Friday, June 5, 2015

Case Study No. 2006: "I want a woman who's smart, I want a librarian"


Pat D. O'keefe

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I need a woman who's a lot like me
Not a blonde bimbo in an SUV
A woman like that will drive you insane
I want a woman who's smart
I want a librarian

And I'm tired of reading books all by myself
So pick me out a book from the bottom shelf
(you might hafta bend over to get that one)
I want a woman who's smart
I want a librarian

Keep me after school, we'll get our class on
You can even leave your glasses on
'Cause you're beautiful, and it makes you look smart
I want a librarian
I'm guilty as charged



by Pat D. O'Keefe

released 17 June 2009

tags: comedy folk Buffalo

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