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Case Study No. 2011: Xenia

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[scene is comprised of a woman (wearing leather and holding a riding crop) gyrating with a half-naked blindfolded man on stage, as Xenia watches from the audience]


From imdb.com:

The Dangerous Sex Date (2001)
"Amorestremo" (original title)

96 min - Thriller - 23 November 2001 (Italy)

University librarian Xenia (Stefania Bonafede) schedules a S&M blind date with the masochist Ghost (Davide Devenuto) to satisfy her fantasies and sexual desires. They spend the night in his apartment having kinky sex and on the next morning Ghost is dead with slashed throat. Xenia cleans her evidences and leaves the place, but Ghost's friend Silver (Rocco Siffredi) investigates the murder of Ghost and finds her files in a CD. Later he discloses that sergeant Ghost was investigating the site SexServices. Silver contacts Xenia and they meet each other, when he finally discloses who the killer is.


From wikipedia.org:

"Amorestremo" is a 2001 Italian film directed by Maria Martinelli, based on the novel "Schiavo e padrona" ("Slave and Mistress") by Claudia Salvatori. The film is considered to be a "Red Light" thriller, given the numerous scenes of nudity and sex, as well as the presence of the famous porn actor Rocco Siffredi as the protagonist.

Ghost, a masochistic policeman, and Xenia, a sadistic librarian, are enrolled in a dating web site. The two, eager to experience extreme sexual pleasures, go online and set a meeting during which they live out all their fantasies. Upon awakening from the night of passion, Xenia sees Ghost as she had left him (still naked and tied to a beam), except the man is now dead. Xenia, unable to remember what happened, tries to flee to avoid being blamed for the murder but was tracked down by Silver, the best friend of Ghost who wants to find the person responsible. The two, moving into the dark world of erotic perversions, agree to cooperate to bring to justice the murderess.


From zavvi.com:

Starring Italian Porn sensation Rocco Siffredi as a man with a deadly attraction to a young beautiful librarian. When she answers to an S&M add in an illicit newspaper, her life changes forever. She soon assumes a new identity and her desire for new and exciting sex becomes more and more dangerous with each encounter.

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