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Case Study No. 2027: Unnamed Male Librarian (Apple PowerBook)

Apple PowerBook ad - Library (1993)
Aired June 26, 1993. Variant of the commercial with different dialog and product image at the end.
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[scene opens in an academic library, as two students are sitting in front of a laptop, mumbling in frustration while reading from the screen under their breath]
PATRON 1: "Contains too many characters, or characters that"--
[the male student shakes his head]
PATRON 2: Wrong!
[the female student snaps at him]
PATRON 1: I have not done anything wrong!
[cut to other patrons in the library turning and shushing them, then back to the two students as they leaf through a large owner's manual]
PATRON 2: "C colon backslash windows" ...
[cut to more patrons staring at the two students and shushing them (including another male student sitting nearby, who turns and gives them a nasty look)]
PATRON 3: Hey, do you mind?
[cut to the two students sighing in frustration, then an elderly male librarian (bald, glasses, dark suit and tie) walks up behind them]
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] What seems to be the problem here?
[the male student sighs and motions towards the laptop with disdain]
PATRON 2: Sir, do you know anything about computers?
LIBRARIAN: Well, I do know one thing ... I wish you had one of those.
[he points off camera, then the camera pans over to another female student sitting alone and typing on her Apple PowerBook while smiling]
ANNOUNCER: If you want a computer that's easy to use, there's still only one way to go.
[the scene fades to black, then cut to a shot of the PowerBook open on the table (with no one around) and the Apple logo]

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