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Case Study No. 2096: Elliott Hamlet (student library worker) and Mr. Witherspoon

Night in the Library
An explosive film to be shot in St. John the Evangelist's Library, Christendom, VA.
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["He thought he had the easiest job on campus" appears on screen, then cut to a male student library worker (red hair, glasses, blue shirt, tie, black pants) walking outside of the SJE Library]
[cut to inside the library, where an elderly male librarian (short brown hair, glasses, brown sweater, white undershirt, grey pants) hands the student worker an ID card]
MR. WITHERSPOON: Welcome to the library, Mister Hamlet ...
ELLIOTT HAMLET: It's "Ham-lay."
[cut to the two walking through the stacks of the library]
MR. WITHERSPOON: So, you'll be doing an evening shift. It's quiet and calm ... You just lock up and try to leave everything in order. It's really quite simple.
[the librarian stops walking and turns to the student]
MR. WITHERSPOON: Try not to mess it up, or it's--
[he smiles and makes a "throat-slashing" motion with his finger, then continues walking]
["It wasn't what he expected" appears on screen, then cut to the student worker sitting alone at the front desk, whistling to himself]
[cut to the student worker pushing a book cart through the empty library]
ELLIOTT HAMLET: "Work in the library," they said. "It'll be exciting," they said. "Meet interesting people," they said ... What've I gotten myself into?
["His dream job" appears on screen, then cut to the student worker shelving books]
["Would soon become" appears on screen, then cut to the student worker picking up a book off the floor]
["A nightmare" appears on screen, then cut back to the student worker bending down to pick up the book ... when a sword (held by an unseen assailant) appears in the frame]
[cut to a shot from behind the crouching student worker, as he looks up to see a man in a tunic brandishing the sword]
[cut to a shot of the student worker ducking (as the man swings the sword at his head), then quickly backing away]
[cut to a shot of the student worker running through the library, before he dives under the front desk and tries to hide]
[cut to a shot from above the student worker, as a gloved hand grabs at the desk (causing him to look up in fright)]
[cut to a shot of the student worker looking up, as the source of the gloved hand reveals himself to be someone dressed as a Ring-wraith (including the "screeching" sound effect from the films)]
["A night of adventure" appears on screen, then cut to a man in a leather jacket and a fedora]
INDIANA JONES: It's "Jones" ... not "Junior."
["Action" appears on screen, then cut to a mustachioed man in a Nazi uniform grabbing the student worker around the neck]
HITLER: You are going to do what I tell you!
["Fun" appears on screen, then cut to a woman wearing a beret slapping the student worker in the face]
WOMAN: When are you going to pay me a dowry?
["This Fall 2009 Film Club presents" appears on screen, then cut to a man tap dancing on one of the tables in the library]
[cut to another student grabbing the student worker by the collar]
PATRON: No, you don't understand! I've got a thesis to finish!
[cut back to the man tap dancing on the table, then to the student worker sitting next to a man dressed in ancient Roman garb]
ELLIOTT HAMLET: How is this all happening?
ROMAN: Beats me, old chap ... You're the librarian.
[cut to Indiana Jones punching Hitler in the face, then "Night in the Library" appears on screen]
[cut to the student worker running from the Ring-wraith]
ELLIOTT HAMLET: I didn't sign on for this!
[cut to a closeup shot of the librarian's face]
MR. WITHERSPOON: Expect ... the unexpected!
[he gives a maniacal laugh, then "Coming to a library near you" appears on screen]



Night in the Library - Teaser Trailer
February 1, 2010

The first "official" trailer for the Christendom College Film Club's most ambitious project to date. I apologize for the lack of real substance in this trailer, as at this point we have, at most, maybe a little less then half the footage needed already shot. However, we are hopeful that the coming semester will be extremely productive and will result in the completion of the film before the end of the school year. I hope this first tiny glimpse will help maintain people's interest in the project.

A special thanks to everyone who has already helped with this project in some way, whether it be by helping to haul equipment around, actually playing a part in a scene, or everything in between.



There are many clubs on campus, but out of all of them, the Film Club is one that gets the whole campus involved. Though all the students may not participate in the making of the films, they all benefit from the entertainment produced.

Chris Foeckler and Caroline Deucher are co-presidents, and operate the club together. While theirs are the only official positions, the club is a "project to project" club. Essentially, when a project comes up, cast, members, etc., are chosen by the group.

Brian Pelletier is the current official camera man. The Film Club has been in existence since 2005, and its first film was The Perils of Being an Author, which is a story of an author whose characters come alive and berate him about his book.

Chris and Brian say that this movie was actually an indirect inspiration for their first full length film they are working on: Night in the Library (which is also a spin-off of Night in the Museum). None of the members have attempted a project of this magnitude before, so they are all incredibly excited about the whole experience of putting down the groundwork for actually making a movie.

Brian says that the group is "still in its infancy stage" and really just focusing on growing slowly and producing more projects that will attract people to join, as well as increasing the professionalism of the club.

"We are trying to create a group for people who want to get some experience with film, especially those who are interested in going into film as a future," Sophomore Chris Foeckler says. "We are hoping to gradually turn into a club that more systematically, professionally, and corporately approaches film making, while still retaining the sense of fun."

Chris and Brian summed it up by saying, "Film is an extremely powerful medium. If a picture speaks a thousand words, and you have 35 frames a second, thirty five thousand words a second—how much does that turn out to be in a movie? It's extremely powerful. Our goal is to produce a project that can help the film club to grow, and provide a great opportunity for people who want to get a good Catholic education, and also want to get experience in filming, without selling their soul to Hollywood. We want to be something else Christendom can say it does to help develop students and their talents, and really encounter the Faith and the Truth."

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