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Case Study No. 2099: Gina (Love Route)

Love Route Trailer
The trailer for the new Saint Studios film about a bounty hunter named Jude (Darrock Flynn) who goes to collect real estate agent named Charlie (Aaron Brown) and ends up going on a date with librarian Gina (Faith Randall). In the end, Jude and Gina become a couple on the run from a mobster named Joey (Jeremy Hammack) and his entourage of bodyguards. The final film will be presented in three parts online that will be released periodically throughout the summer of 2012.
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[trailer opens with a man groggily rolling over in bed]
JUDE: [in voice over] Hello there. My name's Jude Wenslow ... and I'm a bounty hunter.
[he rolls right out of bed and lands on the floor, then cut to a closeup of another man]
JUDE: [in voice over] See that guy? His name's Joey Angelo ...
[cut to Jude tied up in a chair, with a nylon stocking over his head]
JUDE: Wasn't so bad ...
[Joey kneels down next to him, as another man off camera grabs Jude by the head]
JOEY: He hasn't even started.
[cut to various shots from the film, then to Jude standing in front of a closed door]
JUDE: Who is it?
[cut to a young female librarian (long dark hair, brown dress) standing on the other side of the door]
GINA: It's Gina.
[cut to a different man opening the door, as Jude pushes the door and knocks him down, then cut back to the librarian]
GINA: Are you ready for that date?
[cut back to Jude inside the house (from before the librarian arrived), as he has the man tied up in the closet]
JUDE: I'm gonna take this nice-lookin' girl out on a nice date, because that is what normal people do.
["Love" appears on screen, then cut to various shots of Jude spending time with the librarian (now wearing glasses) ... including teaching her how to fire a gun]
["Hate" appears on screen, then cut to more shots of the movie]
["And a killer bunny" appears on screen, then cut to a man inside of a car looking at his laptop]
MICHAEL: You threaten my family, I call the Hare!
[cut to Jude inside his bathroom, where a little pink bunny doll is clinging to the shower curtain]
[cut to the bunny on the shoulders of another man, using piano wire to "choke" him out]
[cut to Jude driving his car, as the librarian sits in the passenger seat]
JUDE: [in voice over] You should get some of those glasses ... like, the big thick ones? Because then you'd look like a really sexy librarian.
["Love Route" appears on screen]
JUDE: [in voice over] I mean, you look way too good to be one anyway.



Love Route (2012)
63 min - Comedy | Crime | Romance

Director: Curtis Everitt
Writers: Curtis Everitt (story), Curtis Everitt

Jude is a bounty hunter who goes to collect from seedy real estate agent Charlie. Jude ends up pretending to be Charlie in order to go on a date with Gina the librarian. While pursuing his overall objective and trying not to break the shocking truth to Gina, Jude is relentlessly dogged by gangster Joey Angelo, who wants vengeance for embarrassment.



Love Route (2012)

Written and directed by
Curtis Everitt

Darrock Flynn as Jude
Faith Randall as Gina
Aaron Brown as Charlie
Jeremy Hammack as Joey
Josh Powell as Michael
Jeremy Terrance as Argile
David Shoemaker as Bruno
Seth Kingston as Mars
Isaac Plunkett as Unlucky Fellow
Kayla Walls as Girl by Pool

Music arranged
Curtis Everitt

Assistant camera
Isaac Plunkett

Format consultant
David Shoemaker

Stunt driver
Seth Kingston

Special thanks
Courtney Smith
Lisa Randall


On his deathbed, Jude Wenslow's father was swindled out of his house. This house was to be Jude's inheritance, but now it's fallen into the control of gangster Michael Angelo (Josh Powell), who plans to use it for criminal activity. Jude (Darrock Flynn) pursues Joey Angelo (Jeremy Hammack) because he has access to the deed. Jude uses every means at his disposal to harass Joey and his entourage. Even though he is a bounty hunter, Jude is not legally permitted to carry a firearm because of a previous offense. This causes tension whenever Jude grows more paranoid and contacts gun dealer Argile (Jeremy Terrance). Also, Jude goes to collect Charlie (Aaron Brown), a real estate agent associated with Joey, and ends up putting him in a closet and stealing Charlie's beautiful date away. Gina the librarian (Faith Randall) is looking to start over in a healthy relationship, and luckily for her Jude comes along to save her from Charlie's more sinister intentions. A barrier between Jude and Gina is that Jude is not honest about his identity, posing as Charlie on their first couple dates. Not only must Jude break the news to Gina, but he also must collect the deed and stay alive in this hardball game of cat and mouse.

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