Monday, June 15, 2015

Case Study No. 2025: Vancouver Public Librarian

Librarian Love
A story of a love struck librarian set on a journey to return an important item forgotten by his pursuee.
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[scene opens with a young woman walking into the Vancouver Public Library, holding a single rose]
[cut to a young male librarian (brown hair, beard, glasses, blue shirt, brown pants) at the front desk, putting down his copy of Suzanne Trocme's "Attention to Detail" in order to stare at the woman as she walks past]
[cut to the woman sitting at a nearby table, putting down the rose as she starts to read Jane Green's "Babyville"]
[cut back to the librarian (reading his book and smiling), as a male patron places some books on the desk in front of him (the librarian barely even looks up) and walks away]
[cut back to the woman, as she puts down the book, then takes out her phone and gets up to leave (with the rose still on the table)]
[cut to the librarian reshelving some books, when he stops and looks at the rose on the table]
[cut to a closeup of the rose, as the librarian comes into frame and picks it up]
[cut to another shot of the librarian, as he looks around before taking both the book and the rose ... he starts to leave, but stops to place the book back on a nearby shelf (as the male patron watches him leave)]
[cut to an exterior shot of the library, as the woman (still talking on the phone) exits ... followed soon after by the librarian]
[cut to the woman walking down a flight of stairs, as the librarian runs after her]
[cut to the woman walking through a park, as the librarian continues to chase after her]
[cut to the woman (seemingly still oblivious that she's being followed) stopping on a small stone bridge, looking out over the water]
[cut to the librarian, who (looking down at the rose) takes a deep breath before slowly approaching her]
[cut to the librarian walking up to the woman and sheepishly handing her the rose]
[the woman smiles, as the librarian looks down and scratches his ear in a bashful fashion ... then looks up just in time to see another woman approach]
[as the librarian looks on, the object of his desire hands the rose to the new woman and kisses her]
[cut to a shot of the two women walking away, hand in hand]
[cut back to the librarian, who slumps against the bridge and hangs his head in defeat ... before the male patron appears in the distance, looking at the librarian and raising his eyebrows seductively]
[the librarian looks at the patron, then pauses ... before smiling and rubbing his chin in contemplation (as romantic music swells in the background)]

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