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Case Study No. 2043: "Librarians, a Research Song"

Librarians: A Research Song

So I had to write a research paper for a class, and I chose to do librarians. And the rest should be explained in the song.

The idea for the "Topic!" part comes from my friend, who when told I was writing a song about librarians, immediately said, "So you're gonna be like 'topic dadadadadada'."

Also: it is very hard to rhyme big long lists of non-rhyming words. You should be proud I made the effort.
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I had no idea we'd be presenting
I had no inkling it was in anyone's plan
So I decided to write (quickly)
A song about librarians

And it goes like
Topic (dadadadadada)
Topic (dadadadadada)
Topic (dadadadadada)
Now let's actually get on topic

Librarians are people who
Went to ALA-accredited schools
And they got their master's degree
In the science of libraries

The ALA is the American Library Association
They're spread out all across the nation
According to the ALA, librarians are professionals
Who organize and preserve information and knowledge
They also provide library and information services
And last, but not least, deliver information products

Topic (dadadadadada)
Topic (dadadadadada)
Topic (dadadadadada)
Now let's actually get on topic

Librarians typically help patrons find the information they need
They read book reviews and catalogs to see what is available
They train and direct library staff
And index databases of materials
They organize books to make them easy to find
The plan programs like children's story time
They choose new books and materials
And plan the library budget
I know it seems like a lot, but it's their job to do it

Topic (dadadadadada)
Topic (dadadadadada)
Topic (dadadadadada)
Now let's actually get on topic

There are four typical types of librarian
School, public, academic, and special
Specialized librarians can work anywhere with information
Like universities, law firms, museums, and even hospitals

The three most common types of nonspecialized librarians
Are user, technology, and administrative services
User services librarians are the ones you see the most
They help patrons with library resources and check out books
Technology services librarians work mostly behind the scenes
They get, prepare, and classify all those new materials
Admin services librarians manage the library
They hire and supervise staff
Negotiate contracts for more materials
And sometimes conduct library fundraisers

Topic (dadadadadada)
Topic (dadadadadada)
Topic (dadadadadada)
Now let's actually get on topic

Did you know that there are such jobs as music librarians
They are, as you might have guessed, a type of special librarian
They're basically just librarians that archive music more often than books
Music librarians can work at
Academic libraries, radio and TV stations
Music publishers and dealers, music archives
And even bands and orchestras
Many of these music librarians
Also have a part-time career as a performer
Seems like a good fit for me
I mean, come on
I wrote a research song

So topic (dadadadadada)
Topic (dadadadadada)
Topic (dadadadadada)
I hope you learned something from this song

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