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Case Study No. 2018: Dr. Rosamund Hall

Storm Of Shadows Christina Dodd Book Trailer
Brilliant but predictable and proper Rosamund Hill has lived her life buried in universities and libraries, discounting the legend of the Chosen as a myth. Until Aaron Eagle shows up at her door. Aaron both unsettles and enthralls her. But she can't resist his irresistible offers of clandestine visits to private museums, the hunt for a mysterious prophecy, or a makeover that unleashes her untamed soul. With the promise of a love that will defy fate itself, Rosamund is forced to confront the truth about the Chosen and the man who sweeps her into a dangerous world of dark secrets. Storm Of Shadows Christina Dodd Book Trailer Find out more about this author here
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The light and the dark are at war

Rosamund Hill studies prophecies, but doesn't believe in myths

Aaron Eagle is one of The Chosen

Forged from a legend, raised in the wild

Fate and war has put them together

On a dangerous path from The Others, and into the Storm of Shadows

Are you one of The Chosen?

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Storm of Shadows (Chosen Ones Series #2)
by Christina Dodd

Aaron Eagle has used his paranormal skill of becoming a mist as a thief. However, now he is one of the Chosen so he feels a strong sense of purpose to use his gift to help fulfill the prophecy and as a form of redemption. While his Chosen teammates remains stunned with the destruction of their base (see STORM OF VISION), he seeks his soulmate to help him on the quest.

Antiquities librarian Rosamund Hall is a pragmatist like her dad; she scoffs at her late mom's belief in the legend of the Chosen Ones. Her belief system is devastated with a knock on her door. Aaron has come for his Rosamund, who struggles with believing he wants her and trying to accept that her mom was right. However Aaron has competition for Rosamund, who cannot believe two hunks want her.

STORM OF SHADOW is a fabulous Chosen Ones urban romantic fantasy that follows up from the first entry, STORM OF VISION; thus that book should be read first to fill in the background. The relationship between the librarian and the former thief is terrific, but it is the battle and fears of failure; their mentors understand sending an inexperienced team into combat in which danger is everywhere and betrayal is the norm can get them killed; while the key seventh Chosen has not been found and the records destroyed that make this work a stupendous thriller.



"Hello?" Aaron called into the depths of the library basement. "Dr. Hall? It's Aaron Eagle."

"Back here!" A voice floated over and through the shelves. A woman's voice.

They must have finally dug up the funding to get Dr. Hall an assistant. Good thing. The old guy could croak down here and no one would notice for days. Aaron walked back to the work area where manuscripts, scrolls and a stone tablet covered the tables.

A girl leaned over the tablet, brush in hand, studying it. "Put it on the table over there." She waved vaguely toward the corner.

Aaron glanced over at the table piled with Styrofoam containers and fast food bags. He looked back at the girl.

Her skin was creamy and fine-grained, a good thing, since she did not wear a single drop of make-up. She was perhaps a little skinny, but with what she was wearing, who could tell? Her dress drooped where it should fit and hung unevenly at the hem. She had latex gloves over her hands -- nothing killed a man's interest like latex gloves -- and she wore brown leather clogs. Birkenstocks. As the crowning touch, she wore plastic rimmed tortoise shell glasses that looked like an extension of the frizzy carrot red hair trapped at the back of her neck.

Yet for all that she was not in any way attractive, she paid him no heed. "Who do you think I am?" he asked.

"Lunch. Or" -- her glasses had slid down her nose -- "did I miss lunch? Is it time for dinner already? What time is it?"

"It's three."

"Rats. I did miss lunch." Lifting her head, she looked at him.

He did a double take violent enough to give him whiplash.

Beneath the glasses, dense, dark lashes surrounded the biggest, most emphatically violet eyes he'd ever seen.

Like a newly wakened owl, she blinked at him. "Who are you?"

"I'm. Aaron. Eagle." He emphasized each word. "Who are you?"

"I'm Dr. Rosamund Hall."

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