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Case Study No. 2030: "Here Comes the Archivist"

Here Comes the Archivist
Here Comes the Archivist

Alberto Cavenati

(c) 2013 Unit Records

Released on: 2013-09-13

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artist: Alberto Cavenati
album: Lo Spazio Ai Margini
reference: UTR 4394
release date: 28.04.2014

"Lo spazio ai margini" is the second release as a leader of Alberto Cavenati, an italian guitarist and composer who resides in Berlin since a couple of years. The quintet he assembled for the present recording features three long-standing collaborators (who are among the finest instrumentalists in the italian jazz scene) and and the american trumpeter Ralph Alessi, a first class musician who brought an astonishing and invaluable contribution to this music. Alberto's main musical goal, as far as composition goes, is to devise structures and frames that involve a large palette of unusual musical elements capable of driving the improvisation to uncommon musical territories. Any composition has its own identity and besides their intrinsic value they establish each time a musical space within which the improvisation is shaped. Fairly simple melodies alternate with complex, dense, challenging tunes and together reveal Alberto's vast, varied and intriguing musical world.

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