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Case Study No. 2064: The Librarian (Devil's Carnival: Alleluia!)

The Devil's Carnival 2: The Librarian - Official Teaser
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In 2012, Director Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW II-IV) and writer/actor Terrance Zdunich of REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA unleashed Episode One of their musical film series, THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL. Hailed as "One of the single greatest devil-centric stories ever told" (Ain't It Cool News), Episode One led audiences on a journey through the underworld. It's 2013, and the boys are back with EPISODE TWO... And this time, they're sending you to Heaven!

Starring Tech N9ne as The Librarian, this nine-minute teaser is chock-full of visual and musical hints of the heavenly delight that awaits audiences in THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL: EPISODE TWO.

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[scene opens in a "heavenly" library, as the camera focuses on a desk with a nameplate reading "The Librarian"]
[camera pans up to show the young male librarian (African American, bald, goatee, glasses, tuxedo, bow tie) sitting at the desk, as he pours himself a cup of tea (which bubbles with "other-worldy" steam)]
[the librarian brings the cup up to his lips and blows on it, causing a soul (?) to drift off the surface, then takes a sip and nods]
[he slowly rolls his chair over to a nearby radio and turns it on (at low volume), then returns to his desk]
RADIO ANNOUNCER: You are listening to Halo Radio, brought to you by Heavenly Productions Incorporated. Music that transfigures!
[a ringing sound effect can be heard]
RADIO ANNOUNCER: Now you're on the trolley!
[it plays some soft music, then the librarian looks over a book on his desk with a magnifying glass (causing the runes "tattooed" across the back of his head to glow)]
[he wipes away a smudge in the book with his finger (causing a puff of black smoke to rise in the air), then he takes a light bulb attached to a long stick and brings it up to the book (glowing with a bright light) and shakes his head]
[he puts the light bulb down, picks up a bell on his desk and rings it, then goes back to sipping his tea (as the camera pans out to show a large "Banned Reading" sign behind him]
[after a few moments, he picks up the bell and gets up from his desk (as the camera pans out more to show piles of books around his desk and a shelf with a "Silence is Golden" poster), checking the pocket watch hanging from his lapel]
[he impatiently looks at the upper level of the library, then rings his bell again]
[three angels appears and signal him, then walk down the stairs (passing a pipe shooting out fire with the label "For Restoration") and sit down at various tables]
[the librarian returns to his desk, as two of the angels start using the typewriters sitting in front of them, while the third sheepishly walks up to the main desk (so the librarian angrily hands him a book)]
[the angel (who has a pair of giant uncooked chicken wings sticking out of his back) brings the book over to the pipe labelled "For Restoration" and throws it in, causing a burst of flame to jump out]
[he steps back (as another pipe, with a blue light emanating from within, can be seen with the label "For Circulation") then returns to his table ... the other angel at the table looks at him (as a "Ribbit" sound effect can be heard) and giggles]
[the camera pans back to the librarian, as he stares angrily at the angels, then cracks his neck]
[he then cracks his knuckles, puts a finger to his lips, and shushes them]
[he points at the "Silence is Golden" poster, then sits back down]
[a bookend shaped like a horse's head sitting on a nearby table "neighs" quietly, followed by a bookend shaped like a dog's head "barking"]
[the librarian takes a scroll on his desk and rolls it out (as it lightly glows), then takes his "light bulb on a stick" to examine it more closely]
[nodding to himself, he puts the light bulb down and rolls the scroll back up, then rings his bell again]
[the camera pans over to the angel with the chicken wings, as he heads for the librarian's desk and takes the scroll (as the librarian again points to the "Silence is Golden" sign)]
[while the angel takes the scroll, one of the other angels typing has the words he's transcribing appear over his head ("by and by the seeds grew into linen yarn, and of the yarn, nets were made")]
[the camera then follows the angel as he brings the scroll over to the "For Circulation" pipe and drops it in (giving out a puff of blue smoke)]
[the angel returns to his table, then the camera pans back to the libarian, who picks up a pile of books underneath his desk and brings them over to the two pipes himself ... he briefly looks at the "For Restoration" pipe before shaking his head and walking up the stairs]
[the camera follows the librarian to the upper level, as he starts placing the books on top of seemingly random piles (but doing so with an air of authority that suggests everything is in perfect order)]
ANGELS: [from off camera] All children of heaven sing Alleluia ...
[the librarian nearly knocks over one of the piles at the unexpected noise, then the camera pans down to reveal the angel with chicken wings leading the other two in song]
[the camera pans back up to the librarian, who violently rings his bell (but the angels continue singing)]
[the librarian hurries back down the stairs, then stands with his hands on his hips and shakes his head (as the angel with chicken wings signals for the other two to stop singing)]
[the angels sheepishly return to their typewriters, as the librarian gives the angel with chicken wings a particularly dirty look]
[the librarian walks back to his desk, then leans on it and folds his arms over his chest, shaking his head and again pointing at the "Silence is Golden" poster]
[he sits back down, still staring at the angels as he adjust the lapels on his jacket and goes back to sipping his tea]
[the camera pans over to a poster on another bookshelf ("Don't be a crumb! Earn your wings"), then to the angel with chicken wings as he gets up to reshelve a book]
[as the angel places the book on the shelf, he starts to absentmindedly sing under his breath, then the camera pans back to the librarian, who nearly chokes on his tea at the noise]
[he gets up, then grabs a letter opener and a pair of tongs off his desk]
[cut to the angel with chicken wings pulling another book off the shelf, as he looks down at it while trying to walk back to his table ... never seeing the librarian as he bumps into him]
[he drops the book, and the librarian drops the letter opener (which the angel "nonchalantly" kicks out of the way so the librarian can't pick it back up), then picks up the book and tries to hand it back to the librarian]
[the librarian shakes his head (as the other two angels get up and back away in fright), then grabs the angel and holds the tongs menacingly over him]
[cut to the other two angels cowering in fright, then back to the librarian as he rips the angel's tongue out (with blood flying everywhere)]
[cut back to the other two angels reacting in shock, then back to the librarian as he lets go of the angel (who falls to the floor) and holds the severed tongue up high in the air]
[he walks over to the "For Restoration" pipe and drops the tongue in, then calmly wipes down his jacket as the other two angels quickly return to their typewriters ... and the angel with chicken wings (his face covered in blood) manages to drag himself up off the ground before returning to his seat]
[the librarian looks at all three angels, then puts a finger to his lips and shushes them]
[the angel with chicken wings (gurgling and spitting up blood) slowly nods, as the other two murmur in suppressed terror]
[cut to a shot of the angels suddenly being bathed in a bright light, then to the librarian (who has now sprouted a pair of giant feathered wings and is glowing) as he smiles and shushes the camera]
["Heavenly Productions Incorporated" appears on screen]
RADIO ANNOUNCER: The Devil's Carnival, Episode Two! Coming to picture houses in Two Thousand and Thirteen! Hell hasn't got a prayer!
["www dot DevilsCarnival dot com" appears on screen]



The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia! is an upcoming musical horror film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. It is a sequel to the 2012 short film The Devil's Carnival. Unlike the previous film, Alleluia is a feature-length project. Production started in August 2014.

Whereas The Devil's Carnival took place in Hell, Alleluia focuses on Heaven. In describing it, writer Terrance Zdunich stated that "Heaven in particular is a very different aesthetic than hell...think Golden Age of Hollywood. You have fancy suits and everything is tailored, an air that everything is perfect and glamorous, but meanwhile in the backdrop of that era you also have the Great Depression." Zdunich went on to say that the style would be "Clark Gable on acid."

Darren Bousman described the film as "[pulling] back the curtain on Heaven... and in 'The Devil's Carnival,' God and his angels are a whole lot darker than Lucifer and his carnies."

Most of the original cast from the first film are returning, with Terrance Zdunich and Paul Sorvino reprising their roles of Lucifer and God. New cast members include Barry Bostwick, Ted Neeley, Adam Pascal, Tech N9ne and David Hasselhoff. A fifteen day shoot was planned, but due to financial constraints this was reduced to fourteen days, concluding on 2 September 2014. The official teaser trailer for Alleluia! came out on November 6, 2014, with the film due for a 2015 release.



The Librarian is the strict and ruthless librarian of Heaven's library. Played by Tech N9ne, he will appear in The Devil's Carnival: Episode 2. Not much is known about the Librarian yet, but he appears to be an upper level angel.

He is shown to be cruel to those who do not follow his rules (he rips out the toungue of an angel that wasn't silent in the library and burns it).



If you were as big a fan of Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich's musical horror spectacle The Devil's Carnival as I, you can officially start rejoicing now that production has begun on The Devil's Carnival 2. If you can remember, a teaser trailer was released way back in 2012 that suggested the hellish carnival inhabitants would be traded for – or joined by – an equally colorful cast of heavenly bodies, and this was confirmed by TechN9ne's angelic Librarian. Since then, there hasn't been much movement, but if you've been checking up on the project's social media channels, you'd know that Bousman's production has officially been given the green light! Alleluia!



A nine-minute teaser entitled The Devil's Carnival 2: The Librarian, has been released. Meant as a hint of what's to come, the teaser is "...chock-full of visual and musical hints of the heavenly delight that awaits audiences in The Devil's Carnival: Episode 2".

The teaser shows horror rapper Tech N9ne as the librarian of a twisted, nightmarish library, one that is full of magic and sounds. However, N9ne isn't exactly a fan of noises that he isn't in control of. So let's just say that things would've gone better had someone bitten their tongue.

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