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Case Study No. 2029: Robert Bateman High School Librarian

In a world where Librarains are insane, and students down return their library books... it goes down. way down to the world of in a world....

this was a fun thing to film, and a great start to my youtuber carrer.

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special thanks to purple for the music, as well as RBHS
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[scene opens with an exterior shot of Robert Bateman High School, as students are walking in and out of the building]
[cut to inside the school library, where a young male librarian (brown hair, thick glasses, blue shirt, striped tie, black pants) is sitting at the front desk stamping books]
[when he reaches the bottom of the pile of books, the camera cuts to a closeup of his face (as the librarian suddenly becomes very angry, baring his teeth and growling like a wild animal)]
[cut to a closeup of the desk, which shows a piece of paper reading "Shawn Anderson - Dictionary (OVERDUE)"]
[cut to the librarian standing up with a determined look on his face]
[cut to outside of the school, where a male student (wearing a doo rag and giant gold chain) is checking his phone]
[cut to the doors of the school, as the librarian bursts forth and walks purposely (in big exaggerated strides) towards the student]
[cut back to the student (oblivious to the librarian's presence) as he continues checking his phone]
[cut back to the librarian, who breaks out into a sprint towards the student]
[cut back to the student, who (finally looking up from his phone) starts running away]
[cut to the student jumping over some bikes lying on the ground next to a bike rack]
[cut to the librarian tripping over the bikes, landing in a pile of mud]
[cut to the librarian lying on the ground, as he looks up and sees the student running away]
[cut to the student entering the school and running down the hallway, knocking over another male student in the process (sending his papers flying everywhere)]
[cut to the librarian entering the school, then back to the innocent student kneeling down and picking up his papers ... as the librarian runs by and knocks him back down again]
[cut to another male student walking out of a door marked "Hospitality Lab" with a plate of cookies, as the student in the doo rag stops running long enough to grab a couple before resuming his escape]
[cut to the delinquent student (now wearing sunglasses and a fake moustache) sitting on a bench inside the school, as he holds up a newspaper in front of his face when he sees the librarian approaching]
[the librarian stops and taps the "stranger" on the shoulder, so the student puts the paper down and points off camera]
[the librarian nods and runs off in the direction he was pointing, then the student gets up and (taking off his "disguise") calmly walks away in the opposite direction]
[cut to the student once again running in a full-on sprint, when the librarian suddenly appears at the opposite end of the hallway and stands with his hands on his hips]
[cut to the student stopping at his locker (pushing another male student out of the way), then fumbling in his jacket pocket for the key]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face]
[cut back to the student, who looks up, then (seeing that the librarian is watching him) hurriedly tries to open the lock]
[cut back to the librarian, as he starts running towards the student]
[cut back to the student, who (after finally opening his locker) takes out a dictionary and holds it out in front of the librarian]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, as he looks down at the dictionary and smiles broadly (as Handel's "Messiah" plays in the background)]
[cut to the student handing the dictionary to the librarian]
[cut to the librarian giving a weird smile to the student]
LIBRARIAN: Have a nice day!
[he walks off, as the student wipes the sweat from his brow and breathes a sigh of relief]

Thanks for Watching

Edited and directed by:

Jamie Schofield and Jai Sani

Special thanks:
Ryan, Ethan, and shaj

Librarians are scary.

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