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Case Study No. 2032: Staff of Unnamed Library (Curious George)

Curious George - Book Monkey English
Curious George is the protagonist of a series of popular children's books by the same name, written by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey. The books feature a curious brown monkey named George, who is brought from his home in Africa by "The Man with The Yellow Hat" to live with him in a big city.
When the first story, Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys was published in France in 1939, George was named Fifi.[1] In the United Kingdom, George was originally called "Zozo" in 1941, apparently to avoid using the name of the then King George VI for a monkey.[1] Books featuring the adventures of Curious George have been translated from the original French into many other languages in addition to English. The books are popular worldwide.

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[scene opens with George and the Man with the Yellow Hat (both carrying books) walking up the steps of the public library]
NARRATOR: Saturday was a day when monkeys and men with yellow hats return books and get new ones.
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: A whole building full of books! What could be better than that, huh George?
[the monkey grunts in approval, then cut to inside the gigantic library (filled with row after row of bookshelves)]
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: Are you excited to get a new book, George?
[the monkey gets a sad look on his face, then stares at the book in his hands (featuring a horse wearing an astronaut suit on the cover)]
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: "Adventurous Henry" is one of my favorites, too ... Maybe you should check it out again.
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: It's called renewing a book ... People do it all the time!
[he suddenly gets excited and runs off]
NARRATOR: George was thrilled, because the man with the yellow hat had only read the book to him ... eighteen times.
[he runs after the monkey, as they enter the children's room, then stop in front of a desk covered in piles of books]
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: That's strange, I don't see the librarian.
[he looks around]
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: Misses Dewey? Huh ...
[the female librarian (short red hair, yellow earrings, blue sweater, yellow blouse) suddenly pushes aside two piles of books to reveal her presence]
MRS. DEWEY: I'm right here!
[George gives a happy grunt, and she waves to him]
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: Oh, there you are!
MRS. DEWEY: Sorry for the mess, my work keeps stacking up!
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: Uh, George would like to renew a book, please.
[George grunts and nods, as the librarian takes out her scanner and waves it over the book before handing it back]
MRS. DEWEY: I sure wish I had someone to help out today ...
[George looks over at a cart filled with books, then climbs up on the desk and begins chattering excitedly (while grabbing and holding up another book like a pizza box)]
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: Something tells me George is available!
MRS. DEWEY: That's stupendous! Thank you, George!
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: George, I have some research to do. Will you be alright here by yourself?
[George smiles and nods]
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: Well then, I'll be back in a few hours ... Be a good little monkey librarian!
[he leaves, as George waves goodbye]
MRS. DEWEY: Okay, George ...
[she steps in the back, then returns with what appears to be a garbage bin filled with boxes]
MRS. DEWEY: Would you mind going through this pile and separating out the DVDs?
[as the librarian attends to the overflowing bookcart, George begins taking the DVDs out of the bin (using both his hands and feet)]
NARRATOR: George soon discovered that he was a super fast movie grabber!
[cut to George using the barcode scanner on a pile of books (using his feet to sort the books once he's done scanning)]
NARRATOR: And a super fast book scanner!
[cut to George sharpening three pencils at a time (using both hands and one foot)]
NARRATOR: And a super fast pencil sharpener!
[cut to the librarian shelving books, when a chime sounds over the PA system]
MALE VOICE: [from off camera] Misses Dewey! Please report to the main library immediately! Five book clubs have arrived, all at once!
MRS. DEWEY: Oh dear!
[she runs over to George]
MRS. DEWEY: I'll be back as soon as I can, George ... Until then, it looks like you're in charge.
[she pats him on the head]
MRS. DEWEY: You're a terrific helper!
[she runs out of the room, then George waits a beat before turning to the camera and throwing up his arms in delight]
NARRATOR: George was in charge of a library!
[George gets a worried look on his face]
NARRATOR: Hmm, George wondered if he should put the rest of the books away.
[he smiles, then starts grabbing books off the cart and starts randomly putting them on the shelves]
NARRATOR: That seemed like something a monkey in charge would do ...
[cut to a shot of the now-empty cart, as George puts his hands on his hips and smiles]
NARRATOR: George had put the books away in record time!
[cut to later in the day (when the room is filled with kids reading books), while George happily hums to himself at the desk while reading his own book]
NARRATOR: This librarian stuff was easy!
[a man walks up to the desk]
DOORMAN: Hi, George! Where's the librarian?
[George smiles and points to himself]
DOORMAN: Oh, I see! Can you help me find Hundley's favorite book? It's called "Dachshunds and Dandelions."
[they walk over to one of the shelves]
DOORMAN: It's a small, yellow book ... It's usually on this shelf.
NARRATOR: A yellow book?
[George smiles]
CURIOUS GEORGE: Uh huh! Uh huh!
NARRATOR: No problem! George was very familiar with that color.
[he checks the shelf, then pulls out a yellow book]
[the man looks at the book and frowns]
DOORMAN: Nope, not it.
[he moves on to another shelf, then pulls out two yellow books and runs back to the man]
DOORMAN: Nope ... and nope.
[George gets a confused look on his face (dropping both books on the ground), then starts looking around the room]
NARRATOR: There were a lot of yellow books.
[he goes to another shelf and returns to the man with four yellow books (one in each hand, one in his right foot, one balanced on his head)]
DOORMAN: No, no, no ... That's it!
[he takes the book in his foot]
DOORMAN: "Dachshunds and Dandelions!"
[he shows George the cover (with a picture of a dog next to a dandelion)]
DOORMAN: Thanks, George! I'll check this out in the main library ... Goodbye!
[he leaves, and George waves goodbye]
[he drops the remaining three books on the floor, then paces around the room]
NARRATOR: Finding books was hard.
NARRATOR: But George had an idea!
[he begins taking books off the shelf, then placing them on the floor]
NARRATOR: If books were sorted by color, they'd be much easier to find!
[he looks at the three books he pulled (one blue, one red, one yellow)]
[he begins pulling more books and placing them on their respective piles (smiling to himself), then cut to George standing on the desk and surveying his work (as the camera pans around to show all red books in one shelf, all green books in another, and so on)]
NARRATOR: It took a lot of work, but the library was fixed! It would be easy for people to find books now!
[satisfied, George sits down behind the desk ... until he notices another man wandering around the room, mumbling to himself]
CHEF PISGHETTI: Where did it go? Hmm ... hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm!
[he leans up against the desk]
CHEF PISGHETTI: Ah, Georgio, Georgio ... You know, I can't find a book.
CHEF PISGHETTI: Yeah, it's Gnocchi's favorite book, too ... It's called "Mice Everywhere!"
[he runs over to the shelf with all the red books]
NARRATOR: No problem! George just had to find out what color it was.
[he points at one of the books]
[he then runs over to the shelf with yellow books, and points at those]
[George keeps pointing at the books and smiling, until the man catches on]
CHEF PISGHETTI: are you asking me what color the book is?
[George nods]
CHEF PISGHETTI: Well, I don't know! But I do know one thing ... It's very, very, very, very big!
NARRATOR: Big is not a color.
[he runs off to a shelf full of oversized books, then pulls one out]
CHEF PISGHETTI: Uh ... no, it's bigger than that.
[he drops the book, then pulls out another one]
CHEF PISGHETTI: Uh, no. Bigger still!
[he runs back, then returns dragging an even larger book (with a white mouse on the cover) behind him ... he tries to life it over his head, but it falls on top of him]
[the man picks up the book]
[the man laughs]
CHEF PISGHETTI: Oh, thank you, Georgio! You know, I got to get some cookbooks too, so I'll check this out up front. Bye-bye, little buddy!
[a nearby girl reading looks over and clears her throat, so he lowers his voice]
CHEF PISGHETTI: [whispers] I mean ... Bye-bye, little buddy.
[he leaves, as George (still on the floor) weakly waves goodbye]
NARRATOR: Hmm, organizing books by color didn't seem to work.
[he gets up and looks around the room]
NARRATOR: Maybe they should be organized by size, instead.
[he smiles and begins pulling books off the shelf, then cut to George (looking tired) placing a large red book on one of the shelves]
[the camera pans around the room to show off George's new filing system]
NARRATOR: Little books, medium books, big books, humongous books!
[cut to George with a satisfied look on his face]
NARRATOR: George had fixed the library ... again.
[he suddenly looks very tired, so he lies down on some pillows]
[he immediatly falls asleep, snoring very loudly]
STEVE: [from off camera] Ah, George! What happened?
[he opens one eye, as a young boy is standing over him]
STEVE: The books are all messed up!
STEVE: C'mere, I-I'll show you!
[he slowly gets up and follows the boy to the bookshelf with a rocket ship painted on it]
STEVE: This is where all the outer space books are supposed to be, but instead you've got ...
[he pulls out a book with a white rabbit on the cover]
STEVE: Uh, bunny books?
[he pulls more books from the shelf]
STEVE: Train books? Bug books? Pink pony books?
[he groans]
STEVE: Where are all the outer space books?
[George goes to another shelf and points]
NARRATOR: George tried to explain to Steve how he had organized all the books.
[George smiles and runs around to the different shelves, holding out his hands to simulate the size of the books]
STEVE: Did you arrange all the books by size?
STEVE: That's amazing!
[he smiles, but then scratches his head]
STEVE: But I don't think that's the way libraries work ...
[George sighs in frustration, then flops down on the floor]
STEVE: See, outer space books are supposed to go on this shelf ...
[he walks over and points to the bookshelf with a stegosaurus painted on it]
STEVE: And books about dinosaurs go on that shelf. And all the other books ...
[he pauses, then shakes his head]
STEVE: Uh, I don't know where they go.
NARRATOR: George wondered ...
[he looks up at a styrofoam planet hanging from the ceiling, and smiles]
NARRATOR: If outer space books all go together, and dinosaur books all go together ...
[he picks up the books about trains, then runs over to the shelf with a train painted on it]
NARRATOR: Well, then maybe train books go with other train books, no matter what size or color they are!
STEVE: Yeah, train books probably go together!
STEVE: Hey, I get it! Maybe all the books are organized by subject ... cool!
[the monkey smiles, but then gets a worried look on his face as he looks around the room]
STEVE: Yeah, you've got a lot of rearranging to do ... but don't worry, I'll help!
[cut to the two reshelving books, as they step back and admire their handiwork]
STEVE: We did it! The books are back in the right order!
[they high five]
STEVE: Great job, you ... hairy librarian!
[he pats the monkey on the head, and George laughs]
MRS. DEWEY: [from off camera] I'm back, George!
[the librarian enters the room]
MRS. DEWEY: My, it looks neat as a pin in here!
STEVE: All the books are back where they should be, on the shelves according to their subject ... uh, right?
MRS. DEWEY: Well, mostly right.
[she smiles, then walks over to one of the shelves and begins moving the books around]
MRS. DEWEY: Books are typically arranged by subject, then by author alphabetically.
CURIOUS GEORGE: Oh ... uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh!
MRS. DEWEY: Except storybooks. They go together by author.
MRS. DEWEY: I'm sure I can put things right in no time.
STEVE: Great!
CURIOUS GEORGE: Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh!
[cut to George and the Man with the Yellow Hat walking out of the library (carrying more books with them)]
MAN WITH YELLOW HAT: Sounds like you did a great job, George ... Hey, maybe you'd like to help out at the library every Saturday!
[he shakes his head]
CURIOUS GEORGE: Nuh uh, nuh uh ...
NARRATOR: Helping Misses Dewey was fun, but exhausting!
MRS. DEWEY: [from off camera] Yoo hoo, George!
[the librarian runs over and hands him a book]
MRS. DEWEY: You forgot your book!
[he grunts happily, then waves goodbye]
NARRATOR: On the other hand, only a librarian would give you "Adventurous Henry" for another two weeks ... What could be better than that?
[he hugs the book, as the screen fades to black]



Curious George: Season 5, Episode 4
Downhill Racer/Book Monkey (21 Feb. 2011)

When George hears about the annual soapbox derby, he enlists Allie to help him make the coolest car a monkey could drive. / George loves books and helping others, so volunteering to help the librarian is a no-brainer!


Frank Welker ... George (voice)
Jeff Bennett ... Man with Yellow Hat (voice)
Pat Musick ... Mrs. Dewey (voice)

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