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Case Study No. 2108: Kendra Lust

Librarian Needs A Licking - Brazzers, Kendra Lust, +18
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[scene opens with a female librarian (long black hair, glasses, low-cut pink blouse exposing her voluminous cleavage) stamping books at her desk, while a male student browses the stacks]
[cut to a closeup of the student, as he walks up behind another male student and pulls off his headphones to whisper in his ear]
STUDENT 1: Nerd ...
[he laughs, as the other student jumps at the noise]
STUDENT 2: Fuck you, asshole!
[he goes back to the shelves, when a female student sitting at a nearby table calls to him]
STUDENT 3: Hey, do you know where this book is?
[she hands him a piece of paper]
STUDENT 3: I've been looking all through these, I can't find it anywhere.
STUDENT 1: Yeah, I don't even know if they use the Dewey Decimal System at this library.
[they both laugh, then the librarian puts a finger to her lips and shushes them]
[they stop, then the female student takes the paper back from the male student]
STUDENT 3: [whispers] It's okay, I'll find it later ...
[the librarian goes back to stamping her books, when the female student finally gets up and walks over to her]
STUDENT 3: Excuse me, Miss Lust? I can't find this book anywhere.
[she sighs, then grabs the paper out of her hand]
LIBRARIAN: Did you check the anthropology section?
STUDENT 3: Uh huh, I looked all over ...
[she stops and looks around]
STUDENT 3: What's that buzzing sound?
LIBRARIAN: Nothing! Just go check the anthropology section! It's right there!
STUDENT 3: Okay, thanks ...
[she leaves, as the scene fades to black]



"Big Tits At School: Librarian Needs a Licking"
Starring Kendra Lust and Xander Corvus

It was just pure luck that Xander Corvus got the inside scoop of how the librarian Kendra Lust passes the time during her shifts. After discovering Kendra with her legs spread and a vibrator humming away on her c**t, Xander decided to dive in there with his tongue and help out. Xander ate that p***y like a starving man, licking her hole and c**t, and then thrusting in and out with the vibrator. When they had to stop, that Milf Kendra followed Xander to the shelves, to throw the whole of his c***k down her throat. Did anyone in the library overhear Kendra moaning with pleasure as Xander pounded her, or the sound of his balls tapping against her ass with every thrust?

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