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Case Study No. 2019: The Librarian (Rippers of Rindge)

"The Librarian" by Rippers of Rindge-Brattle Theatre Trailer Smackdown 2014
With "The Librarian," the highly anticipated follow-up to Team Relief's "John Smith," Nicolas Thilo-McGovern and Max Zegans are at it again, nabbing a respectable 2nd place at the Brattle Theatre Trailer Smackdown 2014.
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[scene opens with a man sitting in the front seat of his car, when an unseen assailant in the backseat reaches over and begins choking him with the handle of an axe]
NARRATOR: In the shadows of America's greatest institute of higher learning, he teaches his own master's class ...
[cut to the assailant (his face still off camera) running his fingers along the spines of the books in his bookshelf]
NARRATOR: In murder!
[he stops and pulls one of the books off the shelf, then cut to a closeup of the book, as he opens it to reveal that it's been hollowed out and filled with human hair (which doesn't really match the hair of his previous victim)]
[cut to a closeup of the assailant's nose, as he picks up some of the hair and deeply inhales]
[cut to two female teenagers talking outside]
JULIA: Speaking of Scott Daniels, I heard he's gonna be at the bridge tonight.
ALLISON: Oh, I really can't go to that. Finals are in three weeks, so I have to start studying.
JULIA: Suit yourself.
[cut back to the librarian's lair, as he sharpens his axe]
[cut to several teenagers hanging out at night under the bridge (with several empty beer cans littering the ground), when two of them walk off camera]
[cut to the boy and girl kissing at the foot of some steps under a streetlight ... as the librarian can be seen slowly walking down the stairs in the shadows above]
[cut to the male teenager walking down the street alone (with his earbuds in), as the librarian follows closely behind, dragging his axe along the ground]
NARRATOR: Take out a book, but he'll take out your heart!
[the librarian (African American, short dark hair, suit and tie) grabs the teenager by the shoulder and spins him around, then cut to the librarian lifting the axe above his head and swinging it down hard]
[cut to the female teenager walking through a dark parking lot alone, when the librarian steps into the shot (but several feet behind her so she doesn't know he's there)]
[cut to a closeup of the girl, as she spins around in fright]
JULIA: Brian? Is that you?
[cut to the girl slowly backing away (not realizing that the librarian is behind her), then cut to a closeup of the axe as the librarian swings it down]
[cut to the librarian placing a butterfly broach inside another hollowed-out book]
NARRATOR: The Librarian ...
[he closes the book (revealing it to be a copy of James Hilton's "We Are Not Alone") then places it back on the shelf]
NARRATOR: Will you be the next addition to his library of death?

Rippers of Rindge

Julia - Rosa Munson Blatt
Allison - Tess Hancock
Scott - Francibel Senatus
The Librarian - Kendrick Bellan
Scott - Chhoyang Cheshatsang
Kids at the Party - Ben Rosand, Sebastian Kimberk, Raina Williams, and Eli Conlin
Narrator - Matt McGovern

Produced and Written by Nicolas Thilo McGovern and Maxwell Zegans
Director, Cinematographer and Editor - Nicolas Thilo McGovern
Sound Recorder, Assistant Director and Editor - Maxwell Zegans
Associate Director, Prop Master, and Set Designer - Pamela Thilo
Camera, Prop, and Production Assistant - William Thilo McGovern
Associate Strategist - Abdikarim Egal
Special Thanks to Edith Sorrentino

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