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Case Study No. 2103: Unnamed Female Librarian (Hitler's Library)

Hitler's Library (Chinese)
This is a video project I made for Chinese class. Nothing too special here, just a library run by Hitler/a Hitler-esque person. Its pretty good I guess.
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["1. No running" appears on screen]
["2. No drooling" appears on screen]
["3. No Michael Jackson" appears on screen]
["4. Late books are fined your pants" appears on screen]
["5. Three strikes and you are shot" appears on screen]
["6. No speaking English" appears on screen (and appears to be written in crayon)]
[cut to a boy riding his bicycle (as "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" plays in the background), then he stops and enters a "library" (i.e. someone's house)]
[cut to inside the library, where the boy walks up to a young female librarian (short black hair, glasses, Hitler mustache, trenchcoat with a paper swastika taped to the front) standing at the "front desk" (i.e. the kitchen table)]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Why did you come to the library?
PATRON 1: [translated] Because I want to borrow a book and magazine.
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Sweet. I recommend that you borrow "Mein Kampf" and "The Hitler Youth."
PATRON 1: [translated] WTF are you? I think I r3c0gn1z3 U ...
LIBRARIAN: [translated] You can call me Forest Gump.
PATRON 1: [translated] Um, I think I'll go find my book on my own ...
[cut to the boy walking through the library, when he picks up a piece of paper with the word "Playboy" written on it]
PATRON 1: [translated] Awesome! Playboy!
[cut to a shot of the librarian removing her mustache, examining it, then placing it back under her nose ... then the camera pans out to show the boy reading the "magazine" (as the theme from the 1960s "Spider-Man" cartoon begins to play in the background)]
[cut back to the librarian watching the boy, as "Spider-man, Spider-man ... does whatever a spider can ... spins a web, any size ... Hitler's got really freaky eyes ... Look out! Hitler's got spidey sense!" appears on screen]
[cut to the librarian walking towards the boy, as she taps him on the shoulder]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Did you see the friggin' rules?
[he turns towards her]
PATRON 1: [translated] No, I don't know the friggin' rules.
LIBRARIAN: [translated] The rules say ... No drooling!
[she points a finger at him]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] This is your first "strike" ... If you have three strikes, I'll kill your bunshole!
PATRON 1: [translated] Okay ...
[cut to another boy talking to the librarian]
PATRON 2: [translated] Uh, this book is overdue ...
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Did you see the rules?!
[he looks around]
PATRON 2: [translated] No ...
LIBRARIAN: [translated] I need to take your pants!
PATRON 2: [translated] Heck no! I'm not giving you my pants!
LIBRARIAN: [translated] I don't give a care!
[he slams his hands on the desk]
PATRON 2: [translated] This is very unreasonable!
LIBRARIAN: [translated] You dare have these words come out of your mouth?!
PATRON 2: [translated] This is a public library! How can you say this crap?
[the librarian reaches over and "rips" his pants off in one motion, as the camera pans over to show the boy (from the waist up) with a shocked look on his face]
PATRON 2: [translated] Dude! My pants! What the f***?!
[he storms off, then (after a beat) he returns]
PATRON 2: [translated] Umm ... Can I borrow a violin book?
[cut to the boy (in his underwear) walking over to the couch and sitting down next to the first boy]
PATRON 2: [translated] You know violins can cost money?
PATRON 1: [translated] Umm ...
[cut to the boy showing him his book]
PATRON 2: [translated] Look at this! Look! I'm saying stuff!
PATRON 1: [translated] If I give you money, will you shut up?!
[cut to another boy talking to the librarian]
PATRON 3: [translated] Um, can you help me find a book?
LIBRARIAN: [translated] What book do you want me to find?!
PATRON 3: [translated] I feel like getting a "physics" book ...
[the librarian points at him and yells once he pronounces the word "physics" in English]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Can't speak English in the library!
PATRON 3: [translated] For serious?
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Have you seen the rules?
PATRON 3: [translated] Yeah, there are five.
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Did you really read the rules?
PATRON 3: [translated] Fo sho! The rules didn't say anything about not speaking English!
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Well, now there is!!
PATRON 3: [translated] Fine, then where's my physics book?
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Fine, here's your physics book.
[she hands him a book]
PATRON 3: [translated] Thank you. Physics is really interesting.
[cut to a closeup of the door, as someone knocks, then cut to a still image of Michael Jackson (as the mouth moves to simulate him talking)]
MICHAEL JACKSON: [translated] Please open the door. Michael Jackson wants to renew a book!
[cut to the first boy sitting on the couch]
PATRON 1: [translated] I have a feeling that Michael Jackson wants to get in ...
[everyone else says in unison "The rules say ... No Michael Jackson allowed!"]
[cut back to the still image of Michael Jackson]
MICHAEL JACKSON: [translated] Come on guys, just let me renew the book!
[cut to the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] No! Go away, Michael Jackson!
[cut back to the still image of Michael Jackson (as the eyebrows and mouth move to make him look angry)]
MICHAEL JACKSON: [translated] Rawr!
[the screen fades to black, then cut to the boy talking to the librarian]
PATRON 3: [translated] Okay, can I check this book out now?
LIBRARIAN: [translated] Give me your library card!
[he hands her a piece of paper, and she nods]
PATRON 3: [translated] Ah, it is getting late. I better head home.
[he gets up, then the other two boys walk up to him]
PATRON 1: [translated] How about we go home together?
PATRON 3: [translated] Who the crap are you guys?
[a ringing bell can be heard, as they all look around nervously]
PATRON 1: [translated] Fire!
[they all run off, then cut to the librarian pointing at them]
LIBRARIAN: [translated] No running!
[she reaches under the table and pulls out a shotgun, then begins firing at them ... she gets off two shots, then points the barrel at the camera as the screen cuts to black]

Directed by
Chris Chen

Original story by
Boyang Zhang

Screenplay by
Jessica Warner

Costumes and Props
Alex Lin

Visual and Sound Effects
Chris Chen


Library Patron #1
Alex Lin

Jessica Warner

Library Patron #2
Chris Chen

Library Patron #3
Boyang Zhang

Michael Jackson
Chris Chen

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