Monday, June 1, 2015

Case Study No. 1995: Irene the Ratchet Librarian

Irene The Ratchet Librarian
Hey guys! I really hope you liked this video! I felt like making something weird and random this week so here it is!! Make sure to like and subscribe for weekly videos! Love you guys and see you next week with an all new video!
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[scene opens with a teenage girl (long brown hair, glasses, large glued-on eyebrows) speaking to someone off camera]
IRENE: Welcome to the United Estates ... Lie-Brayr-Ree!
[she flips her hair]
IRENE: Okay? My eyebrows is on fleek! Mmm, this is a lie-bary! In lie-baries, you all stay quiet, ya hear me?
[she looks around]
IRENE: If you is not quiet, you is out this lie-bary!
[she holds up a book]
IRENE: Or I'mma whoop your ass with a book! Ya hear me?
[she looks around]
IRENE: Ya hear me!
[cut to the librarian reading a book, as someone off camera starts whispering]
IRENE: Oh, I said shut the fuck up!
[she looks around]
IRENE: If you ain't quiet, you is outta this lie-bary!
[she points off camera]
IRENE: Gets out!
[she pauses]
IRENE: Don't you throw that book at her! She ain't do anything to you!
[she points off camera]
IRENE: Gets outta this room!
PATRON: [from off camera] No.
IRENE: No, gets ... gets out!
PATRON: [from off camera] I don't want to!
IRENE: Gets out this room!
PATRON: [from off camera] No.
IRENE: I'mma call Nine One One if you don't gets outta this room!
PATRON: [from off camera] Do it, then!
IRENE: I'mma call Nine One One, mmm!
[she picks up a phone]
IRENE: Hello, Nine One One? Yeah, gets this whore honkey out this room, she been throwing books! She, she be talkin' back, I don't know what's her problem, but y'all need to come over here and arrest this ho!
[she pauses]
IRENE: Mm hmm!
[she pauses again]
IRENE: Yeah, I'm in the United Estates Library!
["Two hours later" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian holding a book]
IRENE: Listen, the police gonna come for you, if you don't get outta this lie-bary!
[she pauses]
IRENE: Is you out? Oh, youse gonna get out now, hmm?
[she pauses]
IRENE: Okay ... Bye, Felicia! Bye! See you later!
[she waves]
IRENE: Bye! Bye! Bye! Don't you come back in this lie-bary ever again!
[the sound of a door closing can be heard]
IRENE: Bye! Yeah, she leave! I'm gonna call the cops! Tell 'em that we took her outta this lie-bary!
[she picks up the phone, then the screen transitions to black]

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