higher maximum Sanity, but eventually some Sanity restoring means will be required for continued usage of the Books. Making a Top Hat and eating Cooked Green Mushrooms is highly recommended during the early stages, as well as going after the Tam o' Shanter in Winter for later stages.

Wickerbottom can make all Science Machine recipes without having to build the Science Machine, but does not gain the 15 Sanity per prototype for those since she already knows them at the start of the game. The rest of the recipes can be prototyped with a Science Machine even though they would normally require an Alchemy Engine. Therefore, only a Science Machine is needed to unlock all Science recipes for prototyping. This does not apply to Magic research machines though. As of the Strange New Powers update, she requires a Shadow Manipulator in order to prototype the "On Tentacles" book.

Wickerbottom lacks the ability to sleep in a Tent, Bed Roll, or Fur Roll (or Siesta Lean-to in the Reign of Giants (RoG) DLC) due to her being an insomniac. This means that crafting those items would be a waste of resources and the player will need other means to restore Sanity.

She also hates spoiled and/or raw food, causing her sanity to suffer greatly.

* During the early days, it is advised to craft a Backpack and Shovel as soon as possible to start storing dug Grass Tufts, Saplings and Berry Bushes for the player's future base, saving them the time to go back and acquire these items.
* Cooked Green Mushrooms are a cheap way to restore Sanity early on when dapper clothing is not available. Later on, making Taffy is the best way to restore Sanity quickly. Make it using 3 Honey and 1 Twig for the most efficient recipe.
* Thanks to the Applied Horticulture Book, Wickerbottom can mass-produce Dragon Fruits to make Dragonpies as her main source of sustenance. It is also advised to plant resources around a central point as to be able to grow all the Plants with one reading session.
* If the player has planted a Meat Bulb, they can carefully place hard Turfs (see Eyeplant) around it in a way that all the summoned Eyeplants around the Bulb form a circle that can match the circle of summoned Birds from Birds of the World. This way when Wickerbottom reads the Book next to the Meat Bulb, the spawning Birds will get eaten by the Eyeplants. At this point, the player can quickly kill the Meat Bulb to get its loot. Alternatively, the player can use The End is Nigh or Sleepytime Stories. The Lightning from The End is Nigh will hit most of the Birds, resulting in many Cooked Morsels. If instead the player needs Feathers, reading Sleepytime Stories will put all the Birds to sleep, making them open to melee attacks. Note killing Birds in this manner can summon Krampus.
* On Tentacles can provide a replacement for Tooth Trap fields, as long as the player takes care when collecting the loot. It can also be used to provide a "kill zone" of sorts around points of interest like Spider Dens or Walrus Camps for easy loot.
* If the player can find the Reed Field Trap Set Piece and dispatch the Tentacles, it is possible to make the Blow Dart Wickerbottom's main weapon through the use of Applied Horticulture and Birds of the World (in Winter).
* The Lightning from The End is Nigh can be used to deal some bonus damage to Boss Monsters or deal with lesser monsters that are not worth engaging otherwise. It should be noted that Lightning Rods will absorb all the Lightning and using it near valuable flammable objects is not advisable.

* Wickerbottom is sounded by an oboe.
* It is confirmed that "Wickerbottom" is her last name. Her first name remains unknown, however (Her first name was jokingly stated to be "Librarian" in the February 12th dev livestream).
* Wickerbottom's eyes are shut by default, but open sometimes, like when she exits a Worm Hole or is low on Sanity.
* She is the most literate of the Don't Starve Characters and always refers to animals by their scientific names. The only exceptions to this are the creatures that are completely unknown to her. This can provide information as to what animals/creatures in the Don't Starve universe exist in her homeworld.
* Wickerbottom is still able to be knocked out by cooking a Mandrake or consuming a Cooked Mandrake.
* Wickerbottom has a skull.
* Wickerbottom's previous perk, before the Strange New Powers update, was to be able to prototype one tier higher than the other characters.
* Wickerbottom's favorite food is Fishsticks, judging from her examination quotes.
* When struck by Lightning in the Reign of Giants DLC, Wickerbottom, like most other characters, is shown to have bones in her hair. In addition to this, she also has bones in her skirt and shoes.

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