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Case Study No. 2038: Unnamed Male Librarian (Ben Lerman)

The Librarian
The Librarian

Ben Lerman

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Ben Lerman sings hilarious and catchy songs about love, pirates, Amish fashion, sex, and a violent bus ride in the Bronx. If Bo Burnham and Cam from "Modern Family" had a lovechild, it'd be this guy.

Ben Lerman plays colleges, clubs and festivals across the country. He's a popular guest on radio and podcast shows like The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius XM and the Keith & the Girl Podcast, and he has appeared on Logo TV and Here TV. His debut music video was featured on Comedy Central's and Logo TV. Ben was nominated for an Excellence in Comedy in New York Award for Best Musical Comedy Act in 2011. Ben's 10-piece jazz band, the Titanics, is currently in residence at NYC's Ace Hotel, playing jazz interpretations of Nicki Menaj, LMFAO, and other dancehall hits. Ben's debut CD and EP ("Ukelear Winter" + "Size Matters") are bundled together and available for purchase on iTunes and Additionally, Ben writes, produces and hosts a live version of the classic 70s TV game show "Match Game" for special events around NYC.



The Librarian

Written By: Ben Lerman

Didn't know where to find love
Where could it be?
So I conducted a survey informally
I asked a random sample
For love where should I look?
The most popular answer
Was in a romance book
Down at the library
That's where I learned about
But it was not a Harlequin
That I had to check out

I'm in love with the librarian
Because he's very literary
I'm in love with the librarian
Yes indeed
I feel the need... the need to read

I love his sensible shirts
And his messy hair
Even his nerd alert glasses
Are black and square
I knew that it was magic
Before we ever kissed
By the titles on his
Recommended summer reading list
For such a quiet person
He's hyper sexual
Is it getting hot in here
Or intellectual?

I'm in love with the librarian
Because he's gentle
And reading is fundamental
I'm in love with the librarian
When I'm noisy
Only he can quiet me

When we're apart, lord I miss him
And his Dewey Decimal System
Wanna put our love to the test
Uderneath the reference desk
He knows the right sensation
To increase my circulation
We'll make the beast with two backs
Getting down in the stacks...

I'm in love with the librarian
He's very literary
Now I'm in love with the librarian
Oh yes indeed
I feel the need... to read


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