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Case Study No. 1999: Staff of Oregon State University Valley Library

OSU Library Porn Controversy LIVE PKG
KEZI 9 News, 1-28-15
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[scene opens with two news anchors speaking directly to the camera]
MATT TEMPLEMAN: A viral pornography video filmed from the University of Oregon ... or excuse me, the Oregon State University library. Now, an outcry on campus. Good evening, thank you for joining us tonight. I'm Matt Templeman.
RENEE MCCULLOUGH: I'm Renee McCullough. KEZI Nine news reporter Rhoda Krause is live from OSU tonight to tell us about the investigation. Rhoda?
["Top Story" appears on screen, then cut to a female reporter standing outside of the OSU Valley Library and speaking directly to the camera]
RHODA KRAUSE: Well, Matt and Renee, last night Oregon State police arrested a former OSU student after they say she recorded a porn video of herself right here at the Valley Library. The students I spoke with today say her actions do not reflect the university that they are proud to be a part of.
[cut to a still image of a young woman sitting at a study carrell wearing a tube top, as "OSU Library Porn Controversy" appears on screen]
RHODA KRAUSE: [in voice over] On Tuesday, Oregon State police got a tip that a young woman had created a seventeen-minute porn video that ended up on PornHub dot com.
[cut to a male student speaking directly to the camera]
CLIFFORD HARRIS: Yeah, it's the buzz around campus.
[cut to several exterior shots of the Valley Library]
RHODA KRAUSE: [in voice over] The video, since removed, is getting attention across the Oregon State campus under a negative spotlight.
[cut back to the male student speaking directly to the camera]
CLIFFORD HARRIS: Lotsa people are talking about it.
[cut to another male student speaking directly to the camera]
RICH ROGERS: At first I thought it was a joke, and then all of a sudden it was like, oh no, it's real.
[cut back to the first male student speaking directly to the camera]
CLIFFORD HARRIS: I didn't think it was a very ... appropriate thing to do, and it makes OSU look very bad.
[cut to a female student speaking directly to the camera]
SHELBY WILSON: I couldn't believe it. Like, I ... I thought it was just a joke.
[cut to more exterior shots of the library]
RHODA KRAUSE: [in voice over] Joke, it was not. On Tuesday, Oregon State police arrested nineteen-year-old Kendra Sunderland, a former OSU student, for public indecency.
[cut to a still image of the young woman unzipping her hoodie and smiling at the camera]
RHODA KRAUSE: [in voice over] They say she filmed the erotic video in a public area inside the campus library.
[cut back to one of the male students speaking directly to the camera]
RICH ROGERS: And then, after I realized it was real, I was actually more shocked that it would happen. Uh, that's the kinda stuff you do all in private. Not in public, ever.
[cut back to the female student speaking directly to the camera]
SHELBY WILSON: I was surprised someone was in our library ... Like, I feel like it's always packed. Like, I don't know how anyone could get away with it.
[cut to more exterior shots of the library]
RHODA KRAUSE: [in voice over] Oregon State says it has security officers patrolling the campus, but the library is huge and it is impossible to watch every corner at every moment.
[cut to an older man speaking directly to the camera]
STEVE CLARK: Imagine six floors, three hundred and forty thousand square feet. It's used by thirty thousand people on average every week.
[cut to a shot of the seal of the Oregon State University Department of Public Safety]
RHODA KRAUSE: [in voice over] OSU says its number one priority is safety, and does not tolerate illegal activities.
[cut to another still image of the young woman in her tube top (as she looks behind her to make sure no one is watching)]
CLIFFORD HARRIS: [in voice over] I don't think this represents us as a campus.
[cut back to the reporter speaking directly to the camera]
RHODA KRAUSE: OSU says it wants to make sure everyone feels safe on campus, and says if you ever see anything unusual or anything that you think is creating an unsafe environment, to contact police or the Department of Public Safety. Live in Corvallis, Rhoda Krause. KEZI Nine News.



CORVALLIS, Ore. - Within several days, a 17-minute pornographic video that police say was filmed in the Valley Library at Oregon State University had 262,000 online views. On Tuesday, Oregon State Police arrested a former OSU student who they say filmed the video of herself in public, and cited and released her with a charge of public indecency.

Oregon State Police, part of the Department of Public Safety on campus, cited 19-year-old Kendra Sunderland, a former OSU student for her behavior in the Valley Library. Police did not take the woman into custody. The University says Sunderland did not enroll for classes this term.

On Wednesday, KEZI 9 News spoke with students and the OSU administration; both parties arguing that the young woman's actions do not reflect the University they are proud to be a part of.

It is not clear what the purpose of Sunderland's video was – or that she even intended it to appear on The 17-minute video has since been removed, but it is still getting attention across the OSU campus under a negative spotlight.

"It's the buzz around campus," said OSU student Clifford Harris. "Everyone is talking about it. And I don't think it was a very appropriate thing to do."

Students say they heard about the video on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and the Yik Yak phone app.

"My friend sent me a text about it," said student Rich Rogers. "At first I thought it was a joke. And then all of a sudden it was like, oh no, it's real. After I realized it was real, I was more shocked that it happened. That kind of stuff you do in private and not in public. Ever."

Other students question the security of the library.

"I was surprised someone was in our library doing that," said student Shelby Wilson. "I feel like it's always packed. I don't know how anyone could get away with it."

Oregon State University says it has security officers patrolling the campus, but the huge library makes it impossible to watch every corner at every moment.

"Imagine six floors; 340,000 square feet," said OSU spokesperson Steve Clark. "It's used by 30,000 people on average every week."

However, Clark says the University's number one priority is safety.

"The University does not condone this type of behavior," he said. "We want our students to feel safe. And we want to encourage anyone on campus – even the public – to contact police immediately if they see anything unusual on campus. Call 911 if it's an emergency."

Clark says anyone on campus can always call the Department of Public Safety as well. The phone number is (541) 737-7000.



A 19-year-old Corvallis woman's pornographic video, filmed in Oregon State University's Valley Library, is attracting national media attention.

Kendra Jane Sunderland was cited and charged with misdemeanor public indecency Tuesday after Oregon State Police learned of the graphic video, believed to have been filmed in the fall and recently posted on a porn website. It features a woman undressing and pleasuring herself at a library table in the section of the library labeled Geography, Anthropology, Recreation.

Sunderland was enrolled as a freshman at Oregon State University in the fall, but she did not return to school for the following term, said Steve Clark, an Oregon State University spokesman.

The video began appearing within the past week and quickly received attention from local media outlets before reaching national sites and social media pages Wednesday. The story of the video reached Playboy magazine's website on Wednesday under the headline "Large-breasted blonde films porn in Oregon State library; campus freaks out."

While it remains unclear when the video itself first was posted to porn websites, OSU officials said they learned Tuesday of the video the same way that countless people around the country were finding out: social media.

"Our social media manager was contacted by a friend who said he saw something that was busting loose on social media," Clark said Thursday, noting that the video and stories of the citation quickly gathered national attention.

"We're being honest, and we accept the fact that this has occurred," Clark said. "We're disappointed. We've had media from the New York Daily News, CNN, Fox News all call us (in the last two days). This is not Oregon State University. This is not what we're all about, and this does not represent our students and the safety we want this campus to be known for."

The Valley Library employs two regular security officials who patrol the six-story building. But covering the 300,000-square-foot building is difficult, Clark said.

"Imagine six stories the equivalent of six football fields, then mix in cubicles and rafters and books," he said. "We don't have, nor could we have, cameras in every cubicle or every closed room or every study carousel. We do our best to monitor. I think what will come from this is that our students and faculty and staff will be more aware of their surroundings and what we have done is to encourage people who feel unsafe or unsure of something to call 911."

OSU students studying at The Valley Library Thursday said that even though the story first popped up Tuesday, they already were tired of hearing about the national attention, and that it was difficult to treat seriously.

"OSU is back on the map with this," said OSU junior An Vuong, 21, with a laugh. "It feels like old news at this point. And poor person; it was a really bad choice for her to post it, and I don't think it should've been this big. But it's big now."

Student Ahmad Alghaith, 22, said he's heard dozens of conversations on campus about the video and the media attention.

"Everyone knows about it. The word spread so fast that the day after it was posted, pretty much every person on campus knew about it," Alghaith said after realizing he was studying in the same area where the video was filmed. "That's just so unbelievable; I did not see that coming."

Alghaith said he has heard of other videos and sexual acts taking place in the Valley Library, but it doesn't have a reputation as a meeting spot for sex.

"I think the response the university has with this will hopefully send a message to other students about it," he said.

Representatives with Oregon State Police declined to release further details on the incident and deferred all comments to the Benton County District Attorney's Office.

District Attorney John Haroldson said his office is aware of the incident and is investigating the matter.

"These are matters we take seriously and we will be reviewing the reports as soon as we have them available to us," Haroldson said Thursday.



19-year-old Kendra Sunderland's pornographic act shot in the library at Oregon State University achieved the viral status on the internet. Sunderland took to Twitter and said classes at OSU during this time would have been "awkward." She was charged for public indecency.

"Thank god I don't have classes here anymore it'd be sooooo awkward," Kendra Sunderland or Certified Freak (@Meowmeows18) tweeted. Apart from this tweet, she also shared her new racy photos with her followers.

Kendra Sunderland's NSFW video is more than 30 minutes long and someone uploaded it on PornHub. However, it was later removed from the website.

Earlier, the police arrested Sunderland for filming the video in the library of Oregon State University. In the clip, Sunderland is showing her breasts in front of the webcam of a laptop. Also, she is masturbating and looking at the webcam.

Kaitlyn Yarnell, a student at Oregon State University was the one who reportedly exposed Kendra Sunderland. However, Yarnell told GoLocalPDX that she did not file the complaint. She stated that one of her roommates (OSU students) used her email application to send the complaint to the police. She claimed that all this happened without her knowledge.

"On January 27, 2015 at approximately 2:30pm I was tasked to looking into a complaint of a video of a female that was posted to a pornographic site claiming that the solo act that was being performed occured [sic] in the Oregon State University Library," Christopher Graves, Senior Trooper's police log read.

"I was able to identify the suspect as the female and she admitted that she perfomed [sic] the act in the OSU Valley Library back in October."

Kendra Sunderland was cited and released by the police department.



Anyone who has been on the Internet knows there is an astounding number of different tastes when it comes to pornography. If you're the kind of guy or girl who likes to watch someone from the sex of your choice get it on with a giant yeti made out of cotton candy in an empty trampoline park, you'll have no problem finding something to quench your bizarre sexual appetite. That's according to this guy we know who told us about it.

One of those subsections in the "Dirty Decimal system" includes a tab on library exhibitionism. A student who was caught giving a digital sex show in an university library in Oregon is now facing some not so sensual criminal charges (unless you've got a prison fetish, which we were also told by our friend is a thing on the Internet).

Police picked up Kendra Sunderland last Tuesday on a charge of public indecency after her show went viral and caught the attention of officials at the University of Oregon and the local police department. Sunderland shot the video back in October when she was a student at the school and admitted to investigators to shooting it in a quiet space inside the university library. She filmed it using the webcam on her laptop computer and it went viral after it was posted on a free porn website that has since removed it (sorry).

Technically, she did break the law for exposing herself in public. On the other hand, this is the kind of thing that could definitely improve library attendance and literacy rates.

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