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Case Study No. 2050: Unnamed Male Librarian (SHKAA887)

The Librarian
"A librarian has finally found his dream job; tending to books in an endless library. Here he can find peace while he works, and his first task is to alphabetise the entire library. However, he has encountered a problem –the shelves are full."

This is our group project that we spent around 4 months on at the NCCA. We had plenty of issues along the way, and this was definitely a steep learning curve for everyone involved. In the end we used an awful rig, but we managed to come up with some pretty solid animation considering how poor the rigging was!

The piece definitely evolved from the original concept, but a lot of these changes were for the better in my opinion. Next time a piece that focuses less on narrative and is perhaps more experimental would be a better option - more room to breathe with something like that, plus less pressure on storytelling in such a short amount of time.

It was great fun to make and I'm so proud of everyone who contributed, hope you like it!

*** CREDITS ***
Director, Shading, Lighting, Rendering, Pipeline, Compositing


Texturing, Modelling, Animation, Pre-Production

Pre-Production, Modelling, Texturing

Pre-Production, Modelling, Texturing, Sound Design

Music is "I Don't Mean a Song" by Sorohanro - (new
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[scene opens with an overhead shot of a young male librarian (brown hair, blue sweater, white undershirt, blue jeans) pushing a bookcart through a giant library, as "The Librarian" appears on screen]
[cut to a shot of the librarian as he stops and picks up one of the books on his cart]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's arm as he checks his watch]
[cut to another shot of the libarian checking his watch (as he casually tosses the book up in the air with his other hand), then suddenly reacting as if he's just realized what time it is]
[he runs off camera, then cut to the librarian balancing two gigantic piles of books (one in each hand)]
[cut to the librarian on a ladder, as he takes a pile of books and just tosses them at the shelves (with each volume miraculously landing in an open spot)]
[cut to the librarian looking through another empty slot in one of the shelves, as he smiles and places a book there]
[cut to the librarian breathing a sigh of relief as he checks his watch again, then the camera pans out to show the gigantic library filled with bookshelves]
[cut back to the librarian as he smiles and starts to walk confidently back to his cart, when he nearly trips over a book lying on the floor]
[he picks up the book and looks at the cover, then throws his head back and rolls his eyes]
[cut to the librarian looking around the library, when the camera zooms in on a single open spot in one of the shelves]
[the librarian rushes over and tries to reshelve the book, but it doesn't quite seem to fit]
[cut to another shot of the librarian, as he uses both hands and strains to force the book into the spot ... it finally goes in, but then a loud cracking noise can be heard]
[the librarian looks over and sees that he's caused a large crack (?) to appear in the bookshelf, then he looks up to see that the entire upper portion is about to fall down on top of him]
[cut to the librarian's POV, as the giant shelf is about to topple down, then the screen goes black]
[cut to a shot of the bookshelf, which is being propped up by the adjacent shelf (so that it didn't fall completely to the floor) ... however, all of the books have fallen off and buried the librarian in a large pile]



"The Librarian" is officially happening! I've got a great team, and I managed to get selected for the director role through – what I hope was – a killer pitch.

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