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Case Study No. 2065: Corrie the Sexy Librarian

John Barrowman Has a "Sassy Gay-Off" with a Sexy Librarian
John Barrowman Dallas Comic Con Q&A Panel Fun.
February 7, 2015
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[scene opens with actor John Barrowman standing on stage with a microphone, as someone off camera asks him a question]
CORRIE: [from off camera] Well, I'm next, I guess I'm just gonna take this mike off and ... be sassy. My name is Corrie.
JOHN: Okay.
CORRIE: [from off camera] Hi, John.
JOHN: Hi, girl!
CORRIE: [from off camera] I'm a librarian.
JOHN: Are you? I love--
[the audience applauds]
CORRIE: [from off camera] And I have been--
JOHN: You're the kinda librarian we always needed in high school! Look at you, girl!
[the audience hoots and hollers]
JOHN: Come and check out this book!
[the audience laughs]
CORRIE: [from off camera] Right?
JOHN: It's about the Grand Tetons!
[the audience laughs]
CORRIE: [from off camera] My--
JOHN: And the Grand Canyon!
[the audience laughs]
CORRIE: [from off camera] Since my--
JOHN: It's about mountains and valleys!
[the audience laughs]
CORRIE: [from off camera] Yeah, since I started--
[he shakes his hips]
JOHN: And I'm gonna give you an earthquake!
[the audience laughs]
CORRIE: [from off camera] Listen! Stop being sexy!
JOHN: You're telling me to shut up?
[the audience laughs]
CORRIE: [from off camera] No!
JOHN: Hey, don't have a sassy gay-off with me, 'cause I will win!
[the audience applauds]
JOHN: Because my line is "Talk to the hand because the wrist is pissed!"
[the audience laughs]
CORRIE: [from off camera] That's a good one!
JOHN: Go on.
CORRIE: [from off camera] Okay. So, this summer our summer reading program is super-hero themed.
JOHN: Yay!
CORRIE: [from off camera] Right? And that's right up my ... alley. And I have a hard time with getting--
[he gives her a sassy look, as the audience laughs]
CORRIE: [from off camera] Yeah, that alley. That's the one.
JOHN: Good for you, girl!
CORRIE: [from off camera] The alley.
JOHN: Good for you!
CORRIE: [from off camera] Uh huh!
JOHN: I'm sure the Marvel Encyclopedia fits ...
[the audience laughs]
JOHN: See? You give it to me, I give it back!
CORRIE: [from off camera] You'll have to ask my husband!
JOHN: Is it?
[the audience laughs]
JOHN: That's fine, because he looks like he's got a DC encyclopedia!
[the audience laughs]
CORRIE: [from off camera] So, my question for you is ...
[he laughs and waves to somebody in the audience]
JOHN: Hi, Barbara!
CORRIE: [from off camera] You're cracking me up ...
CORRIE: [from off camera] Yes, so I--
[he laughs]
CORRIE: [from off camera] I go out to schools and--
JOHN: Yep?
CORRIE: [from off camera] I try to promote the summer reading program, and I wanna know what you would say to kids about the importance of reading and why they should participate with their local libraries.
JOHN: Well, the importance of reading is the fact that ... Okay, I can do really heavy here, but I could do really light, but I'm gonna be kinda both. If you go back in history, there was a period where they burned books, and they--
CORRIE: [from off camera] They burn at Fahrenheit Four Fifty One, that's the temperature that they burn at.
JOHN: Correct, I know that.



Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days was held October 4-6, 2013, at the Irving Convention Center. Official guests included John Barrowman, Simon Bisley, and John Heder.

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