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Case Study No. 2100: Cadie Baskerval

Dangerous HS Girls in Trouble - Ch.6 (Downtown Breakdown)
The evidence continues to gather in favor of Max but is it possible for us to use this knowledge in time to save him?
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[the player clicks on the Downtown Library, as "Greco-Roman exterior architecture belies the gothic towers of bookcases within. Light struggles to reach worn, stained bindings" appears on screen]
[a still image of a young female librarian (long hair, glasses, dress with a high neck collar) appears on screen]
NARRATOR: "Hello girls. Welcome to the most exciting place in town!" She says with a gentle smile.
["What does Louise say to Cadie Baskerval? Select from the list on her card" appears on screen]
[the player selects "Any accidents?"]
LOUISE: Have there been any accidents here lately?
CADIE: Nothing more than a few spilled books. Poor things.
[the player selects "Is it true about you?"]
LOUISE: Is it true, you've never left the library?
CADIE: My father was the librarian before me. I was born in the librarian's office. He raised me here after mother died.
[the player selects "Your entire life!"]
LOUISE: You really have lived here your entire life!
NARRATOR: "You're still young. When you learn enough about our little town, you'll understand." Cadie shivers.
[the player selects "The right place."]
NARRATOR: "Then we've come to the right place. Excite me." Louise dares.
CADIE: I just finished organizing the town charter and its legal records!
[the player selects "I can understand why a person would never leave. Bye!"]
[the image of the librarian disappears, and the player clicks the "PowWow" button]
LOUISE: We were right! The accidents were caused by goods ordered from Weehawken.
GLADYS: We might convince Dean Hemlock, but Max lost his trial, and he will hang.
LOUISE: What about that appeal? What we've learned should free him.
GLADYS: I don't know much about law, but don't appeals require a higher authority?
LOUISE: I know two things about Brigiton's laws. They fall easily to corruption, and the town librarian just read them.
GLADYS: Oooo, goodie! We're going to corrupt a librarian!
[the player clicks on the Downtown Library again, as the image of the librarian re-appears]
NARRATOR: "I cannot give legal advice about an appellate process for Miss Fox's boyfriend." She hides Brigiton's legal codes behind her back.
[the player clicks "Expose", as "The blue tokens hide words in a message. Click tokens to reveal words for free. Then click the remaining tokens and guess." appears on screen]
[the player completes the mini-game, as "I cannot reveal Brigiton's extraordinary tribunal clause. I cannot say that it was created to avoid sending appeals to the big city." appears on screen]
["Win" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: "What is an extraordinary tribunal, you ask?" Cadie beams! "Come back after I've fully researched it."
[the player clicks on the Downtown Library again]
CADIE: I finished researching Brigiton's extraordinary tribunal clause. I even noted how to initiate one.
[the player selects "Why the clause?"]
LOUISE: Why does Brigiton need an appeals clause?
CADIE: Back in the day of our Founder, it took too long to send an appeal to a higher judicial authority.
[the player selects "Still true?"]
LOUISE: Hold on! Why is that still true today? Max will be hung before an appeal reaches the big city!
NARRATOR: "Brigiton has a history of avoiding influence from outsiders." Cadie tightens her lips until they're white.
[the player selects "Okay, what is it?"]
CADIE: Brigition's extraordinary tribunal allows citizens to appeal legal verdicts the town at large believes are unjust.
[the player selects "How to start?"]
LOUISE: How do we instigate an appeals tribunal?
CADIE: First, you have to petition the mayor. By petition, I mean, simply ask him to call for a tribunal.
[the player selects "What then?"]
LOUISE: Okay, suppose we convince the mayor to call for a tribunal? What then?
CADIE: At least three upstanding citizens must answer the call to review the original verdict.
[the player selects "Upstanding?"]
LOUISE: What does "upstanding" mean? Who in town qualifies as upstanding?
CADIE: Financially established older men like Banker Potts, Doctor Dielater, Dean Hemlock, and so forth.
[the player selects "Great for big shots!"]
LOUISE: This tribunal clause sounds like a great way for big shots to get away with murder!
CADIE: The town's records show, the only defendants to win their appeal were members of other tribunals.
[the player selects "What do they do?"]
LOUISE: What do these citizens do, once they've answered the call?
CADIE: They form a court for one day and review the case, verdict, witnesses, and any other relevant information ... Remember, first you must convince the mayor. Come back here if you have further questions.



Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! is a casual video game by independent developer Mousechief. After a series of beta releases and demos in 2007 and 2008, the finished title was released in mid-2008, with versions for both Windows and Mac OS X.

The game is set in 1920s Brigiton, a fictional community in small-town America, and involves the player guiding the activities of a group of high school girls as they explore its intrigues. Highlighting social rebellion in an era where women had only limited freedom, the title's motto declares "This is the game where good girls get better by being bad!".

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! begins with the player selecting one of twelve different girls to be the "queen" (leader) of the "gang". Afterwards, basic gameplay mechanics are revealed as the player recruits three additional girls to assist her. Each girl has different scores in four different attributes: Popularity, Rebellion, Glamor, and Savvy. The game makes heavy use of the suits from a traditional deck of playing cards, representing each in-game attribute as one of the suits.

The four attributes correspond to ability in four different actions which the girls can use when interacting with others. In turn, each of the four actions, "Taunt", "Expose", "Fib", and "Gambit", has a unique mini-game associated with it. After a given girl wins a certain number of mini-games, the player is able to increase one of her attributes. In contrast, losing a mini-game can result in a girl being unavailable for a period of time, or possibly even exiled from the player's gang. Often a girl lost from the gang can be recruited again later, or a substitute can be found. However, the presence of a boyfriend can protect a given girl from being banished even temporarily. Boyfriends are typically obtained through a separate "Flirt" mini-game, which makes use of all four of a girl's attributes together. When a girl who has a boyfriend receives a penalty serious enough to leave the gang, the boyfriend instead sacrifices himself to save her.

In-game navigation involves selecting different locations on a stylized game board. The girls then travel to that location and interact with one of the individuals who is revealed to currently be present. While in some cases, the girls simply converse ("Parley") with the person, in general, the girls seek to manipulate individuals in order to obtain information or to "get away" with something. This is done by selecting an action suggested by one of the girls (e.g. "Expose" to try to reveal the truth), and then playing the corresponding mini-game. Success often advances the game plot, but can also result in other benefits, such as temporary ability bonuses. In certain cases, the choice of mini-game can affect the story. For example, taunting a teacher is usually not a good choice, as even if the player wins the "Taunt" game, the outcome may be unfavorable and may result in the loss of a girl from the gang.



What have I been doing this week? What everybody else seems to be doing as well--playing "Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble."

Not only do you have to love a computer game with a name like this, but this is the most unusual game I have seen in ages. Beautifully designed to look like a board game, done in elegant watercolor, this game combines all the things a 1920s flapper can teach that girls of today need to know: How to play poker, expose secrets, successfully taunt others, and flirt with boys who will then sacrifice themselves for you.

But this isn't only about being bad--learning these skills allows your girls to outwit adults in order to solve a mystery and save the innocent, as well as successfully serve as matchmakers to at least three deserve-to-be-happy couples.

You start with selecting the girl who will be Queen of your gang--from a group of 12 possible, each of whom has different strengths.

You then travel around the school looking to recruit other girls for your gang, occasionally attending classes as well.

Once you have your gang complete, you begin to investigate why the school nurse is covering up accidents, while outmaneuvering the Liars, Bullies and Stoolies.

Eventually, your investigations take you out into the tougher world of Downtown Brigiton, where the boys are harder to hook, and the adults are corrupt, venal, or pathetic, yet all are harder to outwit.

The game and the producing company Mousechief are garnering a lot of positive reviews and nominations. This is the most delightful and amusing game I've played in a very long time, and I highly recommend it.



The arrest of Maximillian:
* Your next task is to find the detective. You can find him at the campus basement. He will arrest Maximillian. Go on to the Primary School and meet Florence. After talking to her you can meet her the next Saturday under the shady tree and she will teach you the last game, "gambit". After you have learned it you must return to the administration to meet Nurse Nacht once more.
* After beating her by gambit you should search for evidence in the dean's office. After beating him in a game you have to wait till regular school hours are over and search for Miss Hippilyta at the patio. Then go to the gymnasium to get the crowbar. It will be your way into the dean's office. After you have dealt with the dean you are able to access a new location, "Downtown".

Downtown Business:
* Visit Downtown to find out if the businesses there were also involved in any accidents. Go to the Two Peeks Diner and talk to Henry. He will tell you about some accidents that happened just recently in the different buildings in downtown. Feel free to visit other businesses and talk to the owners, for example the pharmacy. After you have talked some people the girls will summarise what they've found out.

Maximillian's appeal:
* Go the town library then. Go the city hall and meet Julianne Fox. She will give you her keys to the maths room where you have to take her telescope after the school hours. When you do that Stoolie Girl will tell you that Bully Girl took the telescope to the basement, go there.
* After you have won against Bully Girl return to Downtown and visit Maximillian in prison at the police-station. After you have talked to him go to the library again and ask how you to convince the mayor. Go to the Daily Muse and talk to journalist Otto Glimmernut. Go to the city hall and inform the mayor's secretary, George Pavel, about the Pogo Parade.
* Head then to the market circle. Talk to Otto Glimmernut and the children, then play gambit against the mayor. Talk to the mayor again.

The tribunal:
* Go to the library to ask Cadie Baskerval how to recruit the tribunal. Go to the hospital and convince Dr. Dielater to apply at the city hall. Then go to the school and talk to the dean in the administration. After that oyu have already two people who will be on Max's side. Return to downtown. Visit the Brigiton Hotel and talk to Mahatma McTeague. The last applicant you have to deal with is Clive the barber. Then return to the city hall and ask Vincent Haas about the applicants.
* Talk to Haas again and he will tell you that the judge decided Maximillian is innocent. He will talk to you and your girls meet at the new location the next day, "The Dells".
* Go to the bandstand and meet Susan Fragette.
* Another possibility instead of this path is to let the tribunal judge him as guilty and then trying to save him while he is about to be hung. Be sure to give the Weehawken catalogue to the mayor's secretary.

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