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Case Study No. 2068: Jo Nase, Super Librarian

Super Librarian
I created this video to go along with our 2014-2015 Media Center theme "Super Readers!" I hope it will excite our students to read, read, read! =)
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["Moreland Wildcats Productions" appears on screen]
["Mrs. Nase was a typical librarian" appears on screen, then cut to a female librarian (brown hair in a bun, glasses, brown sweater, blue blouse, white pants) performing various tasks in the Moreland Elementary Media Center]
["With some not so typical super powers" appears on screen, then cut to the same librarian (wearing a bright red shirt with "Super Librarian" on the front, a cape, a hat, and red sunglasses) sitting at the front desk]
[she scans some books while dramatic music plays, as "Scan!" appears on screen]
[cut to the librarian placing books on the shelf, as "Shelve!" appears on screen]
[cut to the librarian pointing at her computer screen, as "Search!" appears on screen]
["This school year" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian (back in her "civilian" clothes) pointing at a projection screen showing an image of a book ("Bears" by Imma Grizzly and illustrated by Ura Kodiak)]
[cut to the librarian covering her face with a copy of Margaret Peterson Haddix's "Found", as her eyes dart back and forth]
[cut to the librarian smiling and scanning books]
[cut to the librarian smiling and shelving books]
["One librarian" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian looking at two giant piles of books with mouth agape]
[cut to the librarian doing the "Kevin from Home Alone" face (putting a hand on each cheek while screaming) as she stares at something off camera]
[cut to the librarian at her desk, holding up a finger (as if she's just realized something) and then diving under the desk]
["Gets super" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian emerging from underneath the desk in her superhero costume]
[cut to the librarian quickly scanning books]
[cut to the librarian quickly shelving books]
[cut to the librarian holding up the copy of "Found" and smiling]
[cut to the librarian (back in her "civilian" clothes) with her arms crossed in front of her, as "Mrs. Nase aka Super Librarian" appears on screen]
[cut to a closeup of the two giant piles of books, as "Your favorite books" appears on screen]
["Super Librarian" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian (with an unseen fan blowing her cape back in a dramatic fashion) giving the camera a thumbs up]

iMovie and Moreland Wildcats Productions present
A Moreland Wildcats Productions production in association with iMovie
A Mrs. Nase film

Super Librarian

Mrs. Nase
Your favorite books

Edited by
Mrs. Nase

Production Designer
Mrs. Nase

Director of Photography
Mrs. Nase

Casting by
Mrs. Nase

Music by

Costume Designer
Mrs. Nase

Executive Producer
Mrs. Nase

Written by
Mrs. Nase

Directed by
Mrs. Nase



Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year! There are a lot of exciting things planned in the Media Center for this year all designed to entice you to

Here is a quick peak at what's planned for August:

August 11-15 Media Center Orientations and first checkout for 2nd-5th
August 11 Accelerated Reader begins
August 25-28 K and 1st first checkouts

There are lots more exciting things planned for this year, so stop on by the Moreland Elementary Media Center and "Become a Super Reader!"

My name is Josette Nase. Most people outside of my family call me Jo. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, way back in the 1970's, where I lived until I moved to Newnan in 1999.

I graduated from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee with a B.S. in Learning Foundations (Elementary Education). In 2005, I acquired my gifted endorsement and in 2008 earned my Masters in Media from the University of West Georgia. In February of 2007, I was initiated into Alpha Delta Kappa, a National Organization for Educators. I am currently serving as the historian for the Georgia Chi chapter of ADK.

In my sixteen years of teaching I have taught preschool, fifth grade, kindergarten and first grade. I also served as the Instructional Technology teacher for five years at Elm Street Elementary in Newnan. I have always enjoyed using technology in my classrooms and I loved sharing technology with all of Elm Street's students. In 2007, I was named Elm Street's Teacher of the Year-what a great honor!

I very much enjoy teaching because of the tremendous growth both academically and physically that I get to witness over the course of several years. I like to teach the way I would want my teacher to teach me if I were back in elementary school. I get excited when my students get excited about a lesson, and I think we feed off of each other's enthusiasm. I believe that we should never stop learning, which is why I spend hours each week browsing the Internet for new and exciting technology and teaching ideas. I hope to pass on what I have learned to the students I teach. Yet, it always amazes me how much they already know about technology, and sometimes I learn something new from them! I am thankful that I get a chance to work with all of the students at Moreland and look forward to teaching and learning from them new and exciting things.

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